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Annex Spring Fling

Annex Spring

Spring is here in the Annex. The bicycles are back on the street (not that cycling season ever ends for some), the flowers are blooming, the Hot Docs festival is under way, and Annex Chess Club is launching our 2013 Spring Fling chess tournament starting April 15.

New sections

With many of our top players playing in the Toronto Closed, we’re lowering the section rating cut-offs by 100 points to even out the sections. The top section is now designated as over-1800 CFC (with players over 1700 admitted by request), the middle section is 1400 to 1799 (with players over 1300 allowed to join), and the bottom section is under-1400. Previously, section cut-offs had been 1900 and 1500, with a similar 100-point grey zone.

Round One – April 15

We’re off to a great start. Even with the Toronto Closed running and borrowing several of our top players, we still have 38 players in the club Swiss.

Round Two – April 22

After two rounds of play, Bill Evans is leading the Crown section, with 2.0/2. In the U1800 section, there’s a three-way tie for first among Josep Sobrepere, Jack Maguire, and Adrian Chin, all with 2.0/2. There’s a three-tie in the U1400 section, too, with Ian Prittie, Bradley Yee, and Richard Morrisson sharing first place, all with 2.0/2.

Adrian and Richard are new to the club, and evidently off to a good start. Welcome to all our new members!

Round Three – April 29

With another win, this time over Daniel Sirkovich, Bill Evans is still leading the Crown section, with 3.0/3. In the U1800 section, it’s down to a two-way tie for first between Jack Maguire and Adrian Chin, both with 3.0/3. Finally, Bradley Yee is now in clear first in the U1400 section, with 3.0/3.

Round Four – May 6

Every section now has a clear leader. In the Crown section, Tyler Longo has taken over the top spot with a win over Bill Evans. Tyler now has 3.5/4. In the U1800 section, Adrian Chin has taken sole possession of first place with a win over Jack Maguire. Adrian is still perfect with 4.0/4. And in the U1400 section, Bradley Yee continues to dominate, now standing at 4.0/4.

Round Five – May 13

While the Leafs lost a heartbreaker in Boston, we held the final round of our Spring Fling. In the Crown section, Tyler Longo took a zero-point bye, but still had sufficient points to take first with 3.5/5 after Hayk Ogenesyan beat Bill Evans to finish with 3.0/5 each. In the U1800 section, Adrian Chin drew his rival Hooshang Abbarin to take first with 4.5/5. Hooshang finishes half a point behind with 4.0/5. Finally, in the U1400 section, Bradley Yee drew Jean-Marc David to finish a point ahead with 4.5/5. Congratulations to all the winners!

Full standings are below.

Next Monday is a holiday, and Round 1 of the new ACC Backyard Barbecue Swiss starts on May 27 at 7:30. Please arrive to sign up by 7:00 or email us to register or (if you’ve already signed up) to request a bye.

Final Results after Round 5

SwissSys Standings. ACC Spring Fling: Crown section

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Tyler Longo 135360 1981 W9 H— W7 W3 U— 3.5
2 Hayk Oganesyan 152587 2025 L7 W8 L6 W9 W3 3.0
3 Bill Evans 103309 2022 W6 W7 W4 L1 L2 3.0
4 Daniel Sirkovich 145096 1782 H— W5 L3 U— W7 2.5
5 Alexandre Michelashvili 149568 1828 H— L4 H— U— B— 2.0
6 Arkadiy Ugodnikov 146626 1728 L3 B— W2 U— U— 2.0
7 Daniel Zotkin 146857 1896 W2 L3 L1 D8 L4 1.5
8 Atharva Washimkar 153285 1573 H— L2 H— D7 U— 1.5
9 Zhanna Sametova 145911 1707 L1 H— D10 L2 U— 1.0
10 Alex T. Ferreira 127516 2208 U— U— D9 U— U— 0.5

