ACC Update (Mon Nov 28)

A) FIDE 2022 World Senior Chess Championship

Assisi is best known as the birthplace of St. Francis, Italy’s patron saint

Eight Canadians competed in the FIDE 2022 World Senior Chess Championship which just ended in Assisi, within Umbria Italy. Presented below are the finishing places (using tiebreaks), titles, names, FIDE performance ratings and points scored for all participating Canadian players.

Open 50+ Years Category (148 competing):

  • 23rd place – IM David Cummings (2258) – 7/11
  • 33rd place – FM Victor Plotkin (2279) – 6.5/11
  • 38th place – FM Michael Dougherty (2172) – 6.5/11
  • 51st place – Yves Morin (2152) – 6/11
  • 56th place – NM David Filipovich (1902) – 6/11
  • 60th place –Dale Haessel (1881) – 6/11

FM Victor Plotkin has played in many ACC competitive chess events, including the recent Toronto Closed.

NM David Filopovich works for Chess Institute of Canada and can be often found teaching ACC students at 918 Bathurst Centre on many Monday evenings. He started the tournament as the 100th rated player in his section and finished 56th.

Open 65+ Years Category (150 competing):

  • 6th place – IM Jean Hébert (2324) – 8/11
  • 26th place – NM Steven Peter (2164) – 7/11

IM Jean Hébert’s 6th place performance was very good and we congratulate him on his success. He started the tournament as the 10th rated player in his section.

Congratulations to all the Canadian players for participating and finishing with credible performances in a very competitive tournament.

B) ACC in the News

Cecil Rosner, a Special Chess Writer for The Globe and Mail has written a short article about ACC’s Resident WGM Anna Burtasova.

This is the second article Cecil has written about Anna, though her first time mentioned as a member of the ACC team. Anna’s Toronto Women’s Chess Club (TWCC) next meets at ACC on Mon Dec 12.

Note: In Cecil’s article, he uses a mix of the terms “female” and “women.” At ACC, we prefer the consistent use of the term “women” regardless of age.

C) New 5-Week ACC Tournament Starts on Mon Nov 28

Keith Denning, our ACC Arbiter, has named the next tournament “Winter is Coming.” It starts on Monday though we’ll only get Rounds #1 and #2 completed before the holidays. The Crown Section should be pretty much back to normal now that the Toronto Closed is completed. Good luck to all the players.

D) The GTCL Rapid Event is Coming on Mon Dec 5

We are now up to 26 teams including 11 ACC teams and 15 from other chess clubs and player groups from around the GTA. We think we can comfortably handle 34 teams at ACC, but get your team in before space runs out!

Here are links to our Registration Summary and to our Registration Page.

Note: Approximately 20 players need to renew (or purchase) their own CFC membership before Dec 5 in order to qualify themselves (and potentially their team) for the event. They are identified on the Registration Summary page by an asterisk (*).

Falling Leaves Final

The final round of our Falling Leaves tournament was played on Monday November 21. Congratulations to our tournament winners!

Crown: Tony Bao

U1800: Toy Chak Kwan

U1400: Artur Jankobayev

Our next five-round tournament starts on November 28. Please register for this (if you haven’t yet) by arriving early or emailing Pairings will be posted at 7:15, and the games begin at 7:30!

Here are the results of round five.

Results for Round 5: Crown

111Tony Bohan Bao60Charis Zhu
291Charlie Grisar50Arkadiy Ugodnikov

Results for Round 5: U1800

361 XToy Chack Kwan180 FLeon Noel Merse
420½Stephen Papadatos13½Jose Escobar
5220Ivan Huang91Jim Sadden
630J. Armstrong Robert241Orkhan Kazimov
7111Umid Allahverdi70Shafkat Ali
8100Ulli Diemer121Robert Wagner
9210Robert Joy191Justin Huang
1121Dania Surya250Christopher Kuchma
1281Ian Greig230Sam Ghamarimonavvar
13140Isabelle Zhu281Ara Chanoian

Results for Round 5: U1400

1420Nicolas Bonnard91Artur Jankobayev
15111Charlie Bain230Maxim Bondarev
16240Joshua Bakradze51Adam Comer
1761Zeyu Liu360Sivaram Maneharan
18131Onur Naiboglu150Justin Ryan
19120Benjamin Kamnitzer41Alexander Wagner
2016½Nicholas Baschiera21½Henry Prickett-Morgan
21180George Flagg291Robert Zuccarello
22401Daniel Rokhvarger190Richard Kang
23311Andrey Donin260Preston Rehdner
2411Neil Goel270Christian Manco
25390Andre Pereira171Yeeshuen Li
26200Anoush Avakian301Alexei Antonov
28331Peter Grucza280Evan Nearing
30440Eli Teram341Paul Kemp
31451Ivan Moshe460Luca Bachelli

And this brings us to our final standings in the tournament.

