ACC Club Championship Round One!

Hello everyone! Here are the results of round one of the 2023 ACC Club Championship, a six-round tournament!

Results for Round 1: Crown

111Nader Haji Ghanbari (2117)80Charis Zhu (1842)
290Omaray M. Shah (1823)21Ekrem Tamkan (2074)
331David Southam (2060)100Charlie Grisar (1803)
4110John Fines (1747)41Merlin Nazareno (2002)
551Richard Douglas (1988)120Ryan Zhuoyuan Xu (1729)
6131Daniel Sirkovich (1711)60Carina D’Souza (1915)
771Samuel Ulrich (1868)140Arkadiy Ugodnikov (1701)
 151Lorne Schwartz (1697)  BYE

Results for Round 1: Reserve

8351Philip Melnik (1146)460Joseph Votto (1046)
921Daniel Stueckmann (1617)360Benjamin Kamnitzer (1095)
10370Marko Bulatovic (1095)31Ambarish Chandra (1586)
1141Toy Chack Kwan (1583)380Paul Kemp (1094)
12391Adam Comer (1091)50Glib Dunikov (1565)
1361Jose Escobar (1561)400Alex Geddie (1090)
14410Justin Ryan (1088)71Adie Todd (1522)
16431Alan [Jing Chiuan] Peng (1074)80Robert Wagner (1512)
1791Frank Helwig (1490)450Abdullah Caglayon (1062)
2048½Sam Ghamarimonavvar (986)12½Umid Allahverdi (1479)
2154½Glen Newbury (920)49½Henry Prickett-Morgan (980)
22501Joshua Bakradze (976)140Leon Noel Merse (1463)
23161Afeez Sanni (1433)510Alexei Antonov ( 975)
24521Gabriel Saimovici (966)170George Supol (1419)
25191Isabelle Zhu (1404)530John Zabbal (961)
26550Maxim Bondarev (920)201David Dunikov (1400)
27211Ian Greig (1385)560Tina Hui (917)
28571Larry Zhou Chen (911)230Robert Joy (1331)
29241Leeor Greenblat (1323)580Samantha Tajik ( 909)
3059½Anoush Avakian (893)25½Atiba Yusuf (1322)
31261Onur Naiboglu (1321)600George Flagg ( 865)
32610Peter Grucza (858)271Sivaram Maneharan (1311)
33281Neil Goel (1293)630Preston Rehdner (723)
35301Daniel Rokhvarger (1233)650Ziya Musayev (480)
36640Luc Leclair ( 507)311Ivan Moshe (1225)
38680Marco Chirigoni (unr.)331Richard Kang (1172)
39341James Taylor (1155)690Luba Shtepa (unr.)
40471Umang Bhatt (1021)440Keith Denning (1073)
41320Alexander Wagner (1211)671Steven Nunez ( 200)

Standings will be published along with results in later rounds.

Something to Think About

A QUOTE TO PONDER (from today’s ACC RSS Chess News Feed):

“If you don’t understand how to practice archery in its true sense, then even though you practice very hard, what you acquire is just technique. It won’t help you through and through. Perhaps you can hit the mark without trying, but without a bow and arrow, you cannot do anything. If you understand the point of practice, then even without a bow and arrow the archery will help you.”

Shunryu Suzuki (Zen Monk 1904 – 1971)


GM Alex Colovic says … (in his Chessable blog)

A very accurate thought expressed by a Zen monk. It perfectly describes the stereotypical chess player who “can hit the mark without trying, but without a bow and arrow […] cannot do anything.”

Read more …

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We also have an Advanced online course for both kids and adults together. All registered students are pre-screened for suitability.

Discount codes are available to ACC members for both in-person classes and online courses.

We think that the new registration site will help us reduce the lineups at the Front Desk on Monday evenings, and therefore reduce frustration for some students having to stand in line. Our administration will also be easier.

NOTE: In buying classes a-la-carte, say you jump in at week 4 of an 8-week Intermediate course. You could register now for weeks 4-8 (buy 5 classes) then register later for weeks 1-3 (buy 3 more classes) for the next iteration of the course (we run them continuously throughout the year). That’s because, generally the topics within a course are additive and not necessarily sequential. This allows for maximum flexibility, especially if you have a commitment one week and can’t make a class. You don’t use up one of your classes if you don’t show.

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