ACC News Update (January 17, 2023)


Since Annex Chess Club started in 2010, we have rarely updated our prices for the effects of inflation. Recently however, ACC’s Board decided it was appropriate to do that as the cost of downtown rent and other overheads has increased significantly over time.

Below are our Club’s proposed price changes effective February 28, 2023. (Note: If you’re viewing this on a mobile device such as an iPhone, trying viewing this post in landscape orientation by rotating your phone.)

ACC Fee % ChOld PriceNew Price
First-time member fee, all memberships$25$25
Full adult membership+5.2$190$200
Full senior membership (60+)+5.3$152$160
Full student membership+11.5$130$145
Full junior membership (<18)+7.7$130$140
Casual adult membership+6.3$80$85
Casual senior/student/junior membership+6.3$64$68
Tournament fee (5 or 6 weeks)+8.3%$60$65
Tournament fee (5 or 6 weeks) – junior+12.5%$40$45
Drop-in fee – tournament+33.3$15$20
Drop-in fee – casual$10$10

The ACC Board believes these pricing adjustments are reasonable and will help support the Club’s financial health and continued growth.

Note: The new pricing only applies to existing ACC Members at the time of their next membership renewal after February 28, 2023.


Annex Chess Club is planning on holding its AGM on Monday, February 13, 2023 at 6:30 PM. This is just before the start of the third round (#3) of ACC’s 6-round Club Championship, so attendance will hopefully be good. Attendance is open to voting members of the Club (i.e. members in good standing who are 18 years of age or older). We will hold off on the start of the meeting until we have a quorum, i.e. about 30 ACC voting members present.

Our existing By-laws allow for a maximum of seven (7) Directors. The current slate of 5 Directors will be standing for re-election. Two additional Director’s spots are therefore available. Any current ACC voting members who would like to run for the Board are asked to let us know by email (to on or before January 30, 2023.

Being a Director, is an unpaid volunteer position of service to the Club membership and to guests and visitors. It requires a lot of commitment and a decision to stand for election to the Board should not be taken lightly. Love of chess certainly helps. The position includes the following activities:

  • Attending Board meetings and helping to set Club policies and practices.
  • Being an ambassador of the Club and helping to run ACC special events.
  • Finding your niche and contributing in a away that suits both our existing team and your personality, skills and experience.
  • Helping to setup and/or tear down the Club each week.

Directors are given free membership in the Club while they hold the position.

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