2022 ACC Halloween Rapid

In keeping with previous traditions, Annex Chess Club will hold its annual ACC Halloween Rapid on Monday, October 31, at 918 Bathurst Street Centre.

This scary event will be CFC quick-rated for 5 rounds using a 10-minute + 5-second increment time control, with one large section of players. The first round will start at 7:30 PM sharp. CFC classical ratings will be used for Rd #1 pairings and final prizes. Unrated players are eligible to win only the 1st place prize.

ACC members get free entry into this fun event, as do all FIDE-titled players who register. Other players may attend by paying a $30 registration fee, which will be used to cover some expenses plus the prize fund. The prize fund (est. $600) would be split as follows: 1st – $300; Top U2200 – $150; Top U1800 – $100; Top U1400 – $50.

Three prizes will also be provided for the best three Halloween costumes worn by players and invited guests.

Online registration is now OPEN to only ACC Members and FIDE-Titled players until Monday, October 10 at 6:00 PM. After that date, other players may also register and pay their individual $30 registration fee.

Notes: The Toronto Closed (TC) will hold its Rd #7 games in both the Sun Room and the Star Room, while the Halloween Rapid will run in the Great Hall (aka “the Sanctuary”). TC Players who want to attend the Halloween Rapid would need to schedule a makeup game with their opponent’s agreement (and then communicate that to ACC club management) before registering themselves for the Halloween Rapid.

The planned maximum capacity for the ACC Halloween Rapid is 102 players. The normal ACC weekly tournament (Rd #3) will skip this night. Casual chess will run downstairs in L5/L6. Chess classes also continue downstairs in L3/L4.

Back To The Grind Finals

Here are the results of the final round of our latest tournament.

Please note that our club is closed on Thanksgiving Monday. We’ll see you all back here on Monday October 17.

Results for Round 5: Crown

1110John Fines61Tony Bohan Bao
2130Ryan Yunhui Zhong141April Yunwei Zhong
39½Albion Kolndreu12½Arkadiy Ugodnikov

Results for Round 5: U1800

280Jim Sadden151Glib Dunikov
310Adie Todd281Samuel Ulrich
5240Robert Joy51Toy Chack Kwan
612½Dania Surya13½Jose Escobar
7201Anna Gavrileva20Shafkat Ali
8190Leon Noel Merse221Kris Todi
941Ulli Diemer250Johan Todi
10180Adam Comer111Julian McCutcheon

Results for Round 5: U1400

13140George Flagg11David Dunikov
14150Anoush Avakian171Abdullah Caglayon
1591Charlie Bain180Maxim Bondarev
16130Henry Prickett-Morgan161John Zabbal
1720Keith Denning221Tsing Yee [Tina] Hui
18210Melanie Directo41Benjamin Kamnitzer
19100Yeeshuen Li71Justin Ryan
20290Preston Rehdner281Stephen Papadatos
21301Zeyu Liu240Joshua Bakradze
2319½Jonathan Kravtchenko33½Marko Bulatovic
24341Sivaram Maraharan320Nick Oakes

And here are the final standings in our tournament. Congratulations to our winners: Tony Bao (Crown, 4.5/5), Glib Dunikov (U1800, 4.5/5) and David Dunikov, who won with a perfect score (U1400, 5/5)!

Final Standings: Crown

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
11Tony Bohan Bao1938H—W8W2W5W44.5
22April Yunwei Zhong1528W12W3L1L4W53.0
33-4Albion Kolndreu1763W11L2L5B—D62.5
4 John Fines1741L7H—W13W2L12.5
55Ryan Yunhui Zhong1601L10W14W3L1L22.0
66Arkadiy Ugodnikov1715L9H—H—U—D31.5
77-10Merlin Nazareno2009W4U—U—U—U—1.0
8 Erik Malmsten2001H—L1H—U—U—1.0
9 Eric Qian1975W6U—U—U—U—1.0
10 Nader Hadji Ghanbari1952W5U—U—U—U—1.0
1111-14Richard Douglas2017L3U—U—U—U—0.0
12 Charlie Grisar1911L2U—U—U—U—0.0
13 Omaray M. Shah1856U—U—L4U—U—0.0
14 Lorne Schwartz1749U—L5U—U—U—0.0

