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Magnus Carlsen is crowned World Champion!

Carlsen the King

With a draw today, Magnus Carlen wins the 12-game World Championship Match in 10 games, 6.5:3.5 (+3 -0 =7), taking the title Viswanathan Anand has held since 2007.

Needing only a draw in Game 10 to become World Champion, Carlsen nevertheless declines a repetition of moves on move 22 and puts up a full fight for the win before shaking hands on move 65 (when the board is bare except for kings!). Here’s the final game:

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Anand’s Last Chance?

World Championship Match – Anand down 5:3

Viswanathan Anand Magnus Carlsen Game 7

After back-to-back wins by Magnus Carlsen in the fifth and sixth games, Viswanathan Anand has his back against the wall and must win two of the remaining games to take the match to a tie-break playoff.

four square shadow

Game 8 – Tuesday, November 19

Fans were disappointed to see Anand not trying to win Game 8 on Tuesday. If there are three more draws, Carlson will clinch.

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Game 8 boring draw

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Game 9 – Thursday, November 21

Realistically, Game 9 is Anand’s last chance in the match. He has white, and if he pulls off a win, he’ll have three more chances to win a second game and tie the match, including another chance with white.

If not, and the game ends in another draw, Anand will face the daunting task of having to beat the world’s top-rated player twice in three games, including at least one win with black – more than even the most ardent Vishy supporters can plausibly expect from him. If ever there was a time for Anand to pull out a secret weapon, this is it!

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Check results, photos, videos, and live coverage at http://chennai2013.fide.com/
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2011 Chess Classic in London, England

GM Hikaru Nakamura and GM Nigel Short, during the opening press conference

3rd London Chess Classic – December 3 to 12, 2011

The charity, Chess in Schools and Communities, is running the 3rd London Chess Classic at Olympia Conference Centre, Kensington, West London.

Starting this Saturday December 3, the London Classic pits American GM Hikaru Nakamura, English GM Nigel Short (who recently visited Toronto), and three more English grandmasters – Michael Adams, Luke McShane, and David Howell – against the world’s top four – Anand, Carlsen, Aronian, and Kramnik – in a round-robin, all-play-all tournament.

With an odd number of players, one player will assist with the live broadcast each round.

Along with “the Classic,” CSC has a huge variety of other chess events on tap: a FIDE open, two weekenders, a women’s invitational, rapid and blitz tournaments, simuls with Viktor Korchnoi, free coaching for children, classes for chess teachers, etc.

Through 6 rounds, Hikaru Nakamura is leading with 11 points (he’s 3-1-2).

Round 7 starts at 9:00 am EST on Saturday December 10 – Here are the pairings:

Nigel Short – Luke McShane
Vladimir Kramnik – David Howell
Levon Aronian – Viswanathan Anand
Magnus Carlsen – Michael Adams

Hikaru Nakamura bye, assisting the commentary

Round 6 (Fri Dec 7)

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Michael Adams – Levon Aronian (½-½)
Viswanathan Anand – Vladimir Kramnik (½-½)
David Howell – Nigel Short (½-½)
Luke McShane – Hikaru Nakamura (½-½)

Round 5 (Thurs Dec 6)

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Hikaru Nakamura – David Howell (1-0)
Nigel Short – Viswanathan Anand (0-1)
Vladimir Kramnik – Michael Adams (1-0)
Levon Aronian – Magnus Carlsen (½-½)

Round 4 (Tues Dec 6)

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Magnus Carlsen – Vladimir Kramnik (½-½)
Michael Adams – Nigel Short (0-1)
Viswanathan Anand – Hikaru Nakamura (0-1)
David Howell – Luke McShane (0-1)

Round 3 (Mon Dec 5)

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Levon Aronian – Nigel Short (1-0)
Magnus Carlsen – Hikaru Nakamura (1-0)
Michael Adams – Luke McShane (0-1)
Vishy Anand – David Howell (½-½)

Round 2 (Sun Dec 4)

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David Howell – Michael Adams (½-½)
Luke McShane – Magnus Carlsen (½-½)
Hikaru Nakamura – Levon Aronian (1-0)
Nigel Short – Vladimir Kramnik (0-1)

Round 1 (Sat Dec 3)

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Vladimir Kramnik – Hikaru Nakamura (½-½)
Levon Aronian – Luke McShane (½-½)
Magnus Carlsen – David Howell (1-0)
Michael Adams – Vishy Anand (½-½)

The round started with tennis star Boris Becker playing the ceremonial first move on Magnus Carlsen’s board:

Later, Mr. Becker played a game with GM Nigel Short:

Opening Ceremonies (Fri Dec 2)

The day before Round 1, there was a press conference followed by a game between the London Classic GMs and the Rest of the World. The GMs took turns playing Black’s moves, while White’s moves were decided democratically through Twitter (@londonclassic #lccvworld).

Here’s the game:

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