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2015 Toronto Team Rapid Chess Championship

Hart House wins the 2015 GTCL Cup!
Hart House wins the 2015 GTCL Cup!

Thanks to all who attended. Congratulations to the Hart House Chess Club who took the Cup this year, and “Vi the North” who took the U1800 prize.

Egis Zeromskis took some nice photos of the event.

Full results are posted on chess-results.

four square shadow

Registered Teams

Hart House A (RtgAvg: 2342)
1. Vavrak Peter
2. Derraugh Geordie
3. Ivanov Mike
4. Yu Jonathan
5. Ding Jack

Nikolay’s Students (RtgAvg: 2260)
1. Plotkin Victor
2. Plotkin Mark
3. Vettese Nicholas
4. Zotkin Daniel

Aurora Chess Club (RtgAvg:2208)
1. Cummings David
2. Zeromskis Egidijus
3. Noritsyn Sergey
4. Macleod David

Willowdale Chess Club A (RtgAvg:2188)
1. Barron Michael
2. Kimelman Michael
3. Starr Sasha
4. Starr Nava

Annex Chess Club (RtgAvg:2125)
1. Humphreys Michael
2. Evans Bill
3. Stefanovic Miroslav
4. Wiebe Daniel

Hart House Chess Club B (RtgAvg:2115)
1. Du Digeng
2. Agbabishvili Lali
3. Perelman Leon
4. Kitaygorodsky Alex
5. Stein Jacob

Kitchener (RtgAvg:2106)
1. Peredun Andrew
2. Aniunoh Chike (jude)
3. Goldstein Rhys
4. Li Hongyi

Willowdale Chess Club B (RtgAvg:2098)
1. Tonakanian Stephan
2. Chernik Dmitry
3. Fradkin Benjamin
4. Strugach Alexander

Pinoy (RtgAvg:2050)
1. Zuniga Dante
2. Manalo Pepin
3. Orozco Joey
4. Mendoza Armand Jess
5. Batistil Rulix
6. Casareno Erwin

The Golden Gaels (RtgAvg:2039)
1. Gladstone Simon
2. Farine Jonathan
3. Gellner Nicholas
4. Longo Tyler

Commandos (RtgAvg:1882)
1. Siddeley Hugh
2. Ibrahim Ismail
3. Sirkovich Daniel
4. Armstrong Robert J.

Rolling Pawns (RtgAvg:1782)
1. Roller Robert
2. Marshal Fernando
3. Ugodnikov Arkadiy
4. Souchko Larissa

East to West (RtgAvg:1564)
1. Ab-Barin Hooshang
2. Amirirad Kamran
3. Diemer Ulli
4. Radpey Abdolreza

Vi The North (RtgAvg:1429)
1. Vigneswaramoorthy Vinorth
2. Pirri Daniele
3. Stevelic Marko
4. Saltat Michael

Annex Juniors (RtgAvg:1390)
1. Wu Nicholas
2. Ghazarian Tigran
4. Yu Ryan

Bad Bishops (RtgAvg:1291)
1. Murray Michael
2. DeCelles Taylor
3. Macinnis Bruce
4. Kosick Allison Jennifer

Hart House Winter Open

Weekend tournament at Hart House in the new year!

The Great Hall at Hart House (2011 Holidays Open)

When: January 4th, 5th, 6th (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Where: Great Hall, Hart House, University of Toronto, Main Floor
Style: 5-round Swiss in 4 sections: Open & U2200 (FIDE Rated); U1900 & U1600
Rounds Times: 6pm Friday, 10am & 4pm Saturday & Sunday
Time Control: 120 mins + 30 sec inc for Open & U2200 sections, 30/90, SD/60 for U1900 & U1600 sections
Byes: Maximum of 2 in rounds 1-4 if requested in advance.

Other Info: No Smoking. No Mobile Phones. Please bring sets and clocks.

Flyer: Download a flyer for the event.

