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Reserve Section - Pairings/Results

Below is a list of pairings and results for the 2023 Toronto Closed Reserve Section.

Link to Championship Section – Link to Development Section – Link to Chess-Results Server – Link to Player's List.

(M#) means that the bolded player requested a makeup game and it has been logged with a sequence #.

An assumption has been made that each player's first makeup game is on June 19, the scheduled day for makeup games at ACC.

Alternative makeup game dates at Hart House were originally the evenings of: Thursday, April 27; Wednesday, May 10; and Friday, May 12 at 7:00 PM.

We've also now added: i) Friday, May 19; ii) Tuesday, May 23; iii) Friday, May 26; iv) Tuesday, May 30; v) Tuesday, June 6; and vi) Friday, June 16.

Players are welcome to either: i) decide amongst themselves on the timing of a makeup game; or ii) use ACC as intermediary for purposes of negotiating the scheduling for a makeup game. In either case, the requesting player should immediately notify ACC of the need for a makeup game and whether option i) or ii) will be used to schedule it. As soon as the makeup game # and date are known to ACC (as organizer), they will be logged below. Note that each makeup game is required to have an official ACC-appointed/approved arbiter onsite. 

A link to the game moves (Lichess and/or DGT) are provided for each round when available.  ACC Arbiter Keith Denning is entering the game moves into Lichess.

RD#1 (Monday, April 17)       
SNo.Name (W)RtgResults Name (B)RtgSNo. Makeup  Moves 
1Fradkin Benjamin20411-0Kwan Toy Chack157110  Lich
2Zhu Charis19120-1Southam David20279  Lich
3Douglas Richard19901-0Momic Jovan17168  Lich
4Malakar Saarthak18361-0Liu Sean16777  Lich
5Xu Ryan1736(M3)Sirkovich Daniel17806 Mon June 19-ACC 
RD#2 (Monday, April 24)       
SNo.Name (W)RtgResults Name (B)RtgSNo. Makeup Moves
10Kwan Toy Chack15710-1Sirkovich Daniel17806  Lich
7Liu Sean16771-0Xu Ryan17365  Lich
8Momic Jovan17160-1Malakar Saarthak18364  Lich
9Southam David20271/2-1/2Douglas Richard19903  Lich
1Fradkin Benjamin20410-1Zhu Charis19122  Lich
RD#3 (Monday, May 1)       
SNo.Name (W)RtgResultsName (B)RtgSNo. Makeup Moves
2Zhu Charis19121-0Kwan Toy Chack157110  Lich
3Douglas Richard19901/2-1/2Fradkin Benjamin20411  Lich
4Malakar Saarthak1836(M9)Southam David20279 Mon June 19-ACC 
5Xu Ryan17361-0Momic Jovan17168  Lich
6Sirkovich Daniel17801-0Liu Sean16777  Lich
RD#4 (Monday, May 8)       
SNo.Name (W)RtgResultsName (B)RtgSNo. Makeup Moves
10Kwan Toy Chack1571(M12)Liu Sean16777 Fri June 16-HH 
8Momic Jovan17161-0Sirkovich Daniel17806  Lich
9Southam David20271-0Xu Ryan17365  Lich
1Fradkin Benjamin20411/2-1/2Malakar Saarthak18364  Lich
2Zhu Charis19120-1Douglas Richard19903  Lich
RD#5 (Monday, May 15)       
SNo.Name (W)RtgResultsName (B)RtgSNo. Makeup  Moves
3Douglas Richard19901-0Kwan Toy Chack157110  Lich
4Malakar Saarthak18361/2-1/2Zhu Charis19122  Lich
5Xu Ryan17361/2-1/2Fradkin Benjamin20411  Lich
6Sirkovich Daniel1780(M15)Southam David20279 Tue June 6-HH 
7Liu Sean16770-1Momic Jovan17168  Lich
RD#(Monday, May 29)       
SNo.Name (W)RtgResultsName (B)RtgSNo. Makeup  Moves
10Kwan Toy Chack15711/2-1/2Momic Jovan17168  Lich 
9Southam David20271-0Liu Sean16777  Lich 
1Fradkin Benjamin20411-0Sirkovich Daniel17806  Lich 
2Zhu Charis1912(M20)Xu Ryan17365 Tue June 6-HH 
3Douglas Richard19900-1Malakar Saarthak18364  Lich 
RD#7 (Monday, June 5)       
SNo.Name (W)RtgResultsName (B)RtgSNo. Makeup  Moves
4Malakar Saarthak1836-Kwan Toy Chack157110  
5Xu Ryan1736-Douglas Richard19903  
6Sirkovich Daniel1780-Zhu Charis19122  
7Liu Sean1677-Fradkin Benjamin20411  
8Momic Jovan17160-1Southam David20279 May 23-HH (M13) After Rd #7
RD#8 (Monday, June 12)       
SNo.Name (W)RtgResultsName (B)RtgSNo. Makeup  Moves
10Kwan Toy Chack1571-Southam David20279  
1Fradkin Benjamin2041-Momic Jovan17168  
2Zhu Charis1912(M18)Liu Sean16777 Mon June 19-ACC 
3Douglas Richard1990-Sirkovich Daniel17806  
4Malakar Saarthak1836-Xu Ryan17365  
RD#9 (Monday, June 26)       
SNo.Name (W)RtgResultsName (B)RtgSNo. Makeup  Moves
5Xu Ryan1736-Kwan Toy Chack157110  
6Sirkovich Daniel1780-Malakar Saarthak18364  
7Liu Sean1677-Douglas Richard19903  
8Momic Jovan1716-Zhu Charis19122  
9Southam David2027-Fradkin Benjamin20411  


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