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People and Governance

Our People: ACC Instructors, Titled Player-Members, Board Members and Others

14 photo(s) Updated on: February 26, 2023
  • Anna Burtasova: Consultant and TWCC Advocate; Titled player, ACC Resident WGM (2008)
  • IM Mark Plotkin: ACC Chess Instructor; Titled Player, IM (2020)
  • Michael Humphreys: ACC Chess instructor; Titled Player, FM (2012)
  • David Filipovich: ACC Chess instructor; Titled Player, NM (pre-1996)
  • Sue Foster: ACC Chess Instructor
  • Eddie Teodoro IV: Titled player, FM (1997)
  • Koosha Jaferian: Titled player, CM (2022)
  • David Southam: Titled player, NM (pre-1996)
  • Olena Kucherenko: Titled player, WCM (2020)
  • Glen Newbury: Officer and Past Director
  • Keith Denning: Director and Tournament Director
  • Nicolas Bonnard: Director
  • Salim Belcadi: Board Chair and Club President
  • Mel Directo: Past Director

ACC GOVERNANCE (Note: We're all chess players!)

 Title  Name  Occupation  ACC Officers  Other Roles 
 Board Chair  Salim Belcadi  Business executive  President  Tournament Organizer
 Director  Nicolas Bonnard  Management consultant  Treasurer
 Director  Keith Denning  Chess teacher, writer, musician  Tournament Director  Interim Club Manager
 Officer  Glen Newbury   E-commerce developer  IT Consultant  
 Director  Mel Directo  Finance manager, banking industry
 Social Media and Volunteer 

Copy of ACC Bylaws

The last Annual General Meeting of the Club was held on February 13, 2023


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