Final Standings: Crown

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
11Tony Bohan Bao1983W7W2H—W4W34.5
22-3Samuel Ulrich1758W4L1W6D3U—2.5
3 Charis Zhu1634W6L4W9D2L12.5
44Arkadiy Ugodnikov1698L2W3H—L1L51.5
55-6Charlie Grisar1882U—U—U—U—W41.0
6 John Fines1756L3W7L2U—U—1.0
77Albion Kolndreu1733L1L6H—U—U—0.5
88-9Erik Malmsten1982U—U—U—U—U—0.0
9 Shabnam Abbarin1469U—U—L3U—U—0.0

Final Standings: U1800

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
11Toy Chack Kwan1544W26D4W17W3X104.5
22-4Jim Sadden1514U—W27W19D4W183.5
3 Jose Escobar1477W21W8W13L1D43.5
4 Stephen Papadatos1268W27D1W5D2D33.5
55-7Umid Allahverdi1494D19W24L4D7W133.0
6 Robert Wagner1487L8L18W28W15W143.0
7 Orkhan Kazimovunr.W14L13D16D5W93.0
88-11Glib Dunikov1595W6L3H—W17U—2.5
9 J. Armstrong Robert1558H—D10D18W19L72.5
10 Leon Noel Merse1391H—D9H—W13F12.5
11 Justin Huang1273U—D14W25U—W172.5
1212-14Dania Surya1564U—L17B—U—W192.0
13 Shafkat Ali1531W16W7L3L10L52.0
14 Ulli Diemer1496L7D11H—W23L62.0
1515-19Ian Greig1514D17L19L21L6W281.5
16 David Dunikov1435L13W21D7U—U—1.5
17 Robert Joy1248D15W12L1L8L111.5
18 Ivan Huang1239U—W6D9U—L21.5
19 Christopher Kuchmaunr.D5W15L2L9L121.5
2020-23Ara Chanoian1589U—U—U—U—W261.0
21 Adie Todd1547L3L16W15U—U—1.0
22 George Supol1495U—U—U—W28U—1.0
23 Javier Dixon1408U—U—W27L14U—1.0
2424Aaron Sponagleunr.H—L5U—U—U—0.5
2525-28Salim Belcadi1544U—U—L11U—U—0.0
26 Isabelle Zhu1464L1U—U—U—L200.0
27 Kevin Gaffney1400L4L2L23U—U—0.0
28 Sam Ghamarimonavvarunr.U—U—L6L22L150.0

