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Ted Winick and the Capablanca Chess Club

On Sunday December 30, 2013 – just last week! – Ted Winick visited the famous Capablanca Chess Club in Havana, Cuba.

Capablanca Chess Club, Havana Cuba Dec. 30, 2013

Ted played one game with a local resident…

Ted Winick plays chess at Capablanca Chess Club Havana Cuba, Dec. 30, 2013

Ted informs us that he won the game in an unceremonious rook-and-pawn ending. (He didn’t record the game, so we cannot verify his claim.)

Ted advises us further that he was immediately challenged by a Mexican FM, but declined – claiming pressing business commitments. (Remember this was Sunday afternoon in Havana after all…!?)

On further questioning it seems this was the only game Ted played during his 11 days in Cuba and he preferred to depart from the Capablanca Club (and from Cuba) undefeated.

trophy cabinet at Capablanca Chess Club, Havana Cuba

Descriptions from the Capablanca Chess Club trophy cabinet:

Trofeo otorgado a Juan Corzo en al año 1902 por haber obtenido el titulo de Campeón del Torneo de Ajedrez de la Isla de Cuba, donado para el torneo por el entonces Presidente del Club de Ajedrez de La Habana, Don Aristides.

(Trophy awarded to Juan Corzo in the year 1902 for winning the title of Champion of the Chess Tournament of the Island of Cuba, donated to the tournament by the then President of the Havana Chess Club , Don Aristides.)

Prototipo de la pieza de ajedrez que se encuentra sobre la tumba de José Raúl Capabalanca, obra del escultor Florencio Gelabert, colocada alli en 1988.

(Prototype of the chess piece that is on the grave of José Raúl Capabalanca, the work of sculptor Florencio Gelabert, placed there in 1988.)

Mascarilla de Capablanca, obra del artista Florencio Gelabert, realizada en el salón Marti del Capitolio Nacional, donde estuvo expuesto su cadaver hasta trasladarlo al Cementerio de Colón.

(Mask of Capablanca by the artist Florencio Gelabert, made in Marti Hall in the National Capitol Building, where Capablanca’s body was received before it was transferred to the Colón Cemetery.)

Trofeo otorgado a Capablanca por su éxito en el Torneo de Grandes Maestros, celebrado en New York 1927. Pieza entregada por “Agua mineral La Cotorra”.

(Trophy awarded to Capablanca for his success in the Grandmasters’ Tournament held in New York 1927. It was donated by “La Cotorra” – The Parrot – mineral water.)