2022 TC – Ranking Crosstable (Rd #9)

Below is the Ranking Crosstable after Rd #9 for the Toronto Closed Championship Section. There are no results missing to be covered by future makeup games, see makeup games list here.

On November 28, Plotkin lost his final Rd #5 makeup game (M15) to Barron. This result is now included below.

You can see the results for other Sections in the Tournament, using the Page Links at the bottom of this page.

1Gavrilin Roman (1st-$500-) 2267RUS*½1½½1½1117/9
2Huang Youhe  (2nd-$300-)2232CAN½*011011116.5/9
3CM Rusonik Max (T3-$100-)2279CAN01*½01½1116/9
 CM Jaferian Koosha (T3-$100-) 2355IRI½0½*½1111½6/9
5FM Plotkin Victor 2414CAN½01½*010115/9
6IM Barron Michael 2277CAN01001*01104/9
 Malakhovets Sergey 2198CAN½0½001*0114/9
8Shih Matthew 2165USA0000101*013/9
9Gandolfi Fred 2194CAN00000001*12/9
10NM Derraugh Geordie 2337CAN000½01000*1.5/9

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