SwissSys Standings. Falling Leaves: U1400

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
11Artur Jankobayev1132H—W38W5W15W84.5
22-3Adam Comer1203L15W40W31W14W94.0
3 Charlie Bain1103W32W31W10U—W74.0
44-7Alexander Wagner1214W22W20L9D6W193.5
5 Zeyu Liu1198W29D7L1W10W113.5
6 Onur Naiboglu1068W23W11L8D4W133.5
7 Maxim Bondarev787W41D5W25W9L33.5
88-12Nicolas Bonnard1283W21W15W6U—L13.0
9 Joshua Bakradze734W24W32W4L7L23.0
10 Robert Zuccarello456W19W14L3L5W213.0
11 Sivaram Maneharanunr.W13L6W20W19L53.0
12 Daniel Rokhvargerunr.U—U—W29W20W223.0
1313-16Justin Ryan1024L11D16W36W25L62.5
14 Nicholas Baschiera1021W44L10W23L2D152.5
15 Henry Prickett-Morgan957W2L8W26L1D142.5
16 Andrey Doninunr.U—D13L17W26W312.5
1717-24Neil Goel1311U—U—W16U—W322.0
18 James Taylor1214U—U—W32W35U—2.0
19 Benjamin Kamnitzer1086L10W34W22L11L42.0
20 Yeeshuen Li1014W36L4L11L12W352.0
21 George Flagg1012L8W44L28W23L102.0
22 Richard Kang993L4W33L19W31L122.0
23 Alexei Antonov200L6W42L14L21W282.0
24 John Zabbalunr.L9H—H—W45U—2.0
2525-26Marko Bulatovic1162H—W26L7L13U—1.5
26 Peter Gruczaunr.H—L25L15L16W381.5
2727-37Abdullah Caglayon1052W34U—U—U—U—1.0
28 Anoush Avakian979L31F35W21L29L231.0
29 Tsing Yee [Tina] Hui882L5L36L12W28U—1.0
30 Melanie Directo645U—U—W44U—U—1.0
31 Preston Rehdner559W28L3L2L22L161.0
32 Christian Manco540L3L9L18W44L171.0
33 Paul Kempunr.U—L22U—U—W431.0
34 Jonathan Kravtchenkounr.L27L19D38D39U—1.0
35 Andre Pereiraunr.U—X28U—L18L201.0
36 Adam Saherunr.L20W29L13U—U—1.0
37 Ivan Mosheunr.U—U—U—U—W461.0
3838-40Evan Nearing472U—L1D34U—L260.5
39 Mathieu Gabelleunr.U—U—U—D34U—0.5
40 Glen Newburyunr.H—L2U—U—U—0.5
4141-46Kris Todi1152L7U—U—U—U—0.0
42 Keith Denning1121U—L23U—U—U—0.0
43 Eli Teram1033U—U—U—U—L330.0
44 Ziya Musayevunr.L14L21L30L32U—0.0
45 Alex Rooznonunr.U—U—U—L24U—0.0
46 Luca Baccelliunr.U—U—U—U—L370.0

Annex Chess Club Update – Nov 21, 2022

A) 2022 Maplewood Invitational Ends

The 2022 Maplewood Invitational, a GM-norm, round-robin chess tournament being held at the beautiful Manoir Maplewood in Waterloo, Quebec, was completed on Saturday, Nov 19. The final Ranking Crosstable results after 9 rounds of play is presented below:

Rk. NameFED12345678910Total
1IMLiang, Jason  (1st Place – $1,000 + GM Norm)USA*½1½111½½17
2GMBosiočić, Marin (2nd Place – $500)CRO½*1½11101½6.5
3GMOrtiz Suarez, Isan Reynaldo CUB00*11½1½105
 IMNoritsyn, Nikolay CAN½½0*0½11½15
5IMSamsonkin, Artiom CAN0001*11½½½4.5
6IMRodrigue-Lemieux, Shawn CAN00½½0*01114
 IMPlotkin, Mark CAN000001*1114
8GMKantans, Toms LAT½1½0½00*013.5
 GMSambuev, Bator CAN½00½½001*13.5
10IMSai, Krishna G V IND0½10½0000*2

We congratulate U.S. International Master (IM), Jason Liang, for winning his second GM norm by finishing with a score of 7/9. This is a fantastic accomplishment given he played against 4 Grandmasters (GMs) and 5 other International Masters (IMs), and his score exceeded the minimum 6.5/9 threshold for the norm.

Congratulations also to the 2022 Maplewood Invitational’s organizers, Charles Lesperance and Salim Belcadi, the arbiters and players, and the staff at the Manoir Maplewood, for making this inaugural event truly special. Thanks also to the Event’s sponsors and facilitators including Annex Chess Club and Fédération québécoise des échecs (FQE).

Here is our previous link to the start of the 2022 Maplewood Invitational, including links to the games, players and other information.

B) Maplewood Chess Club of Montreal

The new Maplewood Chess Club of Montreal (Club d’Échec Maplewood de Montréal), which was recently created as a Federal non-profit corporation, is holding its first rated chess tournament, a Rapid event on Monday, November 21. Here is a link to the bilingual Registration Site for this event.

Three GMs and two IMs who participated in the 2022 Maplewood Invitational will also be participating in the Maplewood Rapid Tournament (Tourney Rapid Maplewood).

The initial directors and officers for this new chess club include Charles Lesperance and Salim Belcadi. The Club’s name was drawn from both the Maplewood Invitational Event and the Manoir Maplewood. Annex Chess Club is providing logistical support to Maplewood Chess Club to help it get off the ground. Fédération québécoise des échecs (FQE) is also assisting.

