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Cross-tables from ACC events

Midsummer Madness Round Three

Here are the results for, and standings after, round three of our Midsummer Madness tournament. Please note that our club will be closed on August 1, and will return on August 8 for round four!

Results for Round 3. Midsummer Madness: Crown

111Eduardo D. Teodoro IV40Alex T. Ferreira
230David Southam61Eric Qian
310½Abhinandan Mohan8½Erik Malmsten
4140Arkadiy Ugodnikov91Richard Douglas
5120Iassen Pelev161Charlie Grisar
6190Charis Zhu51Ethan Moon
7170Albion Kolndreu201Ryan Yunhui Zhong
 7½Sahir Abbas  BYE
 15½John Fines  BYE
 18½Nader Hadji Ghanbari  BYE
 21½April Yunwei Zhong  BYE

Results for Round 3. Midsummer Madness: U1800

8130Leon Noel Merse251Jonah Mickelson
102½Maxim Morozov11½Ashley Qian
1161Nicolas Bolik-Coulon160Nicolas Bonnard
1223½Robert Wagner8½Umid Allahverdi
1390Kevin Gaffney11Adie Todd
1422½Jim Sadden19½Isabelle Zhu
15260Robert Joy71Shabnam Abbarin
1612½Dania Surya27½Matteo Pattara
 151Leeor Greenblat  BYE
 4½Michael Saltat  BYE
 10½Elliot Tseng  BYE
 17½Jose Escobar  BYE

Results for Round 3. Midsummer Madness: U1400

1715½George Flagg20½Atilay Jafarli
1821Alexander Wagner240Pieter van Gaalen
1910½Henry Prickett-Morgan18½Adam Comer
20140Gidon Fihrer121Justin Ryan
2111Yazan Abusaleh220Maxim Bondarev
22310John Zabbal111Yeeshuen Li
235½Anoush Avakian16½Charlie Bain
24171Abdullah Caglayan70Eli Gotfryd
2581Richard Kang300Evan Nearing
26131Melanie Directo40Mathusha Jeyakumar
27290Jonathan Kravtchenko31Keith Denning
 9½Jordan Burge  BYE
 19½Euan Davies  BYE

Standings. Midsummer Madness: Crown

#NameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
1Eduardo D. Teodoro IV2336W2W3W63.0
2Richard Douglas2012L1W21W132.0
3Charlie Grisar1877W10L1W202.0
4Eric Qian1753H—D13W52.0
5David Southam2127D9W7L41.5
6Alex T. Ferreira2047W19H—L11.5
7Nader Hadji Ghanbari1958W8L5H—1.5
8Erik Malmsten1944L7W19D91.5
9Abhinandan Mohan1909D5D10D81.5
10Ethan Moon1824L3D9W211.5
11Ryan Yunhui Zhong1480H—U—W171.5
13Arkadiy Ugodnikov1749H—D4L21.0
15April Yunwei Zhong1452H—U—H—1.0
17Albion Kolndreu1798H—U—L110.5
19John Fines1769L6L8H—0.5
20Iassen Pelev1731H—U—L30.5
21Charis Zhu1640H—L2L100.5

Standings. Midsummer Madness: U1800

#NameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
1Jose Escobar1414W16W10H—2.5
2Jonah Mickelson1118H—W17W122.5
3Nicolas Bolik-Coulon1488D13D11W192.0
4Jim Sadden1409D12W18D212.0
5Adie Todd1637H—L12W241.5
6Maxim Morozov1601W19L8D111.5
7Robert Wagner1507H—H—D101.5
8Elliot Tseng1495L14W6H—1.5
9Shabnam Abbarin1469H—U—W261.5
10Umid Allahverdi1443W27L1D71.5
11Ashley Qian1413H—D3D61.5
12Leon Noel Merse1294D4W5L21.5
13Zichuan Chen1189D3W24U—1.5
14Jerry Li1604W8U—U—1.0
16Michael Saltat1543L1H—H—1.0
17Dania Surya1410H—L2D271.0
18Leeor Greenblat1339U—L4B—1.0
19Nicolas Bonnard1284L6W27L31.0
21Isabelle Zhu1179H—U—D41.0
24Kevin Gaffney1442H—L13L50.5
26Robert Joyunr.H—U—L90.5
27Matteo Pattaraunr.L10L19D170.5