SwissSys Standings. ACC Spring Fling: U1800 Section

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Adrian Chin unr. W9 W8 W4 W5 D2 4.5
2 Hooshang Ab-barin 152910 1634 H— W16 W12 W6 D1 4.0
3 Kuhan Jeyapragasan 147906 1653 H— W18 L5 W16 W10 3.5
4 Josep Sobrepere 152976 1630 W17 W11 L1 W7 D5 3.5
5 Jack Maguire 144604 1497 W— W6 W3 L1 D4 3.5
6 Ulli Diemer 153538 1641 W19 L5 W15 L2 W14 3.0
7 Kevin Gaffney 102701 1601 L15 W10 W19 L4 W12 3.0
8 Marcus Wilker 102713 1614 W14 L1 H— H— D11 2.5
9 Harmony Zhu 151635 1600 L1 W17 W11 H— U— 2.5
10 Shabnam Abbarin 151181 1372 D16 L7 W18 W19 L3 2.5
11 Milan Cvetkovic 150817 1348 B— L4 L9 W15 D8 2.5
12 Greg Beal 101490 1719 D18 W15 L2 H— L7 2.0
13 Abdolreza Radpey 149018 1465 H— H— U— U— W20 2.0
14 Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy 153938 1366 L8 L19 B— W20 L6 2.0
15 John A Rogers 101732 1358 W7 L12 L6 L11 B— 2.0
16 Justin Quinn D'Souza 153890 1625 D10 L2 W20 L3 U— 1.5
17 Arhant Washimkar 153286 1455 L4 L9 H— B— U— 1.5
18 Bill Thornton 131181 1496 D12 L3 L10 H— U— 1.0
19 George Supol 152286 1459 L6 W14 L7 L10 U— 1.0
20 Manuel De Jesus 154790 1310 H— H— L16 L14 L13 1.0

SwissSys Standings. ACC Spring Fling: U1400 Section

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Bradley Yee 125441 1278 W12 W21 W4 W6 D2 4.5
2 Jean-Marc David 151900 1235 L14 W12 W16 W13 D1 3.5
3 Jeremy Stefan Wichrowski 154587 1060 H— W19 L9 W16 W8 3.5
4 Ian Prittie 153588 1282 W8 W16 L1 W5 U— 3.0
5 Enrique Rodriguez 154428 1161 W20 H— D6 L4 W14 3.0
6 Richard Morrison 135889 1260 W17 W14 D5 L1 L10 2.5
7 Jeff Pancer 107543 1210 D15 L9 L13 W17 W16 2.5
8 Raymond Lin 150193 1054 L4 D17 W12 W14 L3 2.5
9 Maksym Gryn 126835 unr. H— W7 W3 U— U— 2.5
10 John A Rogers 101732 1358 H— H— U— U— W6 2.0
11 Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy 153938 1337 H— H— W18 U— U— 2.0
12 Ben Chan 130822 998 L1 L2 L8 B— W17 2.0
13 Trevor Koverko unr. H— H— W7 L2 U— 2.0
14 Stone Hu 153507 923 W2 L6 D17 L8 L5 1.5
15 Alireza Mehdizadeh unr. D7 H— H— U— U— 1.5
16 Christopher Field 108098 1230 W21 L4 L2 L3 L7 1.0
17 Dennis Li 153129 976 L6 D8 D14 L7 L12 1.0
18 Tyler Koverko 154455 723 H— H— L11 U— U— 1.0
19 Isolina Moran Vasquez unr. H— L3 U— U— U— 0.5
20 Miles J. Hershberg 134614 1331 L5 U— U— U— U— 0.0
21 Alex Geddie 155388 626 L16 L1 U— U— U— 0.0
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Toronto Closed 2013

toronto closed title

2013 Toronto Chess Championship – starting April 15

Annex Chess Club is proud to host the 2013 Toronto Closed Chess Championship. This year’s event is held on Monday nights at 918 Bathurst, starting April 15. The Toronto Closed is an annual event, sanctioned by the GTCL. The history of the tournament can be traced back to 1854.

The previous, 2012 Toronto Champion is Artiom Samsonkin.

Here are the last twelve years’ winners:

2012 Artiom Samsonkin
2011 Victor Plotkin
2010 Victor Plotkin
2009 Michael Barron
2008 Nikolay Noritsyn
2007 Michael Barron
2006 Leonid Gerzhoy
2005 Sami Ademi
2004 Tomas Krnan, Yaaqov Vaingorten
2003 Goran Prpic
2002 Isai Berengolts
2001 Brett Campbell


Grab a flyer/registration form for the 2013 Toronto Closed here.

2013 toronto closed flyer

The tournament runs on Monday nights, starting April 15. Rounds start at 7:30 pm. Please email for more information.

Please register at the front desk at 918 Bathurst any Monday night 6:00 to 7:30 pm. Note that the club is closed on the April 1 registration deadline. Pairing numbers will be drawn on April 8, at the GTCL Cup.


