Toronto Women’s Chess Club – Meeting #2

Toronto Women’s Chess Club (TWCC) is holding its second meeting this Monday, December 12, 2022, at 918 Bathurst Centre. This time we’ve moved into the Sun Room for more space. Anna Burtasova, ACC’s Resident Women’s Grandmaster (WGM), is spearheading this initiative, which is being sponsored by Annex Chess Club. The idea is “women nurturing women in chess.”

it is hoped that TWCC will help attract more women to try chess, whether as a new experience or as “a rekindling of an old flame.” As well, some experienced women players may help mentor others and together all players can benefit and increase their confidence, knowledge and experience.

Attendance is free for all women (including girls) who wish to attend, regardless of skill level. The meeting starts at 6:30 P.M. and runs until 8:00 PM.

ACC’s regular Monday night rated classical tournament (“Winter is Coming” Round #2) starts in the Great Hall at 7:30 PM. Those who attend the first hour of the TWCC meeting, who are not members of ACC, may join ACC members and play in Round #2 for free. Those who instead wish to play casual chess after the meeting may do so. Non-TWCC casual chess will start in the Star Room at 6:30 PM. Depending on numbers, we may merge all casual players in the Sun Room at 8:00 PM.

Anna’s latest plan is to continue the discussion about women in chess, do some group chess instruction, put players into groups based on chess-playing ability/experience, and then play/analyze some games. Anna may also be willing to play a few blitz or rapid games after 8:00 PM.

TWCC meets the second Monday of every month. You can see the schedule of planned meetings for winter/spring 2023 here. You can also learn more about the objectives of TWCC here.

New Instructional Video

Anna Burtasova recently completed her first instructional video for ACC and you can see it under our new Videos page along with some background information. It’s a great demonstration of Anna’s talent and experience analyzing chess games. Click on the image below to bypass our Videos page and go straight to this video on Youtube.

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