Final Standings: U1800

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
11Glib Dunikov1452W23W4D12W2W54.5
22-3Toy Chack Kwan1553W24H—W8L1W163.5
3 Samuel Ulrichunr.U—D9W13W18W43.5
44-10Adie Todd1569W28L1W16D8L32.5
5 Jim Sadden1506W19H—L10W9L12.5
6 Dania Surya1475U—W22W15U—D72.5
7 Jose Escobar1471W16L8W11U—D62.5
8 Umid Allahverdi1433W13W7L2D4U—2.5
9 Anna Gavrileva1338L20D3W25L5W112.5
10 Sebastien Danielsunr.W27H—W5U—U—2.5
1111-16Shafkat Ali1564U—W18L7W22L92.0
12 J. Armstrong Robert1558H—W14D1U—U—2.0
13 Ulli Diemer1553L8L15L3B—W252.0
14 Michael Saltat1547D18L12H—W23U—2.0
15 Kris Todi1132U—W13L6U—W182.0
16 Robert Joy994L7W26L4W24L22.0
1717-19George Supol1495H—H—H—U—U—1.5
18 Leon Noel Merse1395D14L11W23L3L151.5
19 Yazan Abusaleh1272L5L23H—W21U—1.5
2020-23Elliot Tseng1525W9U—U—U—U—1.0
21 Julian McCutcheon1476U—U—L22L19W241.0
22 Alexander Wagner1101U—L6W21L11U—1.0
23 James Taylorunr.L1W19L18L14U—1.0
2424-25Adam Comer1401L2D25U—L16L210.5
25 Johan Todi867U—D24L9U—L130.5
2626-28Claudio Sottile1494U—L16U—U—U—0.0
27 Ashley Qian1453L10U—U—U—U—0.0
28 Neil Goel1452L4U—U—U—U—0.0

Final Standings: U1400

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
11David Dunikov1277W9W16W10W3W45.0
22Abdullah Caglayon808W12D8D15W10W94.0
33Charlie Bain1040W6W4H—L1W123.5
44-6George Flagg968W5L3W8W12L13.0
5 John Zabbal825L4W32L12W15W113.0
6 Tsing Yee [Tina] Hui609L3U—W32W17W143.0
77-9Benjamin Kamnitzer1116U—L12D11W27W172.5
8 Justin Ryan1071W17D2L4L9W152.5
9 Anoush Avakian946L1D11W29W8L22.5
1010-13Richard Kang987W24W22L1L2U—2.0
11 Henry Prickett-Morgan974U—D9D7W22L52.0
12 Maxim Bondarev734L2W7W5L4L32.0
13 Stephen Papadatosunr.U—U—U—W14W242.0
1414-17Keith Denning1146W20H—U—L13L61.5
15 Yeeshuen Li1040U—W29D2L5L81.5
16 Jordan Burge1011W28L1H—U—U—1.5
17 Melanie Directo644L8H—W24L6L71.5
1818-25Justin Lim1125W30U—U—U—U—1.0
19 Pieter van Gaalen1100U—U—U—W32U—1.0
20 Eli Teram1045L14H—H—U—U—1.0
21 Zeyu Liu995U—U—U—U—W221.0
22 Joshua Bakradzeunr.U—L10W27L11L211.0
23 Aekaay Puppulaunr.U—W24U—U—U—1.0
24 Preston Rehdnerunr.L10L23L17W31L131.0
25 Sivaram Maraharanunr.U—U—U—U—W341.0
2626-28Marko Bulatovic1187U—U—U—U—D270.5
27 Jonathan Kravtchenko733U—U—L22L7D260.5
28 Dominick Monteleone476L16U—H—U—U—0.5
2929-34Pete Aspros1110U—L15L9U—U—0.0
30 Andrew Monteleone698L18U—U—U—U—0.0
31 Maks Kosciolekunr.U—U—U—L24U—0.0
32 Christian Mancounr.U—L5L6L19U—0.0
33 Alelxeij Antonovunr.U—U—U—U—U—0.0
34 Nick Oakesunr.U—U—U—U—L250.0

Back To The Grind, Round Four

September 26th is a special day at Annex Chess Club, as it is the birthday of the club’s founder, Ted Winick, who passed away in 2019. Ted is missed by all those who knew him, and the club’s ongoing successes are a testament to his love of the game.

Ted Winick

Here are the results for Round 4 of our current tournament.