Register today! Check updated information at the Hart House Chess Club website.

Hart House to host 2012 Labour Day Open

It’s Toronto’s favourite annual chess event!

If you play chess in Toronto, you have no doubt played in the Labour Day Open before, and you are likely planning to play again this year. It’s the quintessential Toronto weekend Swiss!

This year’s edition of the ever-popular event is organized by the Hart House Chess Club. Do the organizers a favour and pre-register by email today!

Here are the details (copied from the Hart House website):

2012 Toronto Labour Day Open

When: September 1, 2, 3 (Sat, Sun, Mon)
Where: Hart House, University of Toronto, 2nd Floor
Style: 6-round Swiss in 4 sections: Open & U2200 (FIDE Rated), U1900 & U1600
Round Times: 10 am & 4 pm each day
Time Control: G/120′ + 30″ from move 1 (Open & U2200); 30/90′, SD/60′ (U1900 & U1600)
Byes: Maximum 2 byes, in rounds 1-4, if requested in advance.


Register in advance by August 30. Registrants after August 30 are not guaranteed to be paired Round 1.

  • mail (arrival by August 30) to: Hart House Chess Club – 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto, ON M5S 3H3 with cheque payable to Hart House Chess Club. No postdated cheques, please.
  • email (by August 30) to: hhchess@utoronto.ca and pay cash on site before 9:30am September 1 – later arrivals will be charged onsite fee.

Membership: Registrants must be current CFC (Chess Federation of Canada) members or bring required CFC payment prior to playing.
Entry Fee: $70 in advance, $90 cash only on site. Extra $20 to play up each section. No cheques on site.
Discounts: $10 less for Juniors (born after September 1st, 1994), Seniors (60+), Women, FIDE Masters, and University of Toronto students (show ID card). Only one discount per player. Free for IMs before August 25th, $60 afterwards, $80 on site.

More information

No smoking. No mobile phones. Please bring sets and clocks.

Chief Arbiter: Geordie Derraugh
Deputy Arbiter: Bryan Lamb
Organizer: Alex Ferreira & Hart House Chess Club – hhchess@utoronto.ca

It’s Here!

2011 Hart House Holidays Open – December 16 to 18

Chess in the Great Hall at Hart House

From the neo-Gothic architecture of the building to the huge ceilings of the Great Hall, chess tournaments don’t get any more beautiful than this. It’s chess as you see it in the movies!

Organized by U of T’s Hart House Chess Club, this top-notch event has 128 players pre-registered – among them, some of the best players in the nation. In the Open Section, Slovakia’s IM Peter Vavrak and Spain’s IM Renier Castellanos join Canada’s elite: GM Bator Sambuev, IM Nikolai Noritsyn, IM Lawrence Day, and six other players with international titles. In the class sections, club players young and old – including five brand new, unrated players – are battling it out for rating points and prizes.

If you’ve never played in a real, CFC-rated tournament before, don’t miss this opportunity: Hart House is offering free tournament entry if you join CFC for the first time!

  • Format: 5-Round Swiss in 4 sections: Open, U2200, U1900, U1600
  • Rounds: 6 pm on Friday; 10 am and 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday
  • Location: Hart House, U of T
  • Take TTC: 10-min walk SE from St. George or 5-min walk SW from Museum
  • Entry Fee: $70 if you’ve registered in advance; $90 cash only on site. Extra $20 to play up each section. No cheques on-site.
  • Discounts: $10 less for Juniors (born after December 17th, 1993), Seniors (60+), Women, FIDE Masters, and University of Toronto students (show ID card). Only one discount per player. Free for IMs before December 9th, $60 afterwards, $70 on-site.
  • full details | flyer | pre-registered | map | email: hhchess@utoronto.ca

Note: If you plan to play Round One, make sure you get to the site for 5:30 pm at the latest. And don’t forget to bring your own chess clocks and chess pieces. Only boards are provided.

2011 Hart House Holidays Open