Toronto Closed Expanded by Another 10 Players to 40 (Updated Post)

Annex Chess Club is pleased to announce that it is further expanding the Toronto Closed— a Round-Robin, FIDE-rated chess tournament—to add an additional 10 players. This event is scheduled to run at the 918 Bathurst Centre for 9 weeks beginning on September 12 and ending on November 21.

This second expansion, which has been approved by the Greater Toronto Chess League (GTCL), is appropriate given the continued enthusiastic response to this event. This is the first time in the history of the event that there will be more than two sections of players, and they will now be organized as follows:

  • Championship Section – 10 highest-CFC-rated players that apply
  • Reserve Section – next 10 highest-CFC-rated players that apply
  • Development Section – next 10 highest-CFC rated players that apply
  • Annex Section – new; next 10 highest-CFC rated players that apply

Currently, there are 56 (or possibly more) pre-registered players, of which the top 40 will temporarily fill the available spots as outlined above. Pre-registration will remain open until August 24, 2022 at which time, the player’s list will be frozen. Players will then have one week to pay their registration fees in order to avoid losing their assigned spots.

As of August 23, 2022 (updated), the current averages and ranges of CFC ratings for the four sections are as follows:

  • Championship Section – 2296 ave. (range: 2414 high to 2198 low)
  • Reserve Section – 2128 ave. (range: 2194 high to 2077 low)
  • Development Section – 2013 ave. (range: 2047 high to 1958 low)
  • Annex Section – 1897 ave. (range 1937 high to 1897 low)

Ratings of pre-registered players will be updated prior to/on August 24, 2022.

Pricing will continue as before at: ACC Members – $110; FIDE-titled Players – $110; and Anyone else – $140.

One stipulation is that the four sections must each have at least 4 FIDE-rated players (40%) in order to be FIDE-rated. However, we do not expect this to be a problem and we estimate that several players in the event will obtain a FIDE rating for the first time. Our Arbiters for the four sections will be Alex Ferreira and Keith Denning, both National Arbiters of Canada and registered with FIDE.

The Toronto Closed will be run in parallel with our regular weekly rated tournaments. With respect to the use of our available space at the 918 Bathurst Centre, we will use the Great Hall (including the stage) and the Sunroom for tournaments and the smaller Star Room for casual play and skittles. Chess classes will continue to be held downstairs.

Our original ACC news post for the Toronto Closed may be found here. This has some excellent material about the history of the event.

Note from the Board of ACC

Some traditionalists may think that having more than two sections (i.e. Championship and Reserve) dilutes this event. ACC’s Board holds a different viewpoint. Times have changed and our view is that expanding the tournament is a great result for the chess community.

At ACC, we want to help all participants (we call them “the wannabes” as in wanting to be better players)—improve both their CFC and FIDE ratings, obtain a FIDE rating for the first time if they haven’t already got one, and in a few limited cases even achieve, or get closer to achieving, a title.

Every section is a self-contained mini-tournament and clearly, the only overall winner of the Toronto Closed is the first place winner of the Championship Section. But, multiple sections means multiple winners (at different levels), playing in a closely-fought competition where each section’s rating ranges are approximately 100-200 points. By staging the tournament over a number of weeks, players can also prepare themselves in advance for the following week’s play.

The justification for the new Development and Annex sections is really no different than the original argument for having the Reserve Section. The Toronto Closed is not an invitational and not an open event. Participants qualify through having a CFC membership and they are placed strictly by strength of rating.

And for emphasis, our motto is “Chess for everyone!”

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