Standings. Midsummer Madness: U1400

#NameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Total
1Alexander Wagner1143W19H—W62.5
2Justin Ryan1000W31H—W132.5
3George Flagg776W22W5D42.5
4Atilay Jafarliunr.W24W17D32.5
5Yazan Abusaleh1300W15L3W162.0
6Pieter van Gaalen1019W7W11L12.0
7Yeeshuen Li954L6W24W192.0
8Henry Prickett-Morgan867H—W31D92.0
9Adam Comerunr.H—W12D82.0
10Keith Denning1141H—U—W311.5
11Jordan Burge1003W27L6H—1.5
12Richard Kang969H—L9W251.5
13Gidon Fihrer752H—W27L21.5
14Abdullah Caglayanunr.H—U—W221.5
15Anoush Avakian989L5D22D181.0
16Maxim Bondarev668W17L19L51.0
17Melanie Directo583L16L4W271.0
18Charlie Bainunr.H—U—D151.0
19John Zabbalunr.L1W16L71.0
22Eli Gotfryd961L3D15L140.5
24Euan Daviesunr.L4L7H—0.5
25Evan Nearingunr.H—U—L120.5
27Mathusha Jeyakumar1047L11L13L170.0
31Jonathan Kravtchenkounr.L2L8L100.0

Midsummer Madness Round Two

Here are the results of round two of our current tournament.

Round three will take place on Monday July 25, and the club will be closed on Monday August 1 for the Ontario Civic Holiday/Simcoe Day.

Players are very welcome to join any tournament in any round!

Pairings for Round 2: Crown

1160Charlie Grisar11Eduardo D. Teodoro IV
231David Southam180Nader Hadji Ghanbari
36½Eric Qian14½Arkadiy Ugodnikov
65½Ethan Moon10½Abhinandan Mohan
781Erik Malmsten150John Fines
891Richard Douglas190Charis Zhu
 2½Koosha Jaferian  BYE
 4½Alex T. Ferreira  BYE
 7½Sahir Abbas  BYE

Pairings for Round 2: U1800

991Elliot Tseng20Maxim Morozov
1070Umid Allahverdi161Jose Escobar
1110Adie Todd121Leon Noel Merse
1310½Ashley Qian6½Nicolas Bolik-Coulon
14171Zichuan Chen80Kevin Gaffney
16241Jonah Mickelson110Dania Surya
17211Jim Sadden140Leeor Greenblat
18151Nicolas Bonnard250Matteo Pattara
 4½Michael Saltat  BYE
 22½Robert Wagner  BYE

Pairings for Round 2: U1400

1910Yazan Abusaleh141George Flagg
2080Jordan Burge211Pieter van Gaalen
21171Atilay Jafarli120Melanie Directo
22151Adam Comer70Richard Kang
2330Mathusha Jeyakumar131Gidon Fihrer
256½Eli Gotfryd4½Anoush Avakian
26101Yeeshuen Li160Euan Davies
28260Jonathan Kravtchenko91Henry Prickett-Morgan
30190Maxim Bondarev271John Zabbal
 2½Alexander Wagner  BYE
 11½Justin Ryan  BYE

Midsummer Madness Round One

Our latest five-round tournament started yesterday, with a number of our players absent for the Canadian Youth Chess Championship and the Canadian Open Championship taking place in Hamilton, Ontario.

The Midsummer Madness tournament runs until mid-August, and will be followed by ACC’s Toronto Blitz Championship on August 22. Here are the results from Round 1, which saw one of the longest games played in recent memory at ACC, a 108-move draw between Leon Merse and Jim Sadden.

Round 1. Midsummer Madness: Crown

111Eduardo D. Teodoro IV90Richard Douglas
210½Abhinandan Mohan3½David Southam
341Alex T. Ferreira150John Fines
4161Charlie Grisar50Ethan Moon
571Sahir Abbas  BYE
6181Nader Hadji Ghanbari80Erik Malmsten
 2½Koosha Jaferian  BYE
 6½Eric Qian  BYE
 11½Carina D’Souza  BYE
 13½Bhavatharshan Jeyakumar  BYE
 14½Arkadiy Ugodnikov  BYE
 19½Amin Sayadi  BYE

Round 1. Midsummer Madness: U1800

711Maxim Morozov140Nicolas Bonnard
8151Jose Escobar30Michael Saltat
95½Nicolas Bolik-Coulon16½Zichuan Chen
10230Matteo Pattara71Umid Allahverdi
1190Elliot Tseng191Jerry Li
1211½Leon Noel Merse20½Jim Sadden
 171Robert Wagner  BYE
 2½Shafkat Ali  BYE
 4½Frank Helwig  BYE
 6½Charis Zhu  BYE
 10½Ashley Qian  BYE
 21½Isabelle Zhu  BYE

