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The Annex is a popular neighbourhood in the heart of downtown Toronto. A traditional student area, its beautiful Victorian and Edwardian houses are nestled behind a busy stretch of Bloor Street filled with cafes, bars, bookstores, and sushi restaurants. The Annex Chess Club meets on Monday nights from 6:30 to 11:00 pm at 918 Bathurst Street – just north of Bloor. We’re easily accessible by foot, bike, car, or TTC:
  • steps from Bathurst subway station
  • on-street parking available

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Request a Bye

  • Please email us if you can’t make an upcoming round.


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Board of Directors

Our club is governed by its own members through a Board of Directors elected at our Annual General Meeting. Visit the By-laws page for full details.

Contact the Club

Please contact us!
  • Email for general inquiries and club information.
  • Tournament players, please email us for late entries, last-minute cancellations, etc.
  • Phone us for general enquiries at 647-822-4628. Note: This is not to be used for requesting tournament byes.

3 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. I’m living in Toronto from now till end of May. I’m a casual chess player, and would like to come by and play on Mondays. The earliest I can make it is April 10th, but I see there is a tournament beginning that week. Will that mean casual games are not on until the tournament is over? And how does one get into a casual game? Is there a sign up sheet?

    Thank you

    1. Bill: You can just drop by, pay for the casual game evening, and they do continue casual games during the tournament evenings. (My son will be dropping by there this evening, for example, and just playing casual games.)

  2. Are you only open on Monday nights? If not, which are the night(s) for casual chess games, for someone who is visiting Toronto for the weekend?

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