This Monday at ACC – Sept. 26, 2022

This week, Round #3 of the Toronto Closed will be taking place in The Great Hall along with the players from our regular 5-week tournament (Back to the Grind, Round 4).

Below is a tentative seating plan for The Great Hall this coming Monday. The numbers represent the # of boards per table. We will be using our red table cards for the TC players and our white ones for the 5-week tournament players. Click on the image to see a larger version of the seating plan.

Combining both tournaments in The Great Hall will allow us to reduce setup and tear-down time for the evening. Nevertheless, after this Monday’s play is completed, we will be seeking feedback from all players as to which configuration (that we have recently tried) works best. Factors such as temperature, social distancing, lighting and noise are all important considerations for the players.

For the Toronto Closed, we have now added to our website Ranking Crosstables, which will be updated after each round. You can find them under our menu item SPECIAL EVENTS – 2022 Toronto Closed (In Process). Make-up games are also identified there so that one can project the potential impact of those games on the current standings. We have also added identification of the opening/variation used in each published TC game.

Casual chess will be back in the upstairs Sun Room this week, while chess classes will continue downstairs at our 918B rented facility. The upstairs Star Room may be used as a waiting area for parents and other visitors.

Note: For any players and/or accompanying guests attending Monday evening, who would like to help us as volunteers, please try to be onsite for 5:00 p.m. (or earlier). We can really use your help setting up tables, lights and chess equipment!

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