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2023 GTCL Cup Official Rules

Date: Monday November 27, 7:00 p.m.

Location:  Annex Chess Club, 918 Bathurst St.

Format: Five-round rapid Swiss teams tournament, rounds roughly hourly. Teams are composed of four players (plus an optional alternate), and must be listed by rating (board one = highest-rated player, board four = lowest rated player.)

Incomplete Teams: Incomplete teams of three players will be accepted, with board four being a forfeit loss, unless organizers are unable to find a fourth player for the team. Teams composed of two or fewer players will not be accepted. Players on such teams will be distributed to other teams wherever possible.

Substitutions: Substitutions must be done in board order "from the bottom up," meaning that if the player on board one needs substituting, player two plays on board one, player three plays on two, player four one three, and the alternate plays on board four.

Sections: Championship, U1800 (based on average rating of team members)

Prizes: Winning teams receive trophies and their choice from a number of gift cards. Prizes are awarded to the winning teams in each section, the top team composed of junior players, and the top women's team.

Time Control: 15 min + 5 sec increment from move 1.

Forfeit time: None. Absent players forfeit their games.

Rating: All sections CFC-rated. All players must have a current CFC membership.

Byes: None.

Refunds: None.

ACC's general rules for our tournaments and events can be found here.


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