C) Grandmaster Marin Bosiočić Visits ACC

GM Marin Bosiočić from Croatia will be visiting Annex Chess Club this Monday, November 21, and will hold a 4-player blitz simul in our Casual Section at 8:00 P.M. This event is free for ACC Members and guests who pay the $10 nightly casual play fee.

Marin played in the 2022 Maplewood Invitational (see above) and took second place. He was the top GM in the tournament and had a final score of 6.5/9. His FIDE classical chess rating is currently 2536 and he is the 9th highest rated GM in Croatia which has about two dozen GM’s. By comparison, Canada has 8 GM’s.

GM Marin Bosiočić

You can learn more about Marin here.

D) Toronto Closed Championship Winds Down

The 9-round Toronto Closed Championship is winding down. There is one round to go and it will be held this Monday, November 21 at Annex Chess Club at 7:30 PM. There is a $2,500 prize fund on the line, spread across 4 sections for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place in each section including ties. The Championship started with 40 players in 4 sections back on September 12, 2022, and due to withdrawals for medical and other reasons, we are now down to 37 players.

It should also be noted, that American Chess Magazine will be providing each of the 4 Toronto Closed section winners with a one-year ACM subscription as supplementary prizes. In the case of ties on points, a tie-break will be used to award these bonus prizes.

In the Championship Section, 4 of the 10 players have a chance to finish in the money. They are Roman Gavrilin (6.5/8), Max Rusonik (6/8), ACC’s own Koosha Jaferian (5.5/8) and Youhe Huang (5.5/8).

In the Reserve Section, 5 of the 9 remaining players have a chance to finish in the money. They are Eric Ning (6.5/8), Noah Kim (5.5/8), Benjamin Fradkin (5.5/9), David Southam (5/8) and Eddie Xu (4.5/8).

In the Development Section, 2 of the 8 remaining players are tied at 7/7 with only 1 round to go. They are Abhinandan Mohan and Nader Ghanbari, both members of ACC. Due to the withdrawal of a player not meeting the minimum requisite of five games, this section has been reduced to 8 rounds. Charlie Grisar has completed all 8 of his games and currently holds 3rd place with 4/8. David Gauthier and Brian Hanratty, stand tied at 3/7 and can potentially grab a share of 3rd place with a final win.

In the Annex Section, 2 of the 10 players are tied for the top spot with 6/8—Carina D’souza and Kamila Kolpashnikova. Daniel Sirkovich has 5/8 and can potentially steal a share of second 2nd or 3rd place outright with a win. Three other players could potentially end up in a tie for 3rd place if Daniel loses his final game.

So, there is still lots of drama coming right down to the wire!

(Note: A couple of makeup games will be played on November 28, though they are not expected to significantly affect the final standings.)

Here is a link to our original story about this longstanding Toronto event. Good luck to the Toronto Closed players with their final games!

E) Fall Leaves Tournament Continues

The final round (#5) of the Falling Leaves Tournament will be held this Monday, November 21 at 7:30 PM in the Great Hall at 918 Bathurst Centre. Currently, 77 players are registered in this 5-week tournament.

Tony Bohan Bao (Crown), Toy Chack Kwan (U1800) and Maxim Bondarev (U1400) each lead their resepective sections after 4 rounds. Here are the complete results after 4 rounds of play.

Players are welcome to join even if they have not played in the previous 4 rounds. A fully-paid CFC membership is required in all instances to join the tournament.

Please send emails to concerning registrations or byes. Keith Denning, ACC’s Arbiter, will respond to player requests.

F) Toronto Women’s Chess Club

Toronto Women’s Chess Club (TWCC) had its first meeting last Monday, November 14 and by all accounts, it was a great success. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 12 at 6:00 PM at ACC. The Club is open to all women chess players (or “wannabes”) in the GTA and attendance is free!

G) GTCL Cup Coming Soon

The GTCL Cup Team Rapid Championship is scheduled for the evening of Monday, December 5 at ACC. So far, 14 teams have registered including 8 ACC teams. Here are the ACC teams:

  • 1 FIDE-titled team (Championship) – “ACC Masters”
  • 1 team consisting of ACC Board members (U1800) – “The Bored Ones”
  • 1 women’s team (U1800) – “The Amazon’s”
  • 1 senior’s team (U1800) – “Grey Lightning”
  • 4 kid’s teams (U1800) – “Whiz Kids”, “The Cool Ones”, “Smooth as Glass” and “Chess Pirates”

ACC’s Board challenges the other GTA clubs to put forward at least one competing team.

