The Great Hall at 918 Bathurst

ACC Reopening October 25!

Updated: November 1, 2021

We’re back at 918 Bathurst! We’ll be open for in-person casual play on Monday nights, 6:30pm. to 11:00pm. $10 drop-in fee in effect.

Last Monday, our reopening night, we had 35 casual players in attendance. Here is how the playing room looked.

Our reopening is currently on a limited basis as described below until further notice:

Covid Protection Rules:

1. Only players and approved visitors who have received two valid vaccinations will be allowed into the Playing Hall (formerly known as the Great Hall) or into a downstairs chess classroom. Proof of vaccination is therefore required for authorized entry. Each player or visitor will be screened before entry. Names, phone numbers and a note that proof of vaccination was reviewed will be recorded for all attending players. Each player or student may have a maximum of one accompanying visitor in the building.

2. Players/students/visitors must wear masks at all times in the building. Appropriate face shields may also be optionally used in combination with a face mask.

3. Players will maintain social distancing at all times in the building, except when paying an opponent at the board.

4. Surfaces, boards, pieces and clocks will be cleaned prior to the start of play and after play has ended for the night.

5. In each washroom, a maximum of two individuals will be allowed at any one time.

6. Unvaccinated individuals, including children, will not be permitted to attend.

7. Players moving between boards are encouraged to use hand sanitizers before sitting down at a new board.

Type of Play & Classes Allowed During Limited Re-opening:

1. Casual chess only, with or without chess clocks. Chess sets and clocks will be supplied by the club for the evening. 6:30 P.M. start; 11:00 P.M. end. For now, a maximum of 40 players will be allowed. Reservations are not required; attendance will be permitted on a first-come, first serve basis. Tournament play is suspended until further notice.

2. The possibility exists for ACC management to set up an optional nightly chess ladder to add an element of friendly competition. In this case, some boards would be allocated to ladder participants; other boards would remain unallocated.

3. All players (including ACC members as at the start of Covid-19 on March 15, 2020) will pay a $10 nightly fee for casual chess during this limited playing period. The ACC Board will develop additional policies with respect to its members in due course. Standard rates for chess classes will be in effect. See CIC website for details (

4. Chess classes will be limited to an assigned maximum for the available room in the 918 Bathurst St. basement. Typically, that will be in the order of 4 to 8 players per class for the time being.

Please call 647-822-4628 for further details.

4 thoughts on “ACC Reopening October 25!”

  1. Great news, looking forward to some in-person casual chess again! Thanks for all your hard work to make this happen, guys!

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