2022 Toronto Blitz Concludes

The Setting

The 2022 Toronto Blitz Championship was successfully completed last night at the 918 Bathurst Centre, the home of Annex Chess Club. This was the 7th time the Championship was organized and run by ACC, on behalf of the Greater Toronto Chess League (GTCL).

Just inside the playing hall (photo by Egidijus Zer)

The event was huge fun for the players and onlookers, with a final tally of 97 players (excluding 2 no-shows) playing 7 double rounds of 3-minute/2-second blitz games. The total mass of over 1,300 blitz games was completed in a little over 4 hours. The Arbiter team of Alex Ferreira (Lead) and Omar Shah (Assistant) did a great job of maintaining order, resolving player technical issues, collecting and inputting game results, generating and posting pairings, and explaining the rules of play.

ACC Board members were also on hand to assist the Arbiters and players between rounds, namely George Supol, Mel Directo and Michael Sutton. ACC President Salim Belcadi welcomed all players during the official opening announcements. He also thanked the sponsors, OXO Innovation and Spirit of Math–Central Toronto Campus, and the group of volunteers (Eric Antoniazzi Pucci, Glen Giffen, Dennis Li, Erik Malmsten, Michael Saltat and Jazmin Teodoro) who helped with the event. Keith Denning was away teaching at National Chess Camp but he programmed all 50 clocks set aside for this event before he left.

Special Award to Vlad Dobrich

Before the start of Round #1, a special Chess Hall of Fame Award was presented to Vlad Dobrich by Michael Barron of the GTCL in recognition of Vlad’s long-standing contributions to the Toronto Chess Community. Erik Malmsten assisted in the presentation adding his own memories of Vlad as a major chess organizer and supporter, active in the City of Toronto for many years.

The Results

The final standings for the 2022 Toronto Blitz may be found on the Chess-results.com server here.

First place was shared by a trio of International Masters (IMs)Nikolay Noritsyn, Ameet Ghasi, and Artiom Samsonkin who all scored 12 points out of a maximum possible score of 14. Each player will see their names newly engraved on the Annex Cup. Nikolay’s and Artiom’s names were already engraved on the trophy a total of three times each.

Left to right: Nikolay Noritsyn, Artiom Samsonkin and Ameet Ghasi (photo by Egidijus Zer)

Second place was shared by the trio of Mark Plotkin (IM), Shiyam Thavandiran (IM) and Victor Plotkin (FM) with 11 points.

Honourable mention is made of ACC’s own titled members, Koosha Jaferian (CM), Eddie Teodoro (FM), Michael Humphreys (FM), Anna Burtasova (WGM) and Olena Kucherenko (WCM) who finished with 10, 9.5, 9.0, 8.5 and 7 points, respectively.

The $2,650 final prize fund distribution was as follows:

  • Shared 1st, 2nd and 3rd place – $2,100 ($700 each) – Nikolay Noritsyn, Ameet Ghasi and Artiom Samsonkin (12 points each)
  • Top Player U2200 – $200 – Raymond Gao (finishing tied 7th place with 10 points)
  • Top Woman Player – $150 – Anna Burtasova (finishing tied 23rd place with 8.5 points)
  • Top Player U1800 – $100 ($50 each) – tied Ande Li and Kabeer Sethi (finishing tied 25th place with 8 points)
  • Top Player U1500 – $100 – Claudio Sottile (finishing tied 25th place with 8 points)

Post-Play Celebrations

After tear-down at the 918 Centre, several Toronto Blitz players (including 2 IMs!) and ACC Board members moved to Pauper’s Pub on Bloor Street, for some frosty beverages. Some team blitz games were played at the pub, adding to the evening’s celebration of over-the-board chess.

And so, the tradition of the Toronto Blitz Championship continues. See you all next year!

Picture Gallery

Below is a gallery of some pics taken by Mel Directo. Click on an image to see the larger view.

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