There is currently room for another dozen teams, so please register your non-ACC team as soon as possible. A team may be registered online by its Registration Captain even if not all other team members (including the Team Captain) have been confirmed. However, the $40 registration fee must be paid at time of registration and the named team must be identified as either Championship or U1800. Only teams that register online are guaranteed a spot in the event.

(Note: There is typically a one-day delay between registering a team and seeing it show up on our Registration Summary.

H) Updated ACC Fall 2022 Schedule and FAQ’s

An updated ACC Fall Schedule is now presented here. This goes to the end of calendar 2022.

We’ve also started to add some new FAQ’s here.

Falling Leaves Tournament Round Four

Here are the results and standings after four rounds of our current tournament.

Players are reminded to request byes by emailing So far in this tournament, eight players have been withdrawn for failure to attend without notice.

Results for Round 4: Crown

150Arkadiy Ugodnikov11Tony Bohan Bao
26½Charis Zhu2½Samuel Ulrich

Results for Round 4: U1800

3130Jose Escobar61Toy Chack Kwan
49½Jim Sadden20½Stephen Papadatos
5181Leon Noel Merse70Shafkat Ali
6210Robert Joy11Glib Dunikov
7250Christopher Kuchma31J. Armstrong Robert
824½Orkhan Kazimov11½Umid Allahverdi
9160Javier Dixon101Ulli Diemer
10121Robert Wagner80Ian Greig
11230Sam Ghamarimonavvar271George Supol
 17½Kevin Gaffney  BYE

Results for Round 4: U1400

12231Maxim Bondarev240Joshua Bakradze
144½Alexander Wagner13½Onur Naiboglu
1551Adam Comer160Nicholas Baschiera
1691Artur Jankobayev210Henry Prickett-Morgan
17361Sivaram Manoharan120Benjamin Kamnitzer
1861Zeyu Liu290Robert Zuccarello
19151Justin Ryan70Marko Bulatovic
20191Richard Kang260Preston Rehdner
2131James Taylor390Andre Pereira
22170Yeeshuen Li401Daniel Rokhvarger
23300Alexei Antonov181George Flagg
25430Alex Rooznon421John Zabbal
26330Peter Grucza311Andrey Donin
2735½Jonathan Kravtchenko32½Mathieu Gabelle
28221Tsing Yee [Tina] Hui200Anoush Avakian
29370Ziya Musayev271Christian Manco

And here are the standings after four rounds.

Standings. Falling Leaves: Crown

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
11Tony Bohan Bao1983W6W2H—W43.5
22-3Samuel Ulrich1758W4L1W5D32.5
3 Charis Zhu1634W5L4W7D22.5
44Arkadiy Ugodnikov1698L2W3H—L11.5
55John Fines1756L3W6L2U—1.0
66Albion Kolndreu1733L1L5H—U—0.5
77Shabnam Abbarin1469U—U—L3U—0.0

Standings. Falling Leaves: U1800

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
11Toy Chack Kwan1544W26D3W15W23.5
22-3Jose Escobar1477W19W4W8L13.0
3 Stephen Papadatos1268W23D1W10D63.0
44-7Glib Dunikov1595W11L2H—W152.5
5 J. Armstrong Robert1558H—D7D16W172.5
6 Jim Sadden1514U—W23W17D32.5
7 Leon Noel Merse1391H—D5H—W82.5
88-12Shafkat Ali1531W13W12L2L72.0
9 Ulli Diemer1496L12D14H—W212.0
10 Umid Allahverdi1494D17W24L3D122.0
11 Robert Wagner1487L4L16W27W222.0
12 Orkhan Kazimovunr.W9L8D13D102.0
1313-17David Dunikov1435L8W19D12U—1.5
14 Justin Huang1273U—D9W25U—1.5
15 Robert Joy1248D22W18L1L41.5
16 Ivan Huang1239U—W11D5U—1.5
17 Christopher Kuchmaunr.D10W22L6L51.5
1818-21Dania Surya1564U—L15B—U—1.0
19 Adie Todd1547L2L13W22U—1.0
20 George Supol1495U—U—U—W271.0
21 Javier Dixon1408U—U—W23L91.0
2222-24Ian Greig1514D15L17L19L110.5
23 Kevin Gaffney1400L3L6L21H—0.5
24 Aaron Sponagleunr.H—L10U—U—0.5
2525-27Salim Belcadi1544U—U—L14U—0.0
26 Isabelle Zhu1464L1U—U—U—0.0
27 Sam Ghamarimonavvarunr.U—U—L11L200.0

