2022 GTCL Team Rapid Championship – Registrations Summary

Below is a summary of GTCL registrations for 2022. Note that some team members (*) will be required to renew their expired CFC memberships either before or at the event.

We currently have 26 registered teams—8 Championship, 16 U1800 and 2 Placeholders. This includes 11 ACC Teams. In order to accommodate this many teams, the event will likely be spread across the Great Hall (22 teams) and Sunroom (12 teams) at 918 Bathurst Centre. That’s a comfortable capacity of 34 teams.

Teams are first presented below in the order in which they were registered. Teams are then presented by type and sorted by descending average CFC Regular Rating.

#Reg’n DateChess Club#Identifier/
Team TypePlayers and CFC Ratings
1Oct 23Agincourt Chess Club“Get in the Sac”Champ.-Max Chen (2328, Quick 2180),
-Fengxi Mao* (RC, 2234, Quick 2191),
-Youhe Huang (2232, Quick 2054),
-Raymond Gao* (2092, Quick 2152),
-Jeffrey R. Zhao (2029, Quick 1834)
Average 2183, Quick Ave 2082
2Oct 25Annex Chess Club III“The Bored Ones”U1800-Michael Sutton* (1691, Quick 1820),
-Salim Belcadi (TC, 1517, Quick 1741),
-George Supol* (RC, 1497, Quick 1443),
-Keith Denning* (1100, Quick 1186)
-Mel Directo (658P, Quick 658est)
Average 1293, Quick Ave 1370
3Nov 1Annex Chess ClubIACC Masters
(“ACC Masters”)
Champ.-FM Eddie Teodoro* (TC/RC, 2327, Quick 2394)
-FM Michael Humphreys (2296, Quick 2264)
-CM Koosha Jaferian (2351, Quick 2326)
-WCM Olena Kucherenko (F2049, FRapid 1949)
Average 2255, Quick Ave 2233
4Nov 7Chess in the ParkI“Oh My Park!”Champ.-Md Ruhul Islam (2186, Quick 2030)
-Richard Douglas (1990, Quick 1845P)
-David Gunapalan* (TC, 1874, Quick 1818)
-Kabeer Sethi (1677P, Quick 1845P)
Average 1931, Quick Ave 1884
-RC-Olga Mushtaler
5Nov 7Chess in the ParkII“Tigers of the Park”U1800-Thai Pham (1753P, Quick 1753est)
-Frank Helwig (TC, 1517, Quick 1444)
-Nicolas Bonnard (1278P, Quick 1488P)
-Vitalii Shtepa (UNR, Quick UNR)
Average 1516, Quick Ave 1562
-RC-Olga Mushtaler
6Nov 8Annex Chess ClubIIAnnex Women’s Team
(“The Amazons”)
U1800-Ruth Joy Vinuya (2014, Quick 1969)
-Adie Todd (TC/RC, 1517, Quick 1549P)
-Shabnam Abbarin (1460, Quick 1375)
-Isabelle Zhu (1437, Quick 1356)
Average 1607, Quick Ave 1562
7Nov 9Annex Chess ClubIXACC Other
(“En Passant”)
U1800-Carina D’Souza (TC/RC, 1925, Quick 1836)
-Daniel Sirkovich (1773, Quick 1696)
-Ryan Zhong (1773, Quick 1781)
-April Zhong (1671, Quick 1559)
Average 1785, Quick Ave 1718
8Nov 9Annex Chess ClubIVACC Kids I
(“Whiz Kids”)
U1800-Charis Zhu (1657, Quick 1643)
-Umid Allahverdi (1502, Quick 1656)
-Artur Jankobayev (1196P, Quick 1976)
-Sam Ghamarimonavvar (1069P, Quick 1521P)
Average 1356, Quick Ave 1699
-TC/RC-Derek Bear
9Nov 9Annex Chess ClubVACC Kids II
(“The Cool Ones”)
U1800-Glib Dunikov (1572, Quick 1649)
-Arkady Tenkov (1445, Quick 1510)
-Yeeshuen Li (1065, Quick 1073)
-Maxim Bondarev (902P, Quick 1161P)
Average 1246, Quick Ave 1348
-TC/RC-Derek Bear
10Nov 9Annex Chess ClubVIACC Kids III
(“Smooth as Glass”)
U1800-David Dunikov (1403, Quick 1619)
-Ivan Huang (1271, Quick 1543)
-Marie Guan (953, Quick 1020)
-Andrey Donin (1005P, Quick 1117P)
Average 1158, Quick Ave 1325
-TC/RC-Derek Bear
11Nov 9Annex Chess ClubVIIACC Kids IV
(“Chess Pirates”)
U1800-Justin Huang (1325, Quick 1493)
-William Wang (1126, Quick 1126)
