Fall 2022 Schedule

Here is an updated ACC Fall 2022 Schedule:

Click on the image above to see a larger version. In short, it will be a busy fall at Annex Chess Club. There are new kids’ and adults’ advanced chess classes scheduled. The Toronto Closed will be running for a total of 10 weeks. There are also a couple of special rapid chess events planned too.

Note: Beginner’s chess courses are sometimes provided on an ad hoc basis depending on demand. They may be shorter in duration (e.g. 4 weeks of classes). Sometimes, we’ll even mentor 1 or 2 new students in the casual section by teaching them some of the basics, even when there is no formal beginner class.

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  1. The tournaments are Swiss-format events which use a specific format for pairing Rd #1 (top plays mid, 2nd from top plays one below mid, etc.) in each section. After Rd #1, pairings are based on cumulative points earned in each section. The sections are based on rating ranges, i.e. Crown (1800+), U1800, and finally U1400. You can Google “Swiss pairings for chess” to get additional info.

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