Annex Chess Club Open February 28!

We are delighted to announce the reopening of our beloved chess club on the evening of Monday February 28th.

We will be open for classes and casual play.

Please note that vaccine passports, health checks and masking will still be in place on February 28th.

The following week, March 7th, we will be returning to tournament play, and vaccine passports will no longer be required. However, we will continue our health screening, and masks will still be required as per provincial law.

The safety of our club members is our highest priority, especially given that a number of our club members are older people who may be at greater risk than the average population. We will continue our policy of social distancing as much as possible, and we will ask any person who exhibits symptoms related to COVID, or who has been instructed to self-isolate, to not attend our club.

Our tournament, starting on March 7th, will be called the Peter McSherry Memorial in honour of our friend and long-time ACC club member, who passed away last year.

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