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The Canadian Open is All Wrapped Up!

Pinnacle 48th Canadian Open Chess Championship 2011

Saturday, July 9 – Sunday, July 17
The Westin Harbour Castle, One Harbour Square, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Check tournament results, view photos, and replay webcast games at the MonRoi site.

MonRoi made a COCC video, too. Check it out!

Tournament highlights…

Dozens of ACC members were among the hundreds of players competing in the tournament.

Here are some highlights:

  • In the end, it is the Annex Chess Club women who are taking home most of the prizes for the club: Aleksandra Milicevic tied for top female in the U1600 section, with 5.0/9; and Manuela Renteria, Adie Todd, and Zhanna Sametova – all from ACC! – split top female in U2000, with 4.0/9. We even get a prize in the Open section – thanks to Liza Orlova, who wins the best dresssed prize!
  • The men are not completely unrepresented, though – Jason Waugh takes the best dressed prize in U1600. What fine players we have in our club!
  • A couple ACC players just miss prize money: Hugh Siddeley, with 6.5/9, is half a point out of a 4-way tie for first in the U2000 section; and George Supol, with 6.0/9, is one point out of a 3-way tie for second in the U1600 section.
  • In round 7, Rolando Renteria takes on his second GM – this time it’s Israeli GM Vitali Golod (2576)
  • White: Renteria, Rolando (2346)
    Black: GM Golod, Vitali (2576)

    2011.07.11 Pinnacle 48th Canadian Open (7)
    Toronto, ON

    AO7 Reti: KIA

  • After 6 rounds, Rolando Renteria, with 4.0/6, is the top ACC player in the Open section. He’s tied with 14 other players (including three GMs) for 22nd to 36th, a point and a half out of first place.
    Brian Fiedler and FM Brett Campbell are half a point behind him with 3.5/6.
  • After 6 rounds, Jack Maguire is tied for third (5-way) in the U1600 section with 4.5/6.
    George Supol and Aleksandra Milicevic are half a point behind him with 4.0/6.
  • After 5 rounds, Hugh Siddeley is tied for first (3-way) in the U2000 section with 4.5/5.
    Zehn Nasir and Nick O’Bumsawin are half a point behind with 4.0/5.
    Here is Hugh’s round-4 game:
  • White: Siddeley, Hugh (1996)
    Black: Strugach, Alexander (1963)

    2011.07.12 Pinnacle 48th Canadian Open (4)
    Toronto, ON

    C43 Petrov

  • Liza Orlova receives her WCM certificate from the CFC – but they misspell her name!
    WCM Liza 'Ortlova' with new CFC president, Michael von Keitz
  • Daniel Zotkin defeats Dalia Kagramanov (2027) in round 3
  • Rolando Renteria takes on American GM Joel Benjamin (2641) in round 3
  • White: Renteria, Rolando (2346)
    Black: GM Benjamin, Joel (2641)

    2011.07.11 Pinnacle 48th Canadian Open (3)
    Toronto, ON

    B10 Caro Kann: 2.d3

  • Geordie Derraugh defeats IM Arthur Calugar (2437) in round 2.
  • White: Derraugh, Geordie (2140)
    Black: IM Calugar, Arthur (2437)

    2011.07.10 Pinnacle 48th Canadian Open (2)
    Toronto, ON

    B22 Sicilian: 2.c3

Lots to see and do…

The Canadian Open was not just a tournament, but a celebration of chess in Canada. Visitors, whether they were playing in the tournament or not, found lots to see and do:

  • watch grandmaster games
  • register kids for the children’s day camp
  • watch free chess lectures
  • play grandmasters in simultaneous exhibitions
  • play blitz, double chess, and chess 960 championships
  • shop for books and equipment
  • attend the closing dinner and awards ceremony

Here’s some of what was on offer:
More events (including free grandmaster lectures!) are listed on the official schedule

GM Mark Bluvshtein Simul – Fri July 8 @ 8:00 pm – players $10 ($20 for the public)
Chess 960 Championship Tournament – Sat July 9 @ 1:00 pm – $10 ($20)
GM Ben Finegold Blindfold Simul – Sun July 10 @ 10:00 am – $10 ($20)
Blitz Chess Championship Tournament – Sun July 10 @ 12:00 pm – $20 ($30)
GM Shabalov / WIM Zenyuk Tandem Simul – Mon July 11 @ 12:00 pm – $10 ($20)
GM Bator Sambuev Simul – Tue July 12 @ 12:00 pm – $10 ($20)
GM John Fedorowicz Simul – Wed July 13 @ 12:00 pm – $10 ($20)
IM Meszaros / IM Macak Tandem Simul – Thu July 14 @ 12:00 pm – $10 ($20)
Double Chess Championship – Sat July 16 @ 8:00 pm – per team: $20 ($40)
Closing Dinner – Sun July 17 @ 4:00 pm – players & guests: $35 ea. ($75 for the public)