ACC Winter Is Coming, Final Round

Hello everyone! ACC has completed another exciting Club tournament, and we are eagerly anticipating the start of our six-round ACC Club Championship, which will start on Monday January 30. If you haven’t already registered, you can register for the Championship by emailing There is a first place prize in each section: Championship ($200); and Reserve (U1800 – $100). We will also be using two DGT boards to display the top board for each section on a weekly basis.

Our club has been a real hive of activity lately, with visitors from the Toronto Star and journalism students from Toronto Metropolitan University interviewing Club players and staff. Of course, there has been great interest in the fact that Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto has been a regular at our club for a few months. He has been tweeting his enthusiasm for chess lately. Last night, our club was also visited by Canadian GM Eric Hansen, notably one of the main hosts of the Chessbrah online channel. This created a lot of excitement among our club members.

With our Winter is Coming tournament completed, congratulations are in order for our winners.

  • Crown: Nader Hadji Ghanbari, with 4.0/5.0
  • U1800: We have a tie! Congrats to both Ara Chanoian and Jose Escobar, each scoring 4.0/5.0.
  • U1400: Congratulations to Robert Joy, who won his section with a perfect 5.0/5.0.

Here are the results:

Results for Round 5: Crown

171Nader Hadji Ghanbari (1956)180Charis Zhu (1657)
241Merlin Nazareno (2014)90Charlie Grisar (1883)
3130John Fines (1735)61Richard Douglas (2000)
4160Arkadiy Ugodnikov (1685)11David Southam (2110)
53½Brett Campbell (2081)19½Omaray M. Shah (1833)
 151Albion Kolndreu (1709)  BYE

Results for Round 5: U1800

690Jose Escobar (1516)21Ara Chanoian (1573)
78½Adie Todd (1517)7½Stephen Papadatos (1530)
818½Leon Noel Merse (1416)25½Justin Huang (1325)
910½Umid Allahverdi (1502)1½Toy Chack Kwan (1583)
1026½Ivan Huang (1271)3½Glib Dunikov (1572)
114½J. Armstrong Robert (1558)13½Robert Wagner (1481)
1251Jim Sadden (1535)160Isabelle Zhu (1437)
1321½Javier Dixon (1376)14½Arkady Tenkov (1445)
1424½Leeor Greenblat (1330)19½David Dunikov (1403)
15291Afeez Sanni (unr.)170Ian Greig (1424)
16121 XDragan Jevtic (1491)280 FDan Hayes (unr.)
1722½Anna Gavrileva (1352)32½Atiba Yusuf (unr.)
18271 XJames Mourgelas (1255)230 FChristopher Kuchma (1349)
19111George Supol (1413)330Neil Goel (1231)

Results for Round 5: U1400

1940Onur Naiboglu (1213)31Robert Joy (1275)
20150Paul Kemp (1100)101Sivaram Maneharan (1157)
21300Joshua Bakradze ( 883)111Ivan Moshe (1140)
2221Nicolas Bonnard (1278)160Benjamin Kamnitzer (1070)
23211Zeyu Liu (1047)500Joseph Votto (unr.)
2410Daniel Rokhvarger (1336)331John Zabbal ( 820)
25120Richard Kang (1138)451Jeremiah Cashore (unr.)
2620½Abdullah Caglayon (1050)34½Glen Newbury ( 762)
27471Philip Melnik (unr.)310Tsing Yee [Tina] Hui ( 874)
28320Gabriel Saimovici (863)481Alan Peng (unr.)
30261Andre Pereira ( 972)430Ziya Musayev ( 362)
31420Alex Rooznon ( 420)81Adam Comer (1162)
32360Peter Grucza ( 687)371Larry Zhou Chen ( 665)
34491Samantha Tajik (unr.)280George Flagg ( 909)
3591Alex Geddie (1158)510Luc Leclair ( 382)
36411Evan Nearing ( 515)270Anoush Avakian ( 966)
37351Preston Rehdner ( 707)530Demir Genkin (unr.)

And the final standings of the tournament are below.

Final Standings: Crown

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
11Nader Hadji Ghanbari1956W14D3H—W2W54.0
22Merlin Nazareno2014W19D5W3L1W83.5
33-4David Southam2110W11D1L2D9W143.0
4 Richard Douglas2000U—W19F5W14W113.0
55Charis Zhu1657W8D2X4U—L12.5
66-11Tony Bohan Bao2006W13H—H—U—U—2.0
8 Charlie Grisar1883L5H—H—W16L22.0
9 Samuel Ulrich1813H—D15H—D3U—2.0
10 Ryan Yunhui Zhong1773U—W13L14W18U—2.0
11 John Fines1735L3H—D18W17L42.0
1212-14Brett Campbell2081U—U—U—W13D171.5
13 Albion Kolndreu1709L6L10H—L12B—1.5
14 Arkadiy Ugodnikov1685L1H—W10L4L31.5
1515-16Abhinandan Mohan2107U—D9H—U—U—1.0
16 April Yunwei Zhong1671U—U—W19L8U—1.0
1717-18Omaray M. Shah1833U—U—U—L11D120.5
18 Greg Beal1756U—U—D11L10U—0.5
1919Lorne Schwartz1727L2L4L16U—U—0.0

