Annual Memberships and Other Options

The Annex Chess Club has a membership/pay-as-you-go option for everyone. Here is the official current ACC pricing grid which has been in place, for the most part, for several years:

You may now purchase ACC/CFC annual memberships online using our Membership Purchases Page. Here is a link to our registration website or click on the green button below.

All Monday night tournaments are CFC-rated. In addition to paying ACC membership or pay-as-you-go tournament fees, a valid Chess Federation of Canada (CFC) membership or pay-as-you-go tournament fee is also required to play in a CFC-rated tournament. CFC is the chess overseeing body in Canada and it also manages/calculates ratings for all players.

CFC annual membership fees are:

  • Adults – $48/year
  • Juniors – $32/year

For CFC purposes, a junior was born in 2002 or later. As well, adults include seniors.

Alternatively, CFC pay-as-you-go tournament fees are:

  • Adults – $20/tournament
  • Juniors – $10/tournament

CFC membership/tournament fees may be paid to ACC or directly to CFC. Some tournament sections may also be FIDE-rated. ACC covers the cost of CFC/FIDE rating fees (but not membership fees) for all rated tournament players.

Key ACC Definitions

Here are some key definitions:

  • An Adult is 18 years of age or older at time of ACC membership/renewal.
  • A Senior is aged 60 years or older at time of ACC membership/renewal.
  • A Junior is less than 18 years of age at time of ACC membership/renewal.

Annual memberships last one year from date of purchase. Members who are out of the country for more than three months at a time may pre-apply for an extension of membership equal to the time spent abroad.

Casual play does not include tournament play.

ACC Annual Memberships – Additional Details

Annual membership options for tournament and casual play cover an estimated 44 club nights per annum. They also include free attendance at periodic chess lectures held at the Club.

Members with annual tournament play memberships may also play casual chess at no extra cost. As well, such memberships provide registration fee discounts for playing in periodic ACC-organized major tournaments (such as the Ontario Open or Toronto Blitz).

Pay-as-you-go payments within the 30-day period prior to the date of purchase of an annual membership may be applied to reduce the cost of membership, though the membership term will start from the earliest date of payment being applied.

Family Discount

Additional ACC family members each receive a tournament play annual membership discount of 20%. This discount does not apply to the first-time $25 admin fee.

Student Discount

Students in full-time post-secondary studies are eligible for the same ACC annual membership pricing as juniors. Proof of studies is required.

Chess Classes

Chess classes are priced separately, and students attending ACC chess classes do not have to be members of the Club. See the Club page for information about the classes we offer.

Note: This page was updated on July 1, 2022.

26 thoughts on “Membership/Fees”

  1. Would you recommend memberships to Chess beginners? I’ve only been playing for a couple of months and would love to improve my playing skills.

    Are beginners grouped with other beginners? Just curious.

    Your reply is greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi, Anthony. Thanks for your question!

      A lot of beginners choose to take the beginner class, where they play and learn together with other beginners.

      Another choice is the casual section. Casual players find their own opponents, but tend to gravitate towards opponents of similar strength.

      When you’re ready for tournament play, again we have tournaments divided into sections so that players face opponents who range in ability, but still of a relatively similar calibre.

      If you want to start with a class, you don’t also need to purchase membership, and casual play is still included in course costs.

  2. I’m in a group sponsoring an Iraqi man who level of English is very low, but level of chess is quite high. I’m looking for ways of helping him connect to Toronto. Would your chess club be a place for him? Do you have discounts for refugees?

    1. Angela: Maybe somebody else can answer about a discount, but if he wants to try an evening of casual chess (most Mondays, from 6:30 to 11pm), it just costs 5 dollars for the evening. (Ask others about discounts for longer numbers of weeks or months of play or memberships)

  3. Annex Chess Club:
    When is the beginning of a new tournament appropriate for someone in the 1000 or so rating range. If I understand correctly, someone would pay the tournament fee plus something to allow for the rating – that being good for a year? Does the year start at the time of a payment or does it start in a new school year or in a new calendar year? A reminder of this info would be great. Thanks.