Round 1. Midsummer Madness: U1400

1350Anoush Avakian11Yazan Abusaleh
1430Mathusha Jeyakumar91Jordan Burge
1670Eli Gotfryd151George Flagg
19160Euan Davies171Atilay Jafarli
23211Pieter van Gaalen110Yeeshuen Li
25270John Zabbal21Alexander Wagner
26191Maxim Bondarev130Melanie Directo
 261Jonathan Kravtchenko  BYE
 12½Justin Ryan  BYE
 4½Jonah Mickelson  BYE
 8½Richard Kang  BYE
 14½Gidon Fihrer  BYE
 20½Volha (Olga) Mushtaler  BYE
 24½Justin Lim  BYE

Summer Daze Finals

Our Summer Daze tournament was completed on July 4.

Congratulations to the winners of our three sections:

The Crown section was won by David Southam, with an impressive 4.5/5, followed by Richard Douglas and Charlie Grisar.

In the U1800 section both Eric Qian and Charis Zhu scored 4.0/5, followed by Shafkat Ali, Frank Helwig, Elliot Tseng and Jerry Li.

And finally, in the U1400 section, four players scored 4.0/5, including Umid Allahverdi, Richard Kang, Zichuan Chen and Ian Greig.

Congratulations to all!

Here are the final standings.

Final Standings. Summer Daze: Crown

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
11David Southam2042W14W12W4W9D24.5
22-3Richard Douglas1972D6W9D5W8D13.5
3 Charlie Grisar1737L9W18D7W11W83.5
44-5Koosha Jaferian2347W10W8L1L5W123.0
5 Sergey Malakhovets2182H—W6D2W4U—3.0
66John Fines1737D2L5L10W18W142.5
77-12Alex T. Ferreira2059H—H—D3H—U—2.0
8 Erik Malmsten1981B—L4W11L2L32.0
9 Abhinandan Mohan1922W3L2W12L1U—2.0
10 Carina D’Souza1833L4D14W6H—U—2.0
11 Arkadiy Ugodnikov1771H—H—L8L3W172.0
12 Albion Kolndreu1701W18L1L9W15L42.0
1313-14Nader Hadji Ghanbari1952H—U—U—U—W151.5
14 Bhavatharshan Jeyakumar1778L1D10U—W16L61.5
1515-17Sahir Abbas1998H—U—U—L12L130.5
16 Ethan Moon1850H—U—U—L14U—0.5
17 Amin Sayadiunr.H—U—U—U—L110.5
1818Iassen Pelev1832L12L3U—L6U—0.0

Final Standings. Summer Daze: U1800

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
11-2Eric Qian1646W16H—W6D2W34.0
2 Charis Zhu1488W3W19W7D1D44.0
33-6Shafkat Ali1616L2W18W5W10L13.0
4 Frank Helwig1574L15W24W12H—D23.0
5 Elliot Tseng1434D7H—L3W19W193.0
6 Jerry Liunr.W24D12L1H—W73.0
77-9Maxim Morozov1720D5W8L2W15L62.5
8 Jose Escobar1184D18L7W24W12U—2.5
9 Jim Saddenunr.H—U—U—W18W162.5
1010-12Nicolas Bolik-Coulon1555L19W17W17L3U—2.0
11 George Supol1527W17B—U—U—U—2.0
12 Kevin Gaffney1443H—D6L4L8W202.0
1313-17Toy Chack Kwan1561B—H—U—U—U—1.5
14 Arthur Phillips1543H—U—U—U—W221.5
15 Leeor Greenblat1372W4L16H—L7U—1.5
16 Nicolas Bonnard1267L1W15U—H—L91.5
17 Isabelle Zhu1154L11L10L10H—W241.5
1818-19Michael Saltat1588D8L3H—L9U—1.0
19 Nikolas Diamantopoulosunr.W10L2U—L5L51.0
2020-22Robert Wagner1527H—U—U—U—L120.5
21 Justin Lim1147H—U—U—U—U—0.5
22 Alexander Wagnerunr.H—U—U—U—L140.5
2323-24Sahir Abbas1998U—U—U—U—U—0.0
24 Glen Towner1420L6L4L8U—L170.0

