Nigel Short goes 28-1-3 at ACC

Tweet GM Nigel Short Lecture and Simultaneous Exhibition Lecture In his lecture, an endgame lesson which was both helpful and entertaining, Nigel analysed a game played earlier this year between himself and Portuguese GM Antonio Fernandes in Luanda, Angola. Needing only a half point, Black opened with the Petroff (Nigel has promised to ban it, … Continue reading Nigel Short goes 28-1-3 at ACC

Kasparov beats Short in Belgium

Tweet Kasparov wins Your Next Move blitz match This past Sunday October 9, eighteen years after their World Championship match, Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short faced off in a blitz match in Leuven, Belgium. After three draws, Garry won games 4 and 5. Then Nigel won games 6 and 7. Tied 3½-3½ going into game … Continue reading Kasparov beats Short in Belgium

Chess Improvement

Growth Mindset – It’s all in the mindset In 2020, an important chess-improvement book—written by Barry Hymer (a psychology professor) and Peter Wells (a Grandmaster and FIDE Senior trainer) and published by Crown House Publishing—was released. The book was called “Chess Improvement – It’s all in the mindset” and it explains how players can improve … Continue reading Chess Improvement