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Club News Update – Jun 19, 2023

June 19, 2023 10:20 AM | Deleted user

1. IM Ilyass Msellek plays Rapid/Blitz Simul at ACC

Ilyass Msellek, an International Master from Morocco, will play a rapid chess simul at ACC this evening, Monday June 19, starting at 8:00 PM, for a couple of hours.

Ilyass recently played in our Canadian Transnational Chess Championship, Crown Section. He had a nice performance finishing T17/38 in the Blitz, T11/34 in the Rapid and T14 in the Classic. He finished 16/29 Crown players who played in all 3 events. In total, 63 players participated in at least one Crown section event.

The simul is free for all ACC members and $10+HST ($11.30) for non-ACC members. This is our normal casual play drop-in fee. Several players will simultaneously play Ilyass using a 10|5 rapid time control. Players will be continuously rotated at the end of each round. There may also be some blitz games.

GM Hikaru Nakamura (left) plays blitz against IM Ilyass Msellek at CTN post-tournament play

2. Toronto Closed Makeup Game Evening at ACC

This evening, the Toronto Closed Chess Championship continues with 9 makeup games, as follows:

Championship Section:

  • Board #1 (DGT): Fred Gandolfi vs IM Michael Barron (M4) - Rd #9
  • Board #2 (DGT): Isaak Huh vs Abhinandan Mohan (M7) - Rd #3
  • Board #3: Tony Bohan Bao vs Hugh Siddeley (M5) - Rd #3

Reserve Section:

  • Board #4: Ryan Xu vs Daniel Sirkovich (M3) - Rd #1
  • Board #5: Saarthak Malakar vs David Southam (M9) - Rd #3
  • Board #6: Toy Chack Kwan vs Sean Liu (M12) - Rd #4

Development Section:

  • Board #7: Nicolas Bonnard vs Peter Grucza (M2) - Rd #5
  • Board #8: Beau McArthur vs George Supol (M11) - Rd #4
  • Board #9: Sudhir Pokhrel vs Karandeep Basi (M19) - Rd #6

Next Monday, June 26, will be the final round of the Toronto Closed. Participating players in this round-robin event are competing, in their respective sections, for 1st, 2nd 3rd place prizes. The total prize fund is $2,000, with $500 going to first place in the Championship Section.

3. Hazy Days 5-Week Rated Tournament Continues

Round #2/5 continues. The June 12 results for Rd #1 are presented here.

It is possible that several (of the 12) players not competing this week in the Toronto Closed makeup games may decide to get their weekly ACC chess fix by participating in our weekly tournament.

Players may register online here.

4. ACC Chess Classes Continue

In-person chess classes continue tonight, as follows:

  • Beginner kids and adults, weeks 3/4 (1.0 hrs. class) - taught by Sue Foster
  • Intermediate kids and adults, weeks 3/8 (1.5 hrs. class) - taught by NM David Filipovich
  • Advanced kids, week 3/8 (1.5 hrs. class) - taught by FM Michael Humphreys

Online classes continue tomorrow evening, as follows:

  • Intermediate/Advanced Maneuvering Class for Club Players, participating in weekly rated tournaments - Class #2 (Maneuvering in Queenless Middlegames) - Tuesday, June 20 at 7:30 PM - taught by IM Mark Plotkin
Students may register for single drop-in classes or 4- or 8-class bundles for both in-person and online courses. Discounts are available for both ACC members and non-members. Registration and pricing options are available here.

Students of both in-person and online classes may pop in and out of classes as long as they have pre-registered/paid for each attended class.

Annex Chess Club, 918 Bathurst Street, Unit L2, Toronto ON M5R 3G5

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