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2023 Toronto Open Official Rules

Dates: Labour Day Weekend (Saturday September 2 through September 4 2023)

Format: Six-round Swiss tournament, rounds daily at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Sections: Open, U2200, U1900, U1600, U1300

Prize Fund: Guaranteed $2000 for tournament winner, prize fund estimated at $8000 based on 300 entrants.

Playing Up: Any player within 100 points of the next section may play up after paying a $20 fee.

Time Control: 90 min + 30 sec increment from move 1.

Forfeit time: Thirty minutes, based on time showing on the chess clock.

Rating: All sections CFC-rated, top sections FIDE-rated where possible.

Byes: Two half-point byes may be awarded in the first four rounds if requested prior to Aug 31.

Fair Play Policy

Cellphones, smart watches, tablets, and other devices that can connect to the internet must be off and stored in the player’s backpack, bag, or something similar, and may not be accessed during play. Smart watches may not be worn. If a player’s device sounds during a game, said player loses their game. A second infraction will result in ejection from the tournament.

Any player found with an active device on their person while a game is in progress will lose their current game, unless an explicit allowance has been made by the Chief Arbiter. A second infraction will result in ejection from the tournament.

Spectators whose devices sound will be asked to leave the playing hall. Players whose games are finished are deemed to be spectators.

Spectators may not use cellphones, smart watches, tablets and other devices that can connect to the internet in the playing hall, with the following exception.


Spectators may take photos only in the first ten minutes of any round. Official event photographers and accredited media are excepted.

Media Disclaimer

ACC (the organizer) reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at the tournament, without the permission of those included within the photograph/video. Organizers may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, used or contracted by the organizers including but not limited to: websites, social media, publications, etc.

To ensure individual  privacy, images will not be identified using full names or personal identifying information without written approval from the person, parent, or legal guardian.

Participation in the tournament is an agreement to release, defend, hold harmless and indemnify the organizers from any and all claims involving the use of your picture or likeness.

Any person or organization not affiliated with the organizers may not use, copy, alter or modify the photographs, graphics, videography or other, similar reproductions or recordings without the advance written permission of an authorized designee from organizers.

Please notify the tournament organizers if you have concerns or don’t permit the usage of your pictures. The organizers will remove your pictures upon a written request.


If a player disputes an arbiter’s ruling, they may appeal to the tournament’s Appeals Committee. Appeals must be submitted in writing within one (1) hour of the completion of the game in question, and must be accompanied by a deposit of $100.  Appeals should be sent to

Deposits will be returned if the appeal is successful or is deemed reasonable.

Entry Fee

Early bird (prior to August 14): $90

Regular (August 15 to 28): $110

Late: (After August 28): $130

$10 discount for juniors (under 18) and seniors (60 and over)

$20 discount for ACC members

Free entry for GM/WGM IM/WIM before August 14. Email for entry.

Cancellation Policy

A $20 processing fee will be applied for any cancellation prior to August 25.

After August 25, a 50% refund will be issued.

After August 31 no refunds will be given.


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