ACC In-Person Chess Classes


Annex Chess Club (ACC) has in-person chess classes running most Monday nights downstairs at 918 Bathurst Centre. We have separate courses for kids and adults, organized into a series of either 4 or 8 continuously run classes. Each class ranges from 1 hour to 1.5 hours in length.

We have published a schedule of our 2023 in-person courses/classes here.

We plan to expand our course offerings in the months to come.

Course content is generally the same for kids and adults, though the pace of progress and depth of material within a course may vary depending on the relevant mix of students’ ages, abilities and experiences. Individual classes involve a mix of lecture, discussion, analysis and problem-solving. Practice games are also encouraged when time permits. Homework is sometimes given.

Students may enter our chess classes in any week with only a few exceptions. This is because the course material is generally modular and additive, not sequential. For true beginners, the entire 4 weeks beginner course should be taken. For those returning to chess after an absence, they may jump into week #3 of the beginner classes with the Instructor’s permission. Intermediate classes offer some flexibility too. The content of some advanced classes is sequential and, accordingly, a discussion with the Instructor is a good idea before trying to enter mid-way through.

Discounts: ACC members with an active tournament membership receive a 15% discount on in-person classes. ACC members with a casual membership receive a 10% discount. Currently, there is also a 20% discount for ACC advanced online classes with either membership.

Additional Information

Page 2 covers Beginner Chess for Kids/Adults.

Page 3 covers Intermediate Chess for Kids/Adults.

Page 4 covers Advanced Chess for Kids/Adults.

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