    1. Hi Susan,
      All players in our tournaments must be CFC members. Annual CFC membership is $48 per year ($32 for juniors). It’s good for a full 12 months from whenever it’s purchased, usually dated to the first of the month. When it’s renewed, the renewal is usually dated from the previous expiration date.
      CFC membership can be purchased from us at the club or from CFC at

      1. Thanks for the info! Also, when is the next tournament for U1400 (or lower) – would it be in the summer or the fall?

        1. Our current tournament has an U1400 section, and players may enter on Monday, in Round 3, with byes in the first two rounds.
          These 5-round club tournaments run more or less consecutively, even through the summer. After this one ends on May 15, there’ll be a new one starting May 29. (May 22 is a holiday.)

          1. Does the one starting on May 29th also have an U1400 section? (for player probably .around 1000 level)
            I assume cheque written to Annex chess club for 108 would cover five weeks of tournament and the fee for CFC? (re adult son Timothy Bahry)

  4. Hello, I’m thinking of joining. I’m a mature (65+) person, probably intermediate level. Would the fee to join be $172 for me? Or is the 20% discount only applied to tournaments?

    Also what is the latest time to start a game on Monday evenings? What happens if it isn’t finished by 10pm? Do you just count the points from pieces won?

  5. I learned how to play chess from a colleague early this year and was playing occasionally online. Would like to be more serious about Chess and think joining a local chess club would help. I have played about 1000+ games on and my current rating is about 1500 (10 mins Blitz). Not yet a CFC member and have never played a tournament game before. Do you know what is CFC equivalent score to score? What class should I take and should I participate as club member or casual member?

    1. Hi Derrick,

      We have a few options. You could start with casual, take a class, or dive straight into our current club tournament. Let us know what you might be interested in.

      I think probably ratings are inflated relative to CFC ratings. And blitz is a separate skill in some ways, so I’m not sure, but I would guess your regular CFC rating might be 100 or 200 points lower.


    1. Hi Leah,
      That’s great!
      It’s 6:30 till 11:00 pm on Monday nights, except holidays (e.g., we’re closed this coming Thanksgiving Monday).

  6. H3y,
    Are you guys hosting a club tournament for the upcoming KWCC teams quick challenge?
    I have 1707 bullet fide online rating and a 1605 Blitz rating. I would really like to join the annex chess club team.

    1. It’s June 23, right? We have sent a team in the past. Maybe post the flyer on the Annex Chess Club Facebook group and see who might want to go.

  7. I wan to know if i can play in weekends sunday and saturday, because is the only days I could play.

  8. I’m interested in joining a chess club in Toronto but I’m concerned about the scheduling. I’m already a member of a fencing club that meets on Monday nights and I don’t want to have to choose between the two. Are there any other nights that members who cannot make the Monday nights can meet up and play? Surely there must be others in the same boat as me. Even if it’s just a few people a secondary/remedial night would be immensely valueable. If not currently are there any plans of this becoming a possibility in the future? Thanks.

    1. Hi Dan,
      Most chess clubs in the city meet just once a week, so we’re on Mondays. Some of our members do already meet on other nights at other clubs. E.g., at Willowdale on Tuesday, Pub Chess Wednesday, Scarborough Thursday, or Hart House Friday. Each club does its thing a little differently, but I hope you find something that works for you.

      1. Hi king,
        I’m just wondering if how can I find chess enthusiasts ages 10-12 group I’m kind of setting a life of my son who love chess more than computer and as a mom who don’t know anything about this I think it is best to seek expert ideas. We r residing nearby bloor-Yonge area. Thanks

        1. Hi Rosalyn,

          Our CFC-rated tournaments run late on Monday nights, but we do have several serious young chess devotees among our players. You’re welcome to come try our classes, casual or tournament games to see if it works for your son.


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