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Gilbert Ngabo and a photographer from the Star spent several hours at Annex Chess Club last week. Gilbert was excited to interview our club manager, tournament director, one of our senior chess instructors and several others, while hoping for a chance to interview Joey Votto, the Cincinnati Red’s first baseman who’s been attending our club for a few months. Unfortunately, Mr. Votto was in the middle of a fairly gruelling chess battle (which he ultimately won).

It’s nearly impossible for a journalist to create a perfectly accurate story, and we’d like to correct a couple of errors in the Star’s article.

It was correctly reported that we hosted Hikaru Nakamura at our club in the fall, and he played not just one game but over thirty games of chess with a number of players, including some of the strongest chess players in Canada who we pre-arranged to face the U.S. Grandmaster. We are proud to have hosted what we think is the strongest match ever played in Canada, between Nakamura (the current World #5 rated chess player) and Evgeny Bareev (the current top Canadian GM and former World #4 rated chess player.) On that same weekend, Hikaru visited our friends at Chess-in- the-Park (in High Park) and Pub Chess (at the Madison Pub in ACC’s neighbourhood).

WGM Jennifer Shahade, a two-time U.S. Women’s Chess Champion, author, speaker and poker pro, visited our club in 2017 but did not play. Instead, she delivered an excellent lecture to our members.

We are grateful to the Toronto Star for the exposure that this article brings to ACC and chess in the GTA. Our motto is “Chess For Everyone” and we are proud to continue to offer a wide variety of chess activities that appeal to beginners, experts, and even Major League Baseball legends like Joey Votto!

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