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Toronto Inter-club League

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WILLOWDALE CHESS CLUB presents (a GTCL event):


Starting on January 20 [… and now completed. Results are posted at chess-results.com.]

This will be round-robin team tournament. Each team shall consist of 4 players with unlimited number of reserve players. The deadline for team entries will be December 31, 2014, by email to Tournament Coordinator Alex Ferreira alex.ferreira@utoronto.ca

The event will be CFC rated, and the rating fees will be paid by the GTCL. CFC membership is required.

Schedule: All games will be played on consecutive Tuesdays at 6:30 pm at the Willowdale Chess Club (Earl Bales Community Centre at the Earl Bales Park near Bathurst and Sheppard intersection, 4169 Bathurst St.)

Time control: 60 minutes for the game with 30 seconds per move increment. Any games not yet completed by 10:00 pm will be adjudicated by the appeal committee.

Entry fee: FREE

Prizes: Trophy for all players of the winning team.

Chess sets and boards are provided by the Willowdale Chess Club. Please bring your chess clock (2 per team).

Please see attached documents for other details:

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Greater Toronto Chess League 2014

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What is GTCL?

The Greater Toronto Chess League runs chess matches between clubs in the Toronto region. Matches are four-on-four, featuring the strongest players in each GTA club.

Pairings, players, and other details for the 2014 season are available at ChessResults.com

GTCL is one of four regional leagues that make up the Ontario affiliate (OCA) of Canada’s chess governing body (CFC). The leagues are funded by CFC (through OCA) based on the numbers of CFC members in each region. As well as running the annual season of inter-club matches, GTCL coordinates the activities of chess clubs and organizations in the GTA, promotes chess in the region, and sanctions championship tournaments in Toronto.

Our team this season

The following four starting players and two alternates are on the 2014 ACC team:

FM Michael Humphreys (2293) (captain)
Pavel Peev (2219)
Wajdy Shebetah (2215)
Zehn Nasir (2125)
Miroslav Stefanovic (2003)
Daniel Sirkovich (1796)

A home-and-away schedule at various clubs in Toronto on various nights of the week is hard to coordinate, so this year’s matches are all hosted at Willowdale Chess Club in North York on Tuesday nights, starting next Tuesday, January 14. Games start at 6:30 pm, at a time control of game in 60 minutes, plus 30 seconds per move, with adjudication (!?) at 10:00 pm. Teams are reminded to bring two chess clocks.

We have a relatively big club in the Annex (third biggest in the GTA, probably, behind the Scarborough and Mississauga clubs), but we don’t have quite as strong a four-player team as some of the smaller clubs. (ACC came 6th out of 8 teams last year, with a +2-4=1 record.) Nevertheless we will cheer on our top players as they face the best teams the other clubs in Greater Toronto can field!

Check last year’s League results (teams, players, etc.) at ChessResults.com.

2014 GTCL teams

Six clubs have registered teams for the 2014 League:

Annex Chess Club
Aurora Chess Club
Hart House Chess Club
Pinoy Chess Club
Willowdale Chess Club

Pairings, players, and other details for the 2014 season are available at ChessResults.com

Best of luck to our ACC team in the 2014 League matches!

Jan 14 – Round One sees ACC go down to Hart House Chess Club, ½-3½.
Jan 21 – Round Two sees ACC held to a tie by Aurora Chess Club, 2-2.
Jan 28 – Round Three sees ACC victorious over Willowdale Chess Club, 3-1.
Feb 4 – Round Four sees ACC blank GGY, 4-0.

Hart House is dominating the league this year, but ACC is in a close fight with Aurora Chess Club for second place. It’s likely we’ll be tying them in match points, and we tied them head-to-head, so it’ll probably come down to game points!

Feb 11 – The last round pits ACC against Pinoy Chess Club. Let’s get another shutout!

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2013 GTCL Cup – April 8

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Annex Chess Club is proud to host the 2013 GTCL Cup, Toronto’s Rapid Team Chess Championship.

Chess players and chess clubs around the GTA are putting together teams of four to compete in team-versus-team match play on Monday, April 8, at 918 Bathurst, Toronto, home of Annex Chess Club. Send us your four players and your team name!


