Toronto Bughouse Tournament – Nov 12

2012 Annex Double-Chess Championship – Open to All!

When: November 12 at 7 pm
Where: 918 Bathurst
How much: $10 per two-player team

We had 24 players (12 teams) out for the event, playing five double-rounds of double-chess.

“Derp Factory,” consisting of Haizhou Xu and Jonathan Yu from Hart House Chess Club, finished first with a perfect 10/10. Congratulations, Haizhou and Jonathan!

Haizhou Xu and Jonathan Yu

Here are the final results:

Avg Rating Team Player 1 Player 2 Final Score
2183 Derp Factory Haizhou Xu Jonathan Yu 10
2022 Caissa Rhys Goldstein Miroslav Stefanovic 8
2159 Knight Mates Geordie Derraugh Daniel Wiebe 6
1729 Abusement Park Adie Todd Nick O’Bumsawin 6
1523 Colombia Manuela Renteria Alejandro Renteria 5
1513 Chessmaster 9000 Abdolreza Radpey Kuhan Jeyapragasan 5
1552 Io Dogs Ulli Diemer Bill Thornton 4.5
1580 Chess Warriors Marcus Wilker Josep Sobrepere 4
955 Time to Lose! Raymond Lin Dennis Li 3.5
1293 Sacré Bleu! Nick Harding Shabnam Abbarin 3
1013 The Queens Jean-Marc David Stone Hu 3
1300 The Destroyers Ammar Khairullah Jeffrey Xu 2
Abusement Park versus Chessmaster 9000 (foreground)

What is Double Chess?
Double Chess, or Bughouse, is an exciting, fast-paced chess variant – played in teams of two, with pieces exchanged between the two boards. We’re excited to host a one-night double-chess tournament at ACC this year!

A bughouse game from Wikipedia

5-Round Swiss (double rounds, switching colours)

Team Seeding / Pairings:
Swiss pairings, using the average rating of the two-player team. In each team match, top-rated plays top-rated.

Time Control:
Game in 5 minutes (flat, with no increment)

Rules of Bughouse:
There are several variations of Bughouse Chess. In this tournament, we will be allowing pawns dropped on the 7th, drop-checks, and drop-mates. Pawns may promote (although they can’t be dropped on the 1st or 8th ranks), but captured promoted pawns go back to being pawns.

Touch Move:
The games will be played with standard tournament rules of touch move and release move. Reserve pieces are “touched” when they make contact with an empty square.

In keeping with the spirit of Bughouse, players may communicate; however, they may not directly help each other. Legal communication is limited to:
– requesting a piece – “Need knight!”
– requesting avoiding giving piece – “No diagonals!”
– recommend stalling / remind partner of clock situation
Under no circumstances may players feed their partners moves or ideas, which could be as elaborate as “take twice on f7, check on h6, then g7 and mate” or as simple as “check (him)!”

Entry fee / Prizes:
There will be a nominal entry fee of $5/player or $10/team, equal to our usual casual drop-in price. (Entry is free for current ACC members.) There are no cash prizes, but we will provide trophies to the winning team!

Register your bug team now, by email. Or register on site, starting at 6:30 pm on November 12.

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