Results for Round 4: Crown

161Tony Bohan Bao130Ryan Yunhui Zhong
2140April Yunwei Zhong111John Fines
 91Albion Kolndreu  BYE

Results for Round 4: U1800

3151Glib Dunikov50Toy Chack Kwan
417½Umid Allahverdi1½Adie Todd
5200Anna Gavrileva81Jim Sadden
6281Samuel Ulrich190Leon Noel Merse
721Shafkat Ali230Alexander Wagner
8270James Taylor61Michael Saltat
9241Robert Joy180Adam Comer
10110Julian McCutcheon211Yazan Abusaleh
 41Ulli Diemer  BYE

Results for Round 4: U1400

1111David Dunikov90Charlie Bain
12171Abdullah Caglayon120Richard Kang
13180Maxim Bondarev141George Flagg
1470Justin Ryan151Anoush Avakian
16161John Zabbal100Yeeshuen Li
17221Tsing Yee [Tina] Hui210Melanie Directo
18240Joshua Bakradze131Henry Prickett-Morgan
1941Benjamin Kamnitzer190Jonathan Kravtchenko
20281Stephen Papadatos20Keith Denning
2161Pieter van Gaalen270Christian Manco
22260Maks Kosciolek291Preston Rehdner

And here are the current standings. Please note that some sections are missing a number of regular players (especially the crown section) due to their participation in the Toronto Closed.

Standings. Back To The Grind: Crown

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
11Tony Bohan Bao1938H—W7W5W43.5
22John Fines1741L6H—W13W52.5
33-5Albion Kolndreu1763W11L5L4B—2.0
4 Ryan Yunhui Zhong1601L9W14W3L12.0
5 April Yunwei Zhong1528W12W3L1L22.0
66-10Merlin Nazareno2009W2U—U—U—1.0
7 Erik Malmsten2001H—L1H—U—1.0
8 Eric Qian1975W10U—U—U—1.0
9 Nader Hadji Ghanbari1952W4U—U—U—1.0
10 Arkadiy Ugodnikov1715L8H—H—U—1.0
1111-14Richard Douglas2017L3U—U—U—0.0
12 Charlie Grisar1911L5U—U—U—0.0
13 Omaray M. Shah1856U—U—L2U—0.0
14 Lorne Schwartz1749U—L4U—U—0.0

Standings. Back To The Grind: U1800

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
11Glib Dunikov1452W22W2D9W33.5
22-7Adie Todd1569W28L1W13D52.5
3 Toy Chack Kwan1553W23H—W5L12.5
4 Jim Sadden1506W17H—L6W162.5
5 Umid Allahverdi1433W18W12L3D22.5
6 Sebastien Danielsunr.W27H—W4U—2.5
7 Samuel Ulrichunr.U—D16W18W152.5
88-13Shafkat Ali1564U—W15L12W212.0
9 J. Armstrong Robert1558H—W10D1U—2.0
10 Michael Saltat1547D15L9H—W222.0
11 Dania Surya1475U—W21W20U—2.0
12 Jose Escobar1471W13L5W8U—2.0
13 Robert Joy994L12W25L2W232.0
1414-17George Supol1495H—H—H—U—1.5
15 Leon Noel Merse1395D10L8W22L71.5
16 Anna Gavrileva1338L19D7W24L41.5
17 Yazan Abusaleh1272L4L22H—W261.5
1818-22Ulli Diemer1553L5L20L7B—1.0
19 Elliot Tseng1525W16U—U—U—1.0
20 Kris Todi1132U—W18L11U—1.0
21 Alexander Wagner1101U—L11W26L81.0
22 James Taylorunr.L1W17L15L101.0
2323-24Adam Comer1401L3D24U—L130.5
24 Johan Todi867U—D23L16U—0.5
2525-28Claudio Sottile1494U—L13U—U—0.0
26 Julian McCutcheon1476U—U—L21L170.0
27 Ashley Qian1453L6U—U—U—0.0
28 Neil Goel1452L2U—U—U—0.0

