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Chess For Everyone!

ACC Advanced Chess (in-person)


Course Title: “Advanced Chess Workshop for Kids (Endgames)“

This is an 8-class, in-person chess course, taught by ACC Instructor, FIDE Master (FM) Michael Humphreys, in which students learn various concepts and principles of endgames. These Kids classes are 1.5 hrs. in length and begin at 6:00 PM most Mondays. Classes may be purchased and taken on an a-la-carte basis with the instructor's permission. 

General Considerations

An ELO rating of 1000+ is generally a suitable range for students attending this course. However, the depth of the content for this course may be adjusted upwards or downwards to fit the average level of the students attending.

Topics for each successive 8-week iteration of these classes will vary, so there is always new content for advanced students to master should they wish to take the course again.

Topics Covered

Here are the latest 8 individual weekly lessons that apply to Advanced Chess Workshop for Kids (Endgames)This is currently taught as an in-person class for kids under 14. 

    • Lesson 1: Elementary Endgames
    • Lesson 2: Playing for Zugswang
    • Lesson 3: Weak and Strong Pawns
    • Lesson 4: King & Pawn Endgames #1
    • Lesson 5: King & Pawn Endgames #2
    • Lesson 6: Good and Bad Bishops
    • Lesson 7: Knight vs Bishop
    • Lesson 8: Bishops of Opposite Colour Endgames

After each lesson, students are given an online homework assignment where they apply the lessons learned to new chess positions.

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