Here are the details:

When: Monday, April 8th, start time 7:00 pm
Where: 918 Bathurst, Great Hall, Annex Chess Club
Teams Composition: Four players, plus one alternate (optional)
Team Categories: Championship (no rating limit) and U1800 (team’s top 4 players’ average CFC regular rating under 1800)
Format: 5-Round Team Swiss – both team categories in a single playing section
Rounds: Round 1 at 7:00 pm, with subsequent rounds’ expected start times every 45 minutes
Time Control: Game in 15 minutes, with a 5-second increment from move 1
Entry Fee: $5 per player or $20 per team (free for ACC members)
Registration: On site between 6:30 and 7:00 pm or preferably in advance by e-mail
CFC Quick-Rated: Players must have up-to-date CFC membership
Single Players: If you don’t have a team, come on out anyway – we’ll be putting teams together on site

Organizer: Marcus Wilker, Annex Chess Club
Arbiter: Alex Ferreira

May the best team win!

The team from Chess Academy won the GTCL Cup in 2012
Chess Academy won the GTCL Cup in 2012
CCC Commandos won the U1800 prize

Grab a flyer for this year’s event.

GTCL Cup flyer


It was a busy night at Annex Chess Club, with sixteen teams (over 64 players!) playing in this five-round rapid tournament, along with a busy club casual section – and final registration for the Toronto Closed.

In the end, Hart House Chess Club carried off the GTCL Cup, ending several years of Cup ownership by Chess Academy. Congratulations to Bindi Cheng, Haizhou Xu, Geordie Derraugh and Jonathan Yu! It came down to the final round with Hart House playing Chess Academy, needing a draw to clinch. Bindi accepted a draw in his game with Nikolay after ensuring that his team had 2/3 on the other boards.

Among U1800 teams, the Titans took first by half a point with 2.5/5. Congratulations to Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy, Ammar Khairullah, and Arhant and Atharva Washimkar!


Check out the pictures of the event that Egis took!

Here is the team wall chart:

# Team Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Hart House +W8 +B4 +W5 +B6 +W2 5
3 3 2.5 3.5 2.5
2 Chess Academy +B9 -W6 +B13 +W5 -B1 3
3 1 4 3.5 1.5
3 Knights of Chess +W11 -B5 =W8 +B15 +B7 3.5
4 1.5 2 3.5 4
4 Meatheads +B12 -W1 +B14 +W7 +B6 4
4 1 4 4 3
5 Willowdale +B14 +W3 -B1 -B2 =W9 2.5
4 2.5 1.5 0.5 2
6 Annex 1 +W13 +B2 +B15 -W1 -W4 3
4 3 3 0.5 1
7 Aurora =W15 =W9 +B10 -B4

2 2 3 0 0
8 Annex Juniors -B1 +W12 =B3 =W9 +B10 3
1 4 2 2 4
9 King of Kings -W2 =B7 +W12 =B8 =B5 2.5
1 2 4 2 2
10 Isolated Pawns +B16 -W15 -W7 +B14 -W8 2
3 1 1 2.5 0
11 Titans -B3 -W14 =B16 +W13 +W15 2.5
0 1 2 3 2.5
12 CCC Commandos -W4 -B8 -B9 +W16 +B13 2
0 0 0 2.5 2.5
13 Annex Warriors -B6 +W16 -W2 -B11 -W12 1
0 3.5 0 1 1.5
14 Blackmar Diemers -W5 +B11 -W4 -W10 =B16 1.5
0 3 0 1.5 2
15 Ruthless Lions =B7 +B10 -W6 -W3 -B11 1.5
2 3 1 0.5 1.5
16 Drop-Ins -W10 -B13 =W11 -B12 =W14 1
1 0.5 2 1.5 2


CCC Commandos (defending U1800 champions!)
1. Will Rutherdale (1761)
2. Greg Beal (1719)
3. Bob Armstrong* (1637)
4. Ken Kurkowski (1550)

Willowdale Chess Club
1. FM Michael Barron (2265)
2. Michael Kimelman (2206)
3. Alexander Strugach (1949)
4. Dmitry Chernik* (1998)