Final Standings: U1800

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
11-2Ara Chanoian1573B—L13W23W6W24.0
2 Jose Escobar1516W22W20W5W3L14.0
33-5Stephen Papadatos1530W29W23W13L2D43.5
4 Adie Todd1517W32L5W20W10D33.5
5 Justin Huang1325B—W4L2W13D83.5
66-8Jim Sadden1535L20W29W25L1W193.0
7 George Supol1413L23W22H—D19W333.0
8 Leon Noel Merse1416W11H—W19U—D53.0
99-16Toy Chack Kwan1583L14H—D15W21D132.5
10 Glib Dunikov1572W18L14W17L4D152.5
11 J. Armstrong Robert1558L8L19W24W25D142.5
12 Dania Surya1531W21H—W14U—U—2.5
13 Umid Allahverdi1502W15W1L3L5D92.5
14 Robert Wagner1481W9W10L12U—D112.5
15 Ivan Huang1271L13D18D9W23D102.5
16 Afeez Sanniunr.U—L21W32D20W232.5
1717-22Dragan Jevtic1491U—W32L10L18X252.0
18 Arkady Tenkov1445L10D15U—W17D212.0
19 Isabelle Zhu1437H—W11L8D7L62.0
20 David Dunikov1403W6L2L4D16D222.0
21 Javier Dixon1376L12W16H—L9D182.0
22 Leeor Greenblat1330L2L7D28W32D202.0
2323-27Ian Greig1424W7L3L1L15L161.0
24 James Mourgelas1255U—U—L11U—X321.0
25 Dan Hayesunr.U—W28L6L11F171.0
26 Daniel Stueckmannunr.U—U—U—W29U—1.0
27 Marek Sudomaunr.U—U—W29U—U—1.0
2828-30Julian McCutcheon1389U—L25D22U—U—0.5
29 Anna Gavrileva1352L3L6L27L26D300.5
30 Atiba Yusufunr.U—U—U—U—D290.5
32 32-33Christopher Kuchma1349L4L17L16L22F240.0
33 Neil Goel1231U—U—U—U—L70.0

Final Standings: U1400

#PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Total
11Robert Joy1275W30W28W7W10W35.0
22Sivaram Maneharan1157W24H—W20W23W74.5
33-4Onur Naiboglu1213W17W39W41W8L14.0
4 Ivan Moshe1140L18W38W37W13W104.0
55-6Nicolas Bonnard1278W40U—H—W31W83.5
6 Zeyu Liu1047L13W42H—W32W193.5
77-14Paul Kemp1100W41W13L1W11L23.0
8 Benjamin Kamnitzer1070W42W27W21L3L53.0
9 Justin Ryan1031W14L21W27W18U—3.0
10 Joshua Bakradze883W35W46W23L1L43.0
11 John Zabbal820L23W35W22L7W203.0
12 Jeremiah Cashoreunr.U—U—W42W38W233.0
13 Philip Melnikunr.W6L7W14L4W243.0
14 Alan Pengunr.L9W48L13W46W253.0
1515-19James Taylor1196D46D37D30W17U—2.5
16 Abdullah Caglayon1050U—U—W49W44D182.5
17 Andre Pereira972L3W43H—L15W512.5
18 Glen Newbury762W4L23W38L9D162.5
19 Joseph Vottounr.L38D31W35W37L62.5
2020-27Daniel Rokhvarger1336U—W24L2W26L112.0
21 Artur Jankobayev1196W48W9L8U—U—2.0
22 Adam Comer1162W31U—L11L25W432.0
23 Richard Kang1138W11W18L10L2L122.0
24 Tsing Yee [Tina] Hui874L2L20W43W27L132.0
25 Gabriel Saimovici863U—U—W51W22L142.0
26 Larry Zhou Chen665U—U—W52L20W422.0
27 Samantha Tajikunr.W29L8L9L24W462.0
2828-34Charlie Bain1056W51L1H—U—U—1.5
29 Eli Teram1020L27W49H—U—U—1.5
30 Alexei Antonov993L1W51D15U—U—1.5
31 Maxim Bondarev902L22D19W46L5U—1.5
32 Melanie Directo658H—H—H—L6U—1.5
34 Evan Nearing515L39L40H—U—W481.5
3535-44Alex Geddie1158L10L11L19U—W501.0
36 Rose Tuong1117U—U—U—W41U—1.0
37 Keith Denning1100H—D15L4L19U—1.0
38 Sam Ghamarimonavvar1069W19L4L18L12U—1.0
39 Yeeshuen Li1065W34L3U—U—U—1.0
40 Andrey Donin1005L5W34U—U—U—1.0
41 Preston Rehdner707L7U—L3L36W541.0
42 Peter Grucza687L8L6L12W51L261.0
43 Alex Rooznon420U—L17L24W48L221.0
44 Umang Bhattunr.U—U—W48L16U—1.0
46 George Flagg909D15L10L31L14L270.5
48 48-54Anoush Avakian966L21L14L44L43L340.0
49 Mathieu Gabelle638U—L29L16U—U—0.0
50 Luc Leclair382U—U—U—U—L350.0
51 Ziya Musayev362L28L30L25L42L170.0
52 Brandon Farounr.U—U—L26U—U—0.0
54 Demir Genkinunr.U—U—U—U—L410.0

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