Standings. Back To The Grind: U1400

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
11David Dunikov1277W5W15W6W44.0
22-3George Flagg968W8L4W13W93.0
3 Abdullah Caglayon808W9D13D14W63.0
44-5Charlie Bain1040W10W2H—L12.5
5 Anoush Avakian946L1D7W25W132.5
66-10Richard Kang987W23W20L1L32.0
7 Henry Prickett-Morgan974U—D5D12W202.0
8 John Zabbal825L2W29L9W142.0
9 Maxim Bondarev734L3W12W8L22.0
10 Tsing Yee [Tina] Hui609L4U—W29W162.0
1111-16Keith Denning1146W19H—U—L221.5
12 Benjamin Kamnitzer1116U—L9D7W261.5
13 Justin Ryan1071W16D3L2L51.5
14 Yeeshuen Li1040U—W25D3L81.5
15 Jordan Burge1011W24L1H—U—1.5
16 Melanie Directo644L13H—W23L101.5
1717-23Justin Lim1125W27U—U—U—1.0
18 Pieter van Gaalen1100U—U—U—W291.0
19 Eli Teram1045L11H—H—U—1.0
20 Joshua Bakradzeunr.U—L6W26L71.0
21 Aekaay Buppulaunr.U—W23U—U—1.0
22 Stephen Papadatosunr.U—U—U—W111.0
23 Preston Rehdnerunr.L6L21L16W281.0
2424Dominick Monteleone476L15U—H—U—0.5
2525-29Pete Aspros1110U—L14L5U—0.0
26 Jonathan Kravtchenko733U—U—L20L120.0
27 Andrew Monteleone698L17U—U—U—0.0
28 Maks Kosciolekunr.U—U—U—L230.0
29 Christian Mancounr.U—L8L10L180.0

The final round of our current tournament takes place on Monday October 3 at 7:30.

This Monday at ACC – Sept. 26, 2022

This week, Round #3 of the Toronto Closed will be taking place in The Great Hall along with the players from our regular 5-week tournament (Back to the Grind, Round 4).

Below is a tentative seating plan for The Great Hall this coming Monday. The numbers represent the # of boards per table. We will be using our red table cards for the TC players and our white ones for the 5-week tournament players. Click on the image to see a larger version of the seating plan.

Combining both tournaments in The Great Hall will allow us to reduce setup and tear-down time for the evening. Nevertheless, after this Monday’s play is completed, we will be seeking feedback from all players as to which configuration (that we have recently tried) works best. Factors such as temperature, social distancing, lighting and noise are all important considerations for the players.

For the Toronto Closed, we have now added to our website Ranking Crosstables, which will be updated after each round. You can find them under our menu item SPECIAL EVENTS – 2022 Toronto Closed (In Process). Make-up games are also identified there so that one can project the potential impact of those games on the current standings. We have also added identification of the opening/variation used in each published TC game.

Casual chess will be back in the upstairs Sun Room this week, while chess classes will continue downstairs at our 918B rented facility. The upstairs Star Room may be used as a waiting area for parents and other visitors.

Note: For any players and/or accompanying guests attending Monday evening, who would like to help us as volunteers, please try to be onsite for 5:00 p.m. (or earlier). We can really use your help setting up tables, lights and chess equipment!

Back To The Grind, Round 3

Here are the results of round three of our regular tournament.

Results for Round 3: Crown

1140April Yunwei Zhong61Tony Bohan Bao
2131Ryan Yunhui Zhong90Albion Kolndreu
380Omaray M. Shah111John Fines
 12½Arkadiy Ugodnikov  BYE
½Erik MalmstenBYE

Results for Round 3: U1800

63½J. Armstrong Robert15½Glib Dunikov
751Toy Chack Kwan170Umid Allahverdi
880Jim Sadden261Sebastien Daniels
911Adie Todd240Robert Joy
10131Jose Escobar20Shafkat Ali
11220Kris Todi121Dania Surya
12191Leon Noel Merse270James Taylor
14250Johan Todi201Anna Gavrileva
15281Samuel Ulrich40Ulli Diemer
16231Alexander Wagner110Julian McCutcheon
 6½Michael Saltat  BYE
 9½George Supol  BYE
 21½Yazan Abusaleh  BYE

Results for Round 3: U1400

17110Richard Kang11David Dunikov
18131George Flagg60Justin Ryan
199½Yeeshuen Li16½Abdullah Caglayon
21150John Zabbal171Maxim Bondarev
2212½Henry Prickett-Morgan4½Benjamin Kamnitzer
2350Pete Aspros141Anoush Avakian
24180Jonathan Kravtchenko231Joshua Bakradze
25250Christian Manco211Tsing Yee [Tina] Hui
27201Melanie Directo270Preston Rehdner
 7½Eli Teram  BYE
 8½Charlie Bain  BYE
 10½Jordan Burge  BYE
 22½Dominick Monteleone  BYE

And here are the standings after round three.

