2015 Toronto Closed Chess Championship

The 2015 Toronto Chess Championship is in the books!

Results are posted on chess-results.com

2015 Toronto Closed Flyer

The Toronto Closed is an annual city (now regional) chess championship, sanctioned by the GTCL. The history of the tournament can be traced back to 1854.

The new 2015 Toronto Champion is Geordie Derraugh!

Geordie Derraugh, 2015 Toronto Champion
Geordie Derraugh
2015 Toronto Champion

And the winner of the 2015 Toronto Closed Reserve Section is Dave Southam – with a dominant score of 6.5/7!

David Southam
David Southam
2015 Toronto Closed Reserve Winner

Toronto Closed 2015

This year’s event included the following 16 players:

Victor Plotkin (2446)
Michael Humphreys (2347)
Mike Ivanov (2343)
Geordie Derraugh (2291)
Nicholas Vettese (2275)
Michael Barron (2267)
Mark Plotkin (2246)
Andrei Moffat (2196)
– see pairings and results

David Southam (2166)
Brian Fiedler (2134)
Sergey Malakhovets (2102)
Daniel Zotkin (2071)
Miroslav Stefanovic (2043)
Dmitry Chernik (2041)
Daniel Wiebe (2024)
Omar Shah (1921)
– see pairings and results

Latest results are posted!

Here are the last fifteen years’ winners:

2015 Geordie Derraugh
2014 Victor Plotkin
2013 Michael Song
2012 Artiom Samsonkin
2011 Victor Plotkin
2010 Victor Plotkin
2009 Michael Barron
2008 Nikolay Noritsyn
2007 Michael Barron
2006 Leonid Gerzhoy
2005 Sami Ademi
2004 Tomas Krnan, Yaaqov Vaingorten
2003 Goran Prpic
2002 Isai Berengolts
2001 Brett Campbell

For full details on the 2015 Toronto Closed, check the tournament flyer (.pdf file): 2015 Toronto Closed Flyer

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