2022 TC – Ranking Crosstable (Rd #9)

Below is the Ranking Crosstable after Rd #9 for the Toronto Closed Reserve Section. There are no results missing (indicated by Rd#-Rk# and ?) to be covered by future makeup games, see makeup games list here).

One makeup game was completed on Nov 14 for this Section. Oancea (Rk-9, he lost) vs Nazareno (Rk-6, he won) completed makeup game M19. This result has been now added to the Rd #8 results.

Vinuya withdrew from the tournament having played 6 games, which is more than the minimum required number of 5 games. Accordingly, the 3 forfeited games are recorded by “+” in the opponents’ results and by a “-” in Vinuya’s results, which each count as 1 and 0 points, respectively.

You can see the results for other Sections in the Tournament, using the Page Links at the bottom of this page.

1Ning Eric
2Kim Noah
3Southam David
 Fradkin Benjamin
5Xu Eddie 2035CAN0½01*½011+5/9
6Nazareno Merlin 2009CAN00½½½*01114.5/9
7Douglas Richard 2017CAN000011*½½14/9
8Oancea Nicolae 2084ROU101000½*013.5/9
9Zheng Victor 2139CAN00½000½1*13/9
10Vinuya Ruth Joy

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