Reunion – Chess as Performance Art

One of the performance art pieces in the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Reunion 2010, featured a synthesis of chess and electronic music. The chess board was wired to electronic music feeds so that the moves on the board opened and closed the channels of electronic music being generated by musicians on stage.

After the match between WGM Jennifer Shahade and GM Pascal Charbonneau, several members of the Annex Chess Club were on hand to facilitate the audience-participation portion of the performance, a joint effort of the Chess Institute of Canada and the Greater Toronto Chess League.

Audience Participation at Reunion 2010
Audience participation at the performance
©2010 by the photographer, Erik Malmsten

Annex Chess Club Grand Opening!

Grand Opening – Monday October 18

Featuring a celebration of the Canadian chess olympic teams, highlighted by a guest lecture from GM Mark Bluvshtein, Canada’s youngest-ever International Grandmaster and our top board at the recent Chess Olympiad in Russia!!

Check out our flyer for details.

GM Mark Bluvshtein’s lecture will feature:

  • Extended discussion of his recent Olympiad experience in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
  • Analysis of the game in which he defeated former World Champion GM Veselin Topalov, knocking him from 2nd to 3rd in world rankings
  • Extended analysis of his exciting last-round game against GM Nikola Djukic, where Mark sacrificed his Queen, then an exchange, then a knight to ultimately reach a won endgame
  • Discussion of what lies ahead in Mark’s career, including his participation in the “Wimbledon” of chess: the Corus tournament in Wijk aan Zee, the Netherlands in January 2011

$20 entry for non-members; free entry for members. Join the club!!!

GM Mark Bluvshtein
GM Mark Bluvshtein

Chess for everyone