-Preston Rehdner (707P, Quick 939)
-Euan Davies (UNR, Quick UNR)
Average 1053, Quick Ave 1186
-TC/RC-Derek Bear
12Nov 15“The Cool Cucumbers”U1800-Tony Bohan Bao (TC/RC, 2006, Quick 2173)
-Guang Yu Song* (1931, Quick 1831 )
-Sudhir Pokhrel*(1550, Quick 1450)
-Vincent Angel Adulfo (1635, Quick 1828)
Average 1775, Quick Ave 1820
13Nov 15“World-Wise Lunch Club”U1800-Mario Moran-Venegas (1732, Quick 1620)
-Robert Armstrong (TC/RC, 1513, Quick 1574)
-Toy Check Kwan (1583, Quick 1493P)
-Ken Kurkowski* (1487, Quick 1564)
Average 1579, Quick Ave 1563
14Nov 18Annex Chess ClubVIIIACC Seniors
(“Grey Lightning”)
U1800-Erik Malmsten (TC/RC, 1982, Quick 1914)
-Ulli Diemer (1468, Quick 1618)
-Michael Sharpe (1495, Quick 1571)
-James Mourgelas (1258, Quick 1583P)
Average 1551, Quick Ave 1672
15Nov 23Annex Chess ClubACC Friendlies
(“Chess Sharks”)
Champ.-IM Nikolay Noritsyn (2570, Quick 2664)
-IM Artiom Samsonkin (2526, Quick 2639)
-IM Nicholas Vettese (2418, Quick 2396)
-WGM Anna Burtasova (TC, 2271, Quick 2261)
Average 2446, Quick Ave 2490
-RC-Derek Bear
16Nov 23Hart House Chess ClubI“Fellowship of the Board”U1800-Victor Zheng (RC, 2139, Quick 1818)
-Nick Pestov (TC, 1582est, Quick 1582P)
-Bowen Zhang* (1373, Quick 1278)
Average 1698, Quick Ave 1559
17Nov 24Hart House Chess ClubII“HH Masters”Champ.-TBD
Average TBD, Quick Ave TBD
-RC-Victor Zheng
18Nov 24Toronto Metro University“Bold Knights”U1800-Konstantin Orlovsky (1824P, Quick 1642)
-Alec Chung (1822, Quick 1722)
-Jordan Chong* (1750est, Quick 1750P)
-James Taptelis* (TC, UNR, Quick UNR)
-David Izrailov* (UNR, Quick UNR)
Average 1799, Quick Ave 1705
-RC-Yusuf Arzbegi
19Nov 24“Chess Stars”Champ.-Alex Rabinovich (2439P, Quick 2475)
-Michael Barron (TC/RC, 2277, Quick 2170)
-Michael Kimelman* (2239, Quick, 2198)
-Sasha Star* (2161, Quick 2144)
Average 2279, Quick Ave 2247
20Nov 24Willowdale Chess Club“WCC”Champ.-Roman Gavrilin (2267, Quick 2204)
-Sergey Malakhovets (2198, 2098)
-Vladimir Birarov* (2192, Quick 2120)
-Ilia Bluvshtein* (2112, Quick 2199)
Average 2192, Quick Ave 2155
21Nov 24Annex Chess ClubXACC Other
(“Charlie’s Angels”)
U1800-Abhinandan Mohan (1933P, Quick 1933est)
-Charlie Grisar (TC, 1883, Quick 1670P)
-Justin Ryan (1031, 1330P)
-Anoush Avakian (RC, 966, Quick 719P)
Average 1453, Quick Ave 1413
22Nov 25“Kids+Dads”Champ.-Mark Plotkin (TC/RC, 2517, Quick 2503)
-Victor Plotkin (2414, Quick 2360)
-Jura Ochkoos (2316, Quick 2276)
-Max Rusonik (2271, Quick 2164)
-Greg Rusonik* (2098, 1961P)
Average 2323, Quick Ave 2253
23Nov 25Canada Chess Youth ClubCCYC
(“The Four Knights”)
U1800-Cameron Kwan (1033, Quick (987P)
-Chloe Huang (994P, Quick 503P)
-Lucas Luo (518P, Quick 731P)
-Michael Wu (TC, 357P, Quick 777)
-Panagiotis (RC, 200est, Quick 200P)
Average 620, Quick Ave 640
24Nov 26Hart House Chess ClubIII“HH Stars”U1800-Max Qian (1334, Quick 1595P)
-Joshua Bakradze (TC, 883P, Quick 1129P)
-Bhavya Bhatt* (UNR, Quick UNR)
Average 1109, Quick Ave 1362
-RC-Victor Zheng
25-26Individual players -Daniel Abrahams (2215, Quick 2126)
-Nader Ghanbari (1956, Quick 1934)
-Sean Liu (1532P, Quick 1617)
-Daniel Rokhvarger (1336P, Quick 1302P)
-Alexa Roque* (809P, Quick 1128)
-Anvarzhan Mansurov* (UNR, Quick UNR)
The roster of registered Individual players is currently equivalent to approx. 2 Placeholder teams.