Standings. Back To The Grind: Crown

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
11Tony Bohan Bao1938H—W6W32.5
22-3Ryan Yunhui Zhong1601L8W14W92.0
3 April Yunwei Zhong1528W12W9L12.0
44John Fines1741L5H—W131.5
55-10Merlin Nazareno2009W4U—U—1.0
6 Erik Malmsten2001H—L1H—1.0
7 Eric Qian1975W10U—U—1.0
8 Nader Hadji Ghanbari1952W2U—U—1.0
9 Albion Kolndreu1763W11L3L21.0
10 Arkadiy Ugodnikov1715L7H—H—1.0
1111-14Richard Douglas2017L9U—U—0.0
12 Charlie Grisar1911L3U—U—0.0
13 Omaray M. Shah1856U—U—L40.0
14 Lorne Schwartz1749U—L2U—0.0

Standings. Back To The Grind: U1800

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
11-3Toy Chack Kwan1553W21H—W82.5
2 Glib Dunikov1452W20W4D52.5
3 Sebastien Danielsunr.W27H—W92.5
44-8Adie Todd1569W28L2W192.0
5 J. Armstrong Robert1558H—W15D22.0
6 Dania Surya1475U—W18W172.0
7 Jose Escobar1471W19L8W142.0
8 Umid Allahverdi1433W24W7L12.0
99-13Jim Sadden1506W22H—L31.5
10 George Supol1495H—H—H—1.5
11 Leon Noel Merse1395D15L14W201.5
12 Anna Gavrileva1338L16D13W231.5
13 Samuel Ulrichunr.U—D12W241.5
1414-20Shafkat Ali1564U—W11L71.0
15 Michael Saltat1547D11L5H—1.0
16 Elliot Tseng1525W12U—U—1.0
17 Kris Todi1132U—W24L61.0
18 Alexander Wagner1101U—L6W261.0
19 Robert Joy994L7W25L41.0
20 James Taylorunr.L2W22L111.0
2121-23Adam Comer1401L1D23U—0.5
22 Yazan Abusaleh1272L9L20H—0.5
23 Johan Todi867U—D21L120.5
2424-28Ulli Diemer1553L8L17L130.0
25 Claudio Sottile1494U—L19U—0.0
26 Julian McCutcheon1476U—U—L180.0
27 Ashley Qian1453L3U—U—0.0
28 Neil Goel1452L4U—U—0.0

Standings. Back To The Grind: U1400

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
11David Dunikov1277W11W10W33.0
22Charlie Bain1040W17W4H—2.5
33-6Richard Kang987W27W18L12.0
4 George Flagg968W16L2W82.0
5 Abdullah Caglayon808W6D8D92.0
6 Maxim Bondarev734L5W20W162.0
77-12Keith Denning1146W14H—U—1.5
8 Justin Ryan1071W12D5L41.5
9 Yeeshuen Li1040U—W22D51.5
10 Jordan Burge1011W21L1H—1.5
11 Anoush Avakian946L1D15W221.5
12 Melanie Directo644L8H—W271.5
1313-19Justin Lim1125W24U—U—1.0
14 Eli Teram1045L7H—H—1.0
15 Henry Prickett-Morgan974U—D11D201.0
16 John Zabbal825L4W25L61.0
17 Tsing Yee [Tina] Hui609L2U—W251.0
18 Joshua Bakradzeunr.U—L3W231.0
19 Aekaay Buppulaunr.U—W27U—1.0
2020-21Benjamin Kamnitzer1116U—L6D150.5
21 Dominick Monteleone476L10U—H—0.5
2222-27Pete Aspros1110U—L9L110.0
23 Jonathan Kravtchenko733U—U—L180.0
24 Andrew Monteleone698L13U—U—0.0
25 Christian Mancounr.U—L16L170.0
26 Stephen Papadatosunr.U—U—U—0.0
27 Preston Rehdnerunr.L3L19L120.0

Chess for everyone