GTCL Cup Team Rapid – This Monday Dec 5

This post is intended to let everyone know what’s happening on Monday evening with the GTCL Cup.


Annex Chess Club (ACC) has hosted this fun team event for the last several years in a row. In June 2019, the last time it was run, we had a total of 21 teams. We expect to have 32 teams and approximately 135 players for the 2022 GTCL Cup, so we are looking at 50% growth.

As in previous years, the time control for this 5-round event is 15 minutes plus a 5-second increment. However, this year we will be using two sections, Championship (1800+) and U1800, instead of one big section.

At ACC, we believe this growth is further confirmation of the post-pandemic chess renaissance in the GTA. It also demonstrates our Club’s commitment to promote and support the event. This year alone, we have 11 ACC teams, including 4 ACC kids teams competing against the adults! There is also good representation with both women’s and senior men’s teams.

An interesting development in GTA chess for 2022 has been a larger number of players that belong to two (or more) chess clubs in order to get additional hours of play each week. Multiple membership examples include ACC, Hart House, Scarborough, Chess in the Park and Pub Chess—which combined offer a mix of formal rated games (with regular time controls) and informal unrated games (often with blitz, rapid or no time controls).

This year, Hart House and Chess in the Park have fielded five teams between them. We also have teams from Agincourt, Scarborough, Willowdale and Canada Youth chess clubs. Chess Institute of Canada, a top chess-to-life instruction NFP/registered charity, has also provided a CIC instructor’s team along with two teams of its students. Other groups of players, not specifically affiliated with a single chess club, have also made up their own ad hoc teams for this one-night event.

Registration fees were intentionally kept low at $5 per ACC member and $10 for non-ACC members, who wished to be placed on a team. Four or five-player team registrations were similarly only $20 for an ACC team or $40 for a non-ACC team.

While there is no prize fund for this event, Timmies cards will be given to the two winning teams. We’ll also donate $1 per player to a local women’s shelter via Keith Denning’s monthly rapid chess event, Chess For Charity!, at Bluebird Bar.

Note that:

  • The GTCL Cup will take place in both the Great Hall and the Sun Room.
  • The Weekly ACC Tournament (“Winter is Coming”, Rd #2) is postponed until Dec 12.
  • Casual Chess will be held (in the Star Room and/or downstairs).
  • Chess classes continue downstairs.

Event Officials

  1. Tournament Organizer: George Supol
  2. Arbiters: Alex Ferreira (Lead) and Keith Denning (Assistant)
  3. Front Desk: George Supol and Mel Directo

Doors Open at 6:00 P.M.

  1. Team Captains should check in at the Front Desk, once the doors open.
  2. Players (other than Team Captains) do not need to check in unless they need to pay (see below).
  3. All players should arrive by 6:30 P.M.
  4. Announcements at 6:50 P.M.
  5. Round #1 starts at 7:00 P.M. if all goes well.
  6. 45 minutes per round; 11:00 P.M. completion followed by tear-down.

Team Captains – Required Checkins Start at 6:00 P.M.

  1. Identify any last minute player changes.
  2. Confirm Board Order (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th). See our Registration Summary for team and member names, ratings and Team Captains.
  3. Review team members who need to pay us (see below).

CFC Fee Options for Expired CFC Memberships:

  1. Annual renewals: $48 (adults) or $32 (juniors), or
  2. Rapid tournament fee: $12 (adult) or $6 (junior)

Note: For CFC purposes, a Junior player is a player born in 2002 or later

40+ Players Who Need to Still Pay Us (sorted by reg’n. order)

Below is a list of players who need to pay (at the Front Desk) before play starts. We are publishing this early in an attempt to be able to process outstanding payments more efficiently on Monday evening.

TeamKnicknamePlayerOwes Us For
Agincourt CC Get in the Sac-Fengxi Mao
-Raymond Gao
ACC IIIThe Board
-Michael Sutton
-Keith Denning
ACCACC Masters-Eduardo TeodoroCFC
CITP I Oh My Park!-David GunapalanCFC
ACC Kids IWhiz Kids-Charis Zhu
-Artur Jankobayev
Reg – $5
Reg – $5
Reg – $5
ACC Kids IIThe Cool
-Glib Dunikov
-Arkady Tenkov
-Yeeshuen Li
-Maxim Bondarev
Reg – $5
Reg – $5
Reg – $5
Reg – $5
ACC Kids IIISmooth as
-David Dunikov
-Ivan Huang
-Marie Guan
-Andre Donin
Reg – $5
Reg – $5
Reg – $5
Reg – $5
ACC Kids IVChess Pirates-Justin Huang
-William Wang
-Preston Rehdner
-Euan Davies
Reg – $5
Reg – $5
Reg – $5
Reg – $5
The Cool
-Guangyu Song
-Sudhir Pokhrel
HHCC IIFellowship of the Board-Bowen ZhangCFC
HHCC IThe Meteorites-Joseph BellisimoCFC
TMU (Ryerson)Bold Knights-Jordan Chong
-James Taptelis
Chess Stars-Michael Kimelman
-Sasha Starr

WCC-Vladimir Birarov
-Denis Ryadnov
Kids+Dads-Greg RusonikCFC
HHCC IIIHH Stars-Gregory Goulbourne*
-Bhavya Bhatt*

CIC IThose Who Can’t-Peter Lambert
-Rose Tuong
CIC Students IThe A-Team-Dyaus PanCFC
CIC Students IIThe B-Team-Rory Mullaly*CFC
ACC OtherFour Aces-Anvarzh Mansurov*CFC
Friends of Chess-Merlin Nazareno
-Lucy Gao
Reg – $5
The Barnstormers-Claudio SottileReg – $10
*=Not currently in CFC database

Good luck to all the teams and remember—make new friends and HAVE FUN!

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