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Movember at Annex Chess Club

Support your Annex Chess Club Movember team!

The ACC Movember team is led by Club Champion, Michael Humphreys. Join or donate today to support Annex Chess Club’s Movember campaign.

As of November 30, the total raised is $21 from cash donations on Monday night, plus an additional $200 in online donations, for a total of $221.00.

FM Michael Humphreys
NM Liam Henry
Jean-Marc David
Alex Ferreira

Advanced Training for Tournament Players

Bump your chess ability up to the next level!

Whether you’re stuck at 1200 or stuck at 1800, it can be hard to get over your plateau and into the next rating class.

This winter, Annex Chess Club is offering advanced training classes with master Liam Henry. Classes run on Wednesday evenings, now starting February 1.

Check full details and register online.

Instructional Chess Programme at ACC

ACC General Instructional Programme Description

The Annex Chess Club’s instructional chess programme is designed for all ages (from teenagers right through to seniors) and all levels of chess ability – from general courses, starting at beginner level, right through to special advanced courses, for tournament players up to master level.

Full details of our Adult Chess Classed have now moved to a permanent page.

Liam Henry “How to Improve in Chess”

Chess lecture at Annex Chess Club – how to attain master level, step by step

Liam Henry, copyright 2008 by the photographer David Cohen

Liam Henry is a highly respected Toronto chess player. He is a Canadian master and a professional chess coach.

In his August 8 lecture at Annex Chess Club, Liam shared the steps of his own progress from 1300 (his first chess rating) to 2200 (master level). Liam described how players inevitably get stuck on rating plateaus, and often don’t study the right topics for their rating level. To address this situation, he made specific study suggestions aimed at helping players escape from their particular plateau and jump to the next rating level.

His notes, which he handed out at the lecture, contain general tips for improvement based on his own experience, and the most important topics (including recommended book lists) to study at each level of play. A copy of Liam’s lecture handout is available here.

Thank you, Liam, for a helpful and inspiring lecture.