2022 TC – Ranking Crosstable (Rd #9)

Below is the Ranking Crosstable after Rd #9 for the Toronto Closed Annex Section. There are two results missing (indicated by Rd#-Rk# and ?) to be covered by a future makeup game (M4) – see makeup games list here).

On November 28, Sirkovich lost his final makeup game (M29) to Liu. This solidified 3rd place in the Section for Liu.

You can see the results for other Sections in the Tournament, using the Page Links at the bottom of this page.

1D’souza Carina (T1st/2nd-$160-)1854CAN*½101½11117/9
 Kolpashnikova Kamila (T1st/2nd-$160-)1490ENG½*½110111+7/9
3Liu Sean (3rd-$80-)1532CAN0½*10111015.5/9
4Sirkovich Daniel 1773CAN100*10½1½15/9
 Tenkov Arkady 1445UKR0010*111015/9
6Quick Bryan 1713USA½1010*00114.5/9
7Tseng Elliot 1518CAN000½01*0113.5/9
8Adulfo Vincent Angel 1654CAN0000011*103/9
9Moran-Venegas Mario (M4-Rk10)1732CAN001½1000* ?2.5/8
10Abbarin Shabnam (M4-Rk9)1469CAN0000001?*1/8

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