Standings. Falling Leaves: U1400

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
11Maxim Bondarev787W39D9W21W63.5
22-7Nicolas Bonnard1283W15W17W10U—3.0
3 Adam Comer1203L17W38W29W143.0
4 Artur Jankobayev1132U—W35W9W173.0
5 Charlie Bain1103W30W29W18U—3.0
6 Joshua Bakradze734W20W30W8L13.0
7 Sivaram Manoharanunr.W11L10W25W133.0
88-11Alexander Wagner1214W16W25L6D102.5
9 Zeyu Liu1198W27D1L4W182.5
10 Onur Naiboglu1068W31W7L2D82.5
11 Justin Ryan1024L7D22W34W212.5
1212-20James Taylor1214U—U—W30W332.0
13 Benjamin Kamnitzer1086L18W32W16L72.0
14 Nicholas Baschiera1021W42L18W31L32.0
15 George Flagg1012L2W42L26W312.0
16 Richard Kang993L8W41L13W292.0
17 Henry Prickett-Morgan957W3L2W37L42.0
18 Robert Zuccarello456W13W14L5L92.0
19 Daniel Rokhvargerunr.U—U—W27W252.0
20 John Zabbalunr.L6H—H—W432.0
2121-22Marko Bulatovic1162H—W37L1L111.5
22 Andrey Doninunr.U—D11L23W371.5
2323-34Neil Goel1311U—U—W22U—1.0
24 Abdullah Caglayon1052W32U—U—U—1.0
25 Yeeshuen Li1014W34L8L7L191.0
26 Anoush Avakian979L29F33W15L271.0
27 Tsing Yee [Tina] Hui882L9L34L19W261.0
28 Melanie Directo645U—U—W42U—1.0
29 Preston Rehdner559W26L5L3L161.0
30 Christian Manco540L5L6L12W421.0
31 Alexei Antonov200L10W40L14L151.0
32 Jonathan Kravtchenkounr.L24L13D35D361.0
33 Andre Pereiraunr.U—X26U—L121.0
34 Adam Saherunr.L25W27L11U—1.0
3535-38Evan Nearing472U—L4D32U—0.5
36 Mathieu Gabelleunr.U—U—U—D320.5
37 Peter Gruczaunr.H—L21L17L220.5
38 Glen Newburyunr.H—L3U—U—0.5
3939-43Kris Todi1152L1U—U—U—0.0
40 Keith Denning1121U—L31U—U—0.0
41 Paul Kempunr.U—L16U—U—0.0
42 Ziya Musayevunr.L14L15L28L300.0
43 Alex Rooznonunr.U—U—U—L200.0

Annex Chess Club Update – Nov 14, 2022

2022 Maplewood Invitational Starts

The 2022 Maplewood Invitational, a significant 9-round, round-robin, Canadian professional chess tournament, started last night at the beautiful Manoir Maplewood in Waterloo, Quebec. Six International Masters (IMs) are competing to win a Grandmaster (GM) norm against each other and four Grandmasters. A norm-seeker must achieve a score of 6.5/9 to earn a GM norm. Three such norms are needed to become a Grandmaster.

The organizers of this event are Charles Lesperance, a Partner of OXO Innovation, and Salim Belcadi, President of Annex Chess Club. The arbiters are Aris Marghetis (IA, Lead), Alex Ferreira (NA, Assistant). Omar Shah is also providing technical support.

Annex Chess Club is proud to be a sponsor of the 2022 Maplewood Invitational and is providing logistics support. Fédération québécoise des échecs (FQE), Quebec’s chess federation, is also a sponsor.

Key Links

  • You can read more about THE EVENT here.
  • Read about THE PLAYERS here.
  • THE GAMES by round may be viewed here.
  • The random-draw PAIRINGS and RESULTS by round may be viewed here.
  • IM Joshua Posthuma is also doing a live TWITCH STREAM of the games.
  • There is also a live LICHESS STREAM.

Good luck to all the players!

Below are pics taken before the start of Rd #1, with action from Rd #1. Click on an image to see a larger version.

Chess for everyone