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ACC Introduces New Series of "Marvellous Chess Classes"

April 03, 2023 7:32 AM | Deleted user

FIDE recently announced that the City of Toronto will host the 2024 Candidates Matches leading to the World Chess Championships for both men and women, playing at the same time. This is marvellous for chess in the GTA and will certainly lead to some marvellous chess being played and followed with great interest by all students of the game.

With this in mind, we are pleased to launch our new series of Marvellous Chess Classes at Annex Chess Club this Thursday, April 6, 2023, at 7:00 PM.

An AI-generated image produced for ACC, based on the phrase “Marvellous Chess”

Each class, will be taught by FIDE Master Michael Humphreys  as a 90-minute exploration of three specific chess topics/principles (30 minutes each) that are sure to bolster your practical chess repertoire and prepare you for more meaningful and satisfying over-the-board tournament performances.

Our strategy is simple. We plan to expose our weekly tournament players to “marvellous chess"—especially those kids and adults competing in our U1800 and U1400 tournament sections.

To us, Marvellous Chess means targeted online chess instruction that:

  • is practical and useful, yet inspiring and creative;
  • you can quickly add to your Monday night tournament-play repertoire;
  • you choose in order to meet your specific needs and interests; and
  • you take less frequently and on an ad hoc basis, thereby lowering both your overall time and financial commitments.

Sign up for fewer classes and only take those that really grab your attention—the ones that will result in greater chances of success over time. Chess instruction that, once learned, you will not likely forget. And please note that each week, FM Michael Humphreys will add at least one chess topic recommended by his students.

The cost per class is as follows:

  • $40/class for non-members or $32/class (i.e. discounted by 20%) for ACC members.
  • A bundle of 4 classes is also available at $144 ($36/class) for non-members or $115.20 ($28.80/class) for ACC Members.
  • Prices stated above already include 13% HST.
  • Individual classes included in a bundle are good for a 6-month period from the date of purchase.

Think about it. ACC’s Marvellous Chess may make perfect sense for you.


Michael’s first three topics (Class #1) for Marvellous Chess are as follows:

1. An easy-to-learn weapon against the Caro Kann

Part of the appeal of the Caro-Kann is that from the very first moves black seeks to solve any potential long-term problem. It is thought that players with black will tend to enjoy a healthy pawn structure without any pieces locked in behind their pawns. In this lesson we will see a fresh approach by white with a bold and astonishing claim behind it—that black’s very first move 1…c6 constitutes a weakening of their structure and that this weakness can be exploited in the endgame.

2. Checkmate with Knight+Bishop vs. King

This endgame has a reputation for being quite difficult. To a certain extent, this is justified—if it’s your first experience with this endgame, you will be very unlikely to be able to figure it out on your own in a real-game situation. However, this endgame is also quite easy to learn, and once learned, it is very difficult to forget. Take the time to learn it now, so that you can face it with confidence when it arises.

3. When not to fight for open files

It can be quite tempting to fight for control over open files whenever you see them, but this is often the wrong strategy. Fighting for an open file in the wrong circumstances will often lead to a massive exchange of heavy pieces that will drain your position of any winning potential. In this lesson, you will learn to spot the difference between when fighting for a file is essential, and when it is pointless.

Quite simply put, this is Marvellous Chess!

Annex Chess Club, 918 Bathurst Street, Unit L2, Toronto ON M5R 3G5

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