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Master The Endgame: Advanced Online Chess Classes - Tuesdays, with IM Mark Plotkin

  • January 30, 2024
  • 7:30 PM
  • March 19, 2024
  • 9:00 PM
  • Online Zoom Class


  • Course of eight classes on middlegame techniques.
  • Full eight-week course, 50% discount for ACC members.
  • 50% discount for ACC members.


Advanced Zoom Classes - Tuesday evenings, online 

Please note that this course has been delayed due to low enrolment.

In this eight-week course, IM Mark Plotkin teaches:

Master the Endgame. These ninety-minute classes start at 7:30 PM each Tuesday via Zoom. You can purchase the entire course or single classes.

Instructor: IM Mark Plotkin

This course is perfect for club players who are looking to improve their game. While this course is geared towards adults, strong junior players may join.

Master the Endgame: Strategic Chess Course with IM Mark Plotkin!

Explore tactical finesse and strategic brilliance in endgames, turning every move into a potential winning masterpiece!

Course Highlights - 1 Topic per Week:

  • Week 1: Tactical Endings -Exploring tactical motifs prevalent in endgames, and studying tactical puzzles tailored to endgame scenarios.
  • Week 2: King Activity - Understanding the importance of king activity in the endgame, and learning techniques to activate and utilize the king.
  • Week 3: Technical Wins - Analyzing techniques for converting advantages into tangible wins in technical endgames, and learning how to convert small advantages into decisive victories.
  • Week 4: Unexpected Blows - Surprising tactical and strategics resources in seemingly drawn endgames.
  • Week 5: Finding the Draw - Learn to recognize drawing resources and defensive techniques in challenging endgames, and seemingly lost positions.
  • Week 6: Making the Right Choice - Decision-making in complex endgames: how to evaluate options and find the best moves..
  • Week 7: Strategic Endings - Understanding strategic concepts in endgames: pawn structures, piece placement, and maneuvering, and studying endgames where strategy triumphs over tactics.
  • Week 8: Picking the Best of Two Options - Exploring scenarios with multiple promising continuations, and choosing the most effective one!

Each week will include a mix of lecture, practical exercises, homework and discussion focussed on that week's particular theme.

IM Mark Plotkin is a distinguished chess master, one of the top-rated players in Canada with a passion for teaching and a track record of guiding students to strategic mastery.

Classes held online via Zoom.

Discounted pricing applies to ACC Members. A Zoom link will be emailed after registration.


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