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Chess For Everyone!

Annex Chess Club — Chess For Everyone!

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ACC Founder Ted Winick

Annex Chess Club was founded in 2010 by Ted Winick. It operates as a not-for-profit, volunteer-led chess club. Our main activity is running ongoing tournaments, with one game per week. But we happily add to this, and adhere to our motto—Chess For Everyone—by offering casual chess, classes, lectures and special events.

Ted's impact on chess in Toronto and Canada can hardly be overestimated. Along with Annex Chess Club, Ted also founded National Chess Camp and Chess Institute of Canada, both of which are dedicated to the chess education of young people.

ACC strives to provide a welcoming and friendly environment. Chess brings us together, from board directors to club members, from class instructors to volunteers.

We welcome you to our club with open arms. Players from across Canada and from around the world regularly play at ACC. Our club welcomes young and old, men and women, boys and girls, novices and experts, all united in our enthusiasm for this wonderful game.

Our club has long-established relationships with other clubs in Toronto and beyond, as well as important chess institutions such as the Chess Federation of Canada, the Greater Toronto Chess League, the Ontario Chess Association and the Fédération québécoise des échecs.

Many chess players and other celebrities have visited our club over the years, including: 

  • GM Hikaru Nakamura, 
  • top Canadian GM Evgeny Bareev, 
  • U1800 World Champion IM Shawn Rodrigue-Lemieux (2022), 
  • Canadian MLB Star (and chess enthusiast) Joey Votto
  • WGM Jennifer Shahade (2017),
  • 15-year old GM Aryan Chopra (2017)
  • GM Elshan Moradiabadi (2013)
  • GM Alexi Shirov (2012)
  • GM Nigel Short (2012), 
  • GM Wesley So (2012)
  • and actor Woody Harrelson (2011). 

We fondly remember our club's founder Ted and his wife Heidi Winick and we thank their children Maxie, Jordan and Kailyn for their continuing support.


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