Scarborough Chess Club – Junior (a.k.a. “Isolated Pawns”)
1. Jeffrey Xu* (1936)
2. Wenyang Ming (1771)
3. Kevin Yie (1658)
4. Harry Zhao (1591)

The Blackmar Diemers
1. Ulli Diemer* (1641)
2. Jack Maguire (1497)
3. Bill Thornton (1496)
4. George Supol (1459)

Annex Chess Club
1. Liam Henry (2250)
2. Pavel Peev (2213)
3. Bill Evans* (2022)
4. Tyler Longo (1981)

Annex Chess Club – Junior
1. Zehn Nasir* (2188)
2. Joseph Bellissimo (2034)
3. Daniel Zotkin (1896)
4. Daniel Sirkovich (1782)

Hart House Chess Club
1. Bindi Cheng (2517)
2. Haizhou Xu (2347)
3. Geordie Derraugh* (2236)
4. Jonathan Yu (2136)

Aurora Chess Club
1. Egidijus Zeromskis* (2213)
2. David MacLeod (2084)
3. Mickey Stein (1857)
4. Alisher Kishkimbayev (1150)

Knights of Chess
1. Victor Plotkin (2390)
2. Vladimir Birarov (2242)
3. Mark Plotkin (2193)
4. Pi Nasir (1907)

Chess Academy
1. Nikolay Noritsyn (2585)
2. Konstantin Semianiuk (2293)
3. Liza Orlova (2119)
4. Sergey Noritsyn (2043)

Chess Academy – B (a.k.a. “Meatheads”)
1. Roman Sapozhnikov (2411)
2. Michael Song (2354)
3. Alexandru Florea (2117)
4. Ben Blium (1954)
5. Justin D’Souza (1625)

* team captain

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Toronto Premier League 2013

Club versus club – four on four

Round one is January 8, 2013. Let the games begin!

Format: Round-Robin tournament for 4-player teams; board order decided by team captains
Dates: Tuesday nights, 7:00 to 10:00 pm, starting January 8, 2013
Location: All matches at Willowdale Chess Club, 4169 Bathurst, North York
Arbiter: Fred Kormendi
Organizer: Vladimir Birarov
Time Control: Game in 60 minutes, with a 30-second increment from move 1
Entry Fee: Free – GTCL will cover rating fees
Prizes: Trophies for winning team – provided by GTCL
CFC-Rated: All games rated by Chess Federation of Canada – CFC Membership Req’d
Registration: Contact Vlad Birarov by December 31, 2012


TPL results

Registered Teams

Hart House Chess Club
Xu, Haizhou – 2320
Derraugh, Geordie – 2221
Ferreira, Alex – 2081
Yu, Jonathan – 2046
Roller, Robert – 1880

Willowdale Chess Club

Alex Rabinovich, IM – 2423 FIDE
Michael Barron, FM – 2268
Michael Kimelman – 2219
Vladimir Semyonov – 2030
Alexander Strugach – 1964
Dmitry Chernik – 1929 (captain)

Annex Chess Club

Michael Humphreys, FM – 2270 (captain)
Pavel Peev – 2227
Wajdy Shebetah – 2144
Tyler Longo – 2095
Daniel Wiebe – 2057
Zehn Nasir – 2059

Chess Academy
Nikolay Noritsyn – 2598
Michael Song – 2322
Nikita Gusev – 2309
Konstantin Semianiuk – 2219
James Fu – 2127
Sergey Noritsyn – 1924

Knights of Chess
Victor Plotkin – 2350
Vladimir Birarov – 2273
Mike Ivanov – 2266
Mark Plotkin – 2161

Aurora Chess Club
Egidijus Zeromskis – 2244
David MacLeod – 2137
Yuan Chen Zhang – 2082
Jerry Wasserman – 1996
Patrick Yu – 1754
Bernie Prost – 1649
Stephen Yu – 1325
Radu Lupan – 1229

Dante Zuniga – 2210
Erwin Casareno – 2110
Ruperto Frilles – 2034
Isaiah Vergara – 1907
Mickey Stein – 1890


Pairing numbers were drawn January 5:

1. Aurora Chess Club
2. Annex Chess Club
3. Knights of Chess
4. Willowdale Chess Club
5. Hart House Chess CLub
6. GGY
7. Phantoms
8. Chess Academy of Canada

So, the first four rounds are paired as follows (teams on the left play white on the boards 1 and 3):

Round 1 on 2013/01/08 at 19:00
1. Aurora Chess Club – Chess Academy of Canada (½:3½)
2. Annex Chess Club – Phantoms (2:2)
3. Knights of Chess – GGY (4:0)
4. Willowdale Chess Club – Hart House Chess Club (1:3)

Round 2 on 2013/01/15 at 18:30
1. Chess Academy of Canada – Hart House Chess Club (3:1)
2. GGY – Willowdale Chess Club (0:4)
3. Phantoms – Knights of Chess (1:3)
4. Aurora Chess Club – Annex Chess Club (½:3½)

Round 3 on 2013/01/22 at 18:30
1. Annex Chess Club – Chess Academy of Canada
2. Knights of Chess – Aurora Chess Club
3. Willowdale Chess Club – Phantoms
4. Hart House Chess Club – GGY

Round 4 on 2013/01/29 at 18:30
1. Chess Academy of Canada – GGY
2. Phantoms – Hart House Chess Club
3. Aurora Chess Club – Willowdale Chess Club
4. Annex Chess Club – Knights of Chess

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Chess Academy wins 2012 GTCL Cup

Chess Academy keeps the GTCL Cup for another year

The 2012 GTCL Cup took place on June 25, 2012 at Annex Chess Club, Toronto.

Twelve teams took part, competing for prizes in two categories, the traditional Club Championship (elite teams representing a chess club in the GTA) and a new Open Competition category (pickup teams with an average rating under 1800). Check the GTCL Cup announcement page for tournament format, etc.

Winning Teams

The Club Championship was won – once again – by the Chess Academy, while the Open Competition ended in a tie between Hamilton and the CCC Commandos – both on match points and on board points. The decision was to award the prize to the CCC Commandos since the players are GTCL members. Check the complete results on the 2012 GTCL Cup Teams Results cross-table.

The CCC Commandos were the top Open Competition (U1800) team

Participating Teams

Chess Academy – 2012 Club Champions
Nikolay Noritsyn
Michael Song
Nikita Gusev
Konstantin Semianiuk

Willowdale A – second place (Club)
Alex Rabinovich
Michael Barron
Michael Kimelman
Dmitri Chernik

Annex A – third place (Club)
Geordie Derraugh
Pavel Peev
Wajdy Shebetah
Hugh Siddeley

Vladimir Birarov
Egis Zeromskis
Brian Fiedler
Bernie Prost
Nicole Birarov

Willowdale B:
Derrick Twesigye
Bill Evans
Ruperto Frilles
Mickey Stein

Ilya Bluvshtein
Carlos Romero Alfonso
Igor Glozman
Yakos Spiliotopoulos

Artiom Samsonkin
Juliaan Posaratnanathan
Sergey Noritsyn
Jeffrey Zhu

CCC Commandos – 2012 Open Champions
Erwin Casareno
Bob Armstrong
Ken Kurkowski
Steve Karpik

Hamilton – second place (Open)
Mike Ivanov
Daniel Coren
Ammar Khairullah
Patrick Bondy

Annex B:
Marcus Wilker
Chris Wehrfritz
Ulli Diemer
Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy

Annex C – third place (Open)
Arkadiy Ugodnikov
Hooshang Abbarin
Abdolreza Radpey
Shabnam Abbarin

Annex D:
Andrew Pastor
Peter McNelly
Kris Todi
Larissa Souchko
Brian Todi

Individual Board Winners

Board Winners are:
Board 1: Artiom Samsonkin with 5/5 (Mafia)
Board 2: Michael Song with 5/5 (Chess Academy)
Board 3: 3-way tie, with 4/5: Wajdy Shebetah (Annex A), Ruperto Frilles (Willowdale B), Sergey Noritsyn (Mafia)
Board 4: Konstantin Semianiuk with 5/5 (Chess Academy)

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