A Chess Lecture on Losing

Rhys Goldstein
Rhys Goldstein

“The Role of the Loser” by Rhys Goldstein

…a lecture on losing inspired by the following quote:

“What we shouldn’t forget is that it takes two very good players to create a brilliant game. I always feel the role of the loser in a brilliancy is underestimated. I always thought the loser should really get the money for the brilliancy prize. The winner’s happy anyway.”

– Bill Hartston

  • 6:50-7:20 pm
  • 918 Bathurst
  • Mon March 23
  • $5 casual drop-in fee
  • Free for ACC members and chess students

If you missed the lecture, here is a great article version (pdf) of the lecture: Role_of_the_Loser

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