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Marvellous Chess Classes - #5

May 03, 2023 11:29 AM | Deleted user

This week (Thursday, May 4) at 7:00 PM, has our fifth Marvellous Chess class. 

This is an online class taught by FM Michael Humphreys. There's great pricing (see below)!

Marvellous Chess (MC) means targeted online chess instruction that:

  • is practical and useful, yet inspiring and creative;
  • you can quickly add to your Monday night tournament-play repertoire;
  • you choose in order to meet your specific needs and interests; and
  • you take less frequently and on an ad hoc basis, thereby lowering both your overall time and financial commitments.

MC is targeted at club players who are at the intermediate or advanced level. Most players in our U1400 tournament section will benefit from this class as will many players from our U1800 section. Over the course of 90 minutes, students will receive instruction on three different topics (30 minutes per topic).

This week's three topics are as follows:

1. Bishop of Opposite Colour Endgames

Bishop of opposite colour endgames have a very drawish reputation—indeed, the attacking side often fails to win even with an advantage of two (or sometimes three!) extra pawns. In this lesson we'll examine the correct methods in both attack and defence and ensure that you'll optimize the result regardless of which side you're playing.

2. A Surprise Weapon in the Grunfeld

One of white's most theoretically promising lines against the Grunfeld is the so-called Russian variation (1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d5 4.Nf3 Bg7 5.Qb3). Here we will examine an interesting sideline sometimes referred to as the "Handszar Odeev Variation" named after the Grandmaster from Turkmenistan. Never heard of this variation before? After this lesson, it won't be something that you'll soon forget!

3. Bogoljubov vs. Capablanca 1924

In this classic game we will watch the legendary Capablanca convincingly outplay a future world championship challenger. The methods that Capablanca uses to achieve this are worthy of careful study by any player wishing to improve. Matching strength against weakness, exchanging the right pieces, and improving the position of the worst-placed piece are all themes that will be studied closely in this positional chess masterpiece.

Click on the image to Register

What a great new selection of topics!

A single drop-in class for Marvellous Chess, with  the 20% ACC member's discount, is now only $20.00 incl HST ($25 incl HST for non-members). Four-class bundles are also available. This is our special pricing to promote the Marvellous Chess theme.

Registering for the class will help you improve your game, and possibly even give you a winning edge in your ACC tournament game this next Monday evening.

Remember that knowledge is power!

Link to our original news post on Marvellous Chess.

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