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How To Use A Chess Clock

The important rules for clock use are:

  • Black always starts the clock, and then White makes their first move.
  • When the arbiter begins the round, all clocks should start, even if a player is missing.
  • Forfeit time for our regular tournaments is thirty minutes. That is, if a player fails to make their first move within thirty minutes of their clock starting, they lose by forfeit. 
  • The same hand that moves the piece touches the clock. This can be either hand, but if your right hand moves the piece, then the right hand must touch the clock. (You are not allowed to have a hand hovering over the clock.)
  • Never touch your opponent's clock. (If they forget to press their clock, that’s not your problem.)
  • If you require an arbiter’s assistance, you may stop the clock (by pressing the middle red button below the display.)
  • The clock must always be visible to the arbiter. The clock should always be on Black's right hand side, and facing towards the centre aisle.
  • Nobody may pick up the clock or hit it aggressively. Don't beat the clock, just touch it!
  • It is considered bad manners to touch your clock with a captured piece.
  • If a player’s flag falls, they've run out of time and lose the game. However, if the opponent cannot checkmate with any series of legal moves the game is drawn.


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