Final Standings. Summer Daze: U1400

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
11-4Umid Allahverdi1384D7W30W5D6W44.0
2 Richard Kang1005W28L3B—W17W84.0
3 Zichuan Chenunr.W29W2W15L4W74.0
4 Ian Greigunr.W37W12W17W3L14.0
55Jonah Mickelson1064W8H—L1W9W173.5
66-10Ashley Qian1476W9H—W22D1U—3.0
7 David Friedland1044D1W11W29H—L33.0
8 Yeeshuen Li644L5W31W19W20L23.0
9 Nicholas Baschieraunr.L6W10W20L5W383.0
10 Pieter Van Gaalenunr.U—L9W34W19W163.0
1111-14Mathusha Jeyakumar1115L17L7W32H—W242.5
12 Jordan Burge980W19L4D25W35U—2.5
13 Henry Prickett-Morgan874L30D34W24W25U—2.5
14 Leon Noel Merseunr.H—U—U—W33W222.5
1515-20Benjamin Kamnitzer1115W36W24L3U—U—2.0
16 Anoush Avakian1063W32L17L18W30L102.0
17 Justin Ryan602W11W16L4L2L52.0
18 Marko Bulatovicunr.H—H—W16U—U—2.0
19 George Flaggunr.L12W32L8L10W292.0
20 Maxim Bondareunr.H—H—L9L8W342.0
2121-26Justin Lim1147H—U—U—U—W321.5
22 Eli Gotfryd1044H—W38L6U—L141.5
23 Max Mickelson1011H—U—U—U—W351.5
24 Ash Ludgate799W34L15L13H—L111.5
25 Fihrer Gidonunr.H—H—D12L13U—1.5
26 Maxim Georgesunr.H—W33U—U—U—1.5
2727-30Ljubomir Bulatovicunr.H—H—U—U—U—1.0
28 David Ferreiraunr.L2W37U—U—U—1.0
29 Jason Kirshunr.L3U—L7W34L191.0
30 James Lindobunr.W13L1U—L16U—1.0
3131-35Keith Denning1167H—L8U—U—U—0.5
32 Alex Del Duca855L16L19L11H—L210.5
33 Volha [olga] Mushtalerunr.H—L26U—L14U—0.5
34 Robert Zuccarellounr.L24D13L10L29L200.5
35 Reeves Schranerunr.H—U—U—L12L230.5
3636-38Marie Guan964L15U—U—U—U—0.0
37 Michael Ostroff964L4L28U—U—U—0.0
38 Melanie Directounr.U—L22U—U—L90.0

Our next tournament starts on July 11 at 7:30 p.m.

Summer Daze Round Four

Here are the results for round four of our Summer Daze tournament. The final round is on Monday, July 4. Hope to see you there!

Round 4. Summer Daze: Crown

141David Southam80Abhinandan Mohan
221Sergey Malakhovets10Koosha Jaferian
360Erik Malmsten71Richard Douglas
4151Charlie Grisar130Arkadiy Ugodnikov
5161Albion Kolndreu50Sahir Abbas
6121Bhavatharshan Jeyakumar90Ethan Moon
7110Iassen Pelev141John Fines
 3½Alex T. Ferreira  BYE
 10½Carina D’Souza  BYE

Pairings for Round 4. Summer Daze: U1800

93½Eric Qian10½Charis Zhu
1041Shafkat Ali80Nicolas Bolik-Coulon
11161Jose Escobar110Kevin Gaffney
1221Maxim Morozov140Leeor Greenblat
13180Nikolas Diamantopoulos121Elliot Tseng
1450Michael Saltat201Jim Sadden
 6½Frank Helwig  BYE
 15½Nicolas Bonnard  BYE
 17½Isabelle Zhu  BYE
 19½Jerry Li  BYE

Round 4. Summer Daze: U1400

19281Ian Grieg220Zichuan Chen
201½Ashley Qian2½Umid Allahverdi
21180Justin Ryan101Richard Kang
23190Nicholas Baschiera61Jonah Mickelson
24111Jordan Burge360Reeves Schraner
2514½Henry Prickett-Morgan25½Fihrer Gidon
26300James Lindob71Anoush Avakian
27171Yeeshuen Li310Maxim Bondare
28341Pieter Van Gaalen260George Flagg
29321Leon Noel Merse330Volha [olga] Mushtaler
30350Robert Zuccarello291Jason Kirsh
 4½Mathusha Jeyakumar  BYE
 8½David Friedland  BYE
 15½Alex Del Duca  BYE
 16½Ash Ludgate  BYE

And the current standings:

Standings. Summer Daze: Crown

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
11David Southam2042W11W10W5W84.0
22-3Sergey Malakhovets2182H—W12D3W53.0
3 Richard Douglas1972D12W8D2W73.0
44Charlie Grisar1737L8W16D6W132.5
55-10Koosha Jaferian2347W9W7L1L22.0
6 Alex T. Ferreira2059H—H—D4H—2.0
7 Erik Malmsten1981B—L5W13L32.0
8 Abhinandan Mohan1922W4L3W10L12.0
9 Carina D’Souza1833L5D11W12H—2.0
10 Albion Kolndreu1701W16L1L8W142.0
1111-12Bhavatharshan Jeyakumar1778L1D9U—W151.5
12 John Fines1737D3L2L9W161.5
1313Arkadiy Ugodnikov1771H—H—L7L41.0
1414-15Sahir Abbas1998H—U—U—L100.5
15 Ethan Moon1850H—U—U—L110.5
1616Iassen Pelev1832L10L4U—L120.0

Standings. Summer Daze: U1800

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
11Charis Zhu1488W3W17W4D23.5
22-3Eric Qian1646W13H—W10D13.0
3 Shafkat Ali1616L1W15W9W73.0
44-6Maxim Morozov1720D9W6L1W122.5
5 Frank Helwig1574L12W20W16H—2.5
6 Jose Escobar1184D15L4W20W162.5
77-10Nicolas Bolik-Coulon1555L17W18W18L32.0
8 George Supol1527W18B—U—U—2.0
9 Elliot Tseng1434D4H—L3W172.0
10 Jerry Liunr.W20D16L2H—2.0
1111-14Toy Chack Kwan1561B—H—U—U—1.5
12 Leeor Greenblat1372W5L13H—L41.5
13 Nicolas Bonnard1267L2W12U—H—1.5
14 Jim Saddenunr.H—U—U—W151.5
1515-17Michael Saltat1588D6L3H—L141.0
16 Kevin Gaffney1443H—D10L5L61.0
17 Nikolas Diamantopoulosunr.W7L1U—L91.0
1818Isabelle Zhu1154L8L7L7H—0.5
1919-20Sahir Abbas1998U—U—U—U—0.0
20 Glen Towner1420L10L5L6U—0.0

Standings. Summer Daze: U1400

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Total
11Ian Griegunr.W35W9W13W74.0
22-7Ashley Qian1476W14H—W19D33.0
3 Umid Allahverdi1384D4W27W8D23.0
4 David Friedland1044D3W18W26H—3.0
5 Richard Kang1005W24L7B—W133.0
6 Yeeshuen Li644L8W29W25W283.0
7 Zichuan Chenunr.W26W5W10L13.0
88-9Jonah Mickelson1064W6H—L3W142.5
9 Jordan Burge980W25L1D16W332.5
1010-17Benjamin Kamnitzer1115W34W20L7U—2.0
11 Anoush Avakian1063W30L13L15W272.0
12 Henry Prickett-Morgan874L27D32W20D162.0
13 Justin Ryan602W18W11L1L52.0
14 Nicholas Baschieraunr.L2W17W28L82.0
15 Marko Bulatovicunr.H—H—W11U—2.0
16 Fihrer Gidonunr.H—H—D9D122.0
17 Pieter Van Gaalenunr.U—L14W32W252.0
1818-22Mathusha Jeyakumar1115L13L4W30H—1.5
19 Eli Gotfryd1044H—W36L2U—1.5
20 Ash Ludgate799W32L10L12H—1.5
21 Maxim Georgesunr.H—W31U—U—1.5
22 Leon Noel Merseunr.H—U—U—W311.5
2323-28Ljubomir Bulatovicunr.H—H—U—U—1.0
24 David Ferreiraunr.L5W35U—U—1.0
25 George Flaggunr.L9W30L6L171.0
26 Jason Kirshunr.L7U—L4W321.0
27 James Lindobunr.W12L3U—L111.0
28 Maxim Bondareunr.H—H—L14L61.0
2929-33Keith Denning1167H—L6U—U—0.5
30 Alex Del Duca855L11L25L18H—0.5
31 Volha [olga] Mushtalerunr.H—L21U—L220.5
32 Robert Zuccarellounr.L20D12L17L260.5
33 Reeves Schranerunr.H—U—U—L90.5
3434-36Marie Guan964L10U—U—U—0.0
35 Michael Ostroff964L1L24U—U—0.0
36 Melanie Directounr.U—L19U—U—0.0