Summary of Team Ratings (Ave CFC Reg/Quick Ratings):

Championship Teams:

  1. Chess Sharks (ACC Friendlies) – 2446/Q2490 (Anna B’s team)
  2. Kids+Dads – 2323/Q2253 (Mark Plotkin’s team)
  3. Chess Stars – 2279/Q2247 (Michael Barron’s team)
  4. ACC Masters – 2255/Q2233 (Eddie Teodoro’s team)
  5. WCC (Willowdale CC) – 2192/Q2155
  6. Get in the Sac (Agincourt CC) – 2183/Q2082
  7. Oh My Park! (Chess in the Park) – 1931/Q1884 (Olga’s team)
  8. HH Masters (HH II) – TBD/QTBD (Victor Zheng)

U1800 Teams:

  1. Bold Knights (TMU) – 1799/Q1705 (Ryerson team)
  2. En Passant (ACC Other) – 1785/Q1718 (Carina D’Souza’s team)
  3. The Cool Cucumbers – 1775/Q1820 (Tony Bao’s team)
  4. Fellowship of the Board (HH I) – 1698/Q1559 (Victor Zheng)
  5. The Amazons (ACC Women) – 1607/Q1562 (Adie Todd’s team)
  6. World-Wise Lunch Club – 1579/Q1563 (Bob Armstrong’s team)
  7. Grey Lightning (ACC Seniors) – 1551/Q1672 (Erik Malmsten’s team)
  8. Tigers of the Park (Chess in the Park) – 1516/Q1562 (Olga’s team)
  9. Charlie’s Angels (ACC Other) – 1453/Q1413 (Charlie + Anoush)
  10. Whiz Kids (ACC Kids I) – 1356/Q1699 (organized by George S)
  11. The Bored Ones (ACC Board) – 1293/Q1370 (Salim’s team)
  12. The Cool Ones (ACC Kids II) – 1246/Q1348 (organized by George S)
  13. Smooth as Glass (ACC Kids III) – 1158/Q1325 (organized by George S)
  14. HH Stars (HH III) – 1109/Q1356 (Victor Zheng)
  15. Chess Pirates (ACC Kids IV) – 1053/Q1186 (organized by George S)
  16. The Four Knights (CCYC) – 620/Q640

Placeholder Teams:

  1. ACC Placeholder #1 – ?/Q?
  2. ACC Placeholder #2 – ?/Q?


  1. * = expired CFC membership; needs to be renewed or purchased
  2. For the purposes of calculating average team ratings, an unrated or zero-rated player may be excluded from the calculation. If there is only one rating (e.g. Regular or Quick) then it is used for both Regular and Quick and the second rating is marked “est”.
  3. CFC Ratings are verified at time of registration. They were updated last on Nov 24. (P=provisional rating; F=FIDE rating)
  4. Team players are generally sorted above by title first and then by decreasing rating, which order may differ from final Board Order used for playing games.
  5. Team Registration Captains are identified by “RC”. Their email is used for communicating with the team.
  6. Official Team Captains are identified by “TC”. They represent the team when dealing in official matters, including dealing with our arbiters.
  7. Individual players will be assigned to teams at a later date. They are currently listed by decreasing rating. Individual registered players who wish to later form a team on their own should email ACC at info@annexchessclub.com advising this.
  8. This list will be updated at least weekly.
  9. Back to the Registration Site.
  10. Our original news post for this event.
  11. Anyone may play regardless of rating, subject to approval by ACC/GTCL.

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