# 2013 Toronto Closed Championship Rating FIDE CFC ID
1 FM Roman Sapozhnikov 2411 2535 138609
2 FM Victor Plotkin 2390 2214 142063
3 Michael Song 2354 2189 144236
4 FM Michael Humphreys 2286 2150 131628
5 FM Michael Barron 2265 2179 134840
6 Lorne Yee 2259 2191 100255
7 Vladimir Birarov 2242 2166 145968
* Stephan Tonakanian 2136 1939 150629
# 2013 Toronto Closed Reserve Rating FIDE CFC ID
9 Mark Plotkin 2193 1928 141086
10 Zehn Nasir 2188 1889 148198
11 David Southam 2179 2101 102535
12 Chris Udrea 1952 0 155000
13 Miroslav Stefanovic 1949 0 154500
14 Roderigo Oliveira 1937 0 152923
15 Dmitry Chernik 1889 1938 149932
16 Pepin Manalo 1841 1756 112277

* winner of the 2012 Toronto Closed Reserve qualifies automatically for the 2013 Championship

Pairings and Results

The tournament is under way! Check updated results, standings, and future pairings on the Toronto Closed Results post.

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2013 Club Championship


In 2011, it was Wajdy Shebetah. In 2012, it was Michael Humphreys. And in 2013, Michael is putting his title on the line, hoping to repeat as Annex Chess Club Champion!

This six-round event features two big sections, a competitive Championship section for players rated over 1800 CFC, and a large combined Reserve section for the under-1800 crowd. Hopefully we have some great match-ups in the Championship section, and some chances for lower-rated players in the Reserve section to rise to the challenge against stronger opponents.

Round-by-round reports are followed by the cross-table, showing current standings.

Round 1 – February 11

The tournament is now under way, with 44 players playing – including 4 masters and 5 experts in the Championship section!

The Reserve section features an 1100-point rating range, so Round-One Swiss pairings pit underdogs against 400-point rating favourites. At the end of the night there are no surprises on the pairing sheet; Dennis Li’s draw against Arhant Washimkar is perhaps the only exception.

The Championship section, however, features a couple of big upsets as David Cohen defeats expert Tyler Longo, and Bill Evans takes down master Pavel Peev. Among the winners, defending Club Champion Michael Humphreys scores a full point against Rhys Goldstein to stay in the leader group. See the three games, below.

Featured Games from Round 1

Round 2 – February 25

In the large Reserve section, there are still six players in the leading group, but in the Championship section, the leading group is down to two: defending champion Michael Humphreys and up-and-coming junior Zehn Nasir are tied with 2.0/2. But with four rounds still to go, anything could happen …

Round 3 – March 4

In the Championship section, co-leader Zehn Nasir loses to defending champion Michael Humphreys on board one, leaving Michael alone in first with 3.0/3. But it’s not over yet; the champion has three more challengers to face before the end, starting – as it now seems – with Liam Henry, who trails by only half a point, at 2.5/3.

In the Reserve section, only two players are still perfect through three rounds, as Arkadiy Ugodnikov defeats Ulli Diemer and Atharva Washimkar beats Josep Sobrepere (while Kuhan and I draw). Arkadiy and Atharva are due to face off on top board next round!

Featured Games from Round 3

Round 4 – March 11

With two more rounds to go, there is a clear leader in each of the two sections.

In the Championship section, defending champion Michael Humphreys is still perfect, now with 4.0/4, as he defeats Liam Henry in Round 4. David Southam and Hayk Oganesyan are a point behind with 3.0/4.

In the Reserve section, Atharva Washimkar gets an easy win to take sole possession of first place, with 4.0/4, as Arkadiy Ugodnikov blunders in the opening. Seven players are a point behind at 3.0/4.

Featured Games from Round 4

Round 5 – March 18

With one round left to go, the leaders stay strong.

In the Championship section, defending champion Michael Humphreys gives up a draw to Hayk Oganesyan, but remains a point ahead of the competition, with 4.5/5.

In the Reserve section, Atharva Washimkar, after benefitting from an early blunder by Arkadiy in Round 4, wins by forfeit against Kuhan in Round 5, so he remains perfect with 5.0/5. Winners make their own luck!

Round 6 – March 25

In the final round, each leaders adds another point to his record to finish convincingly in first.

In the Championship section, Michael Humphreys, with a win over Pavel Peev, takes the tournament and repeats as Annex Chess Club Champion! Michael posts a 2444 performance rating on his way to an impressive 5.5/6 record and is now rated 2286.

And in the Reserve section Atharva Washimkar defeats Ulli Diemer to take the section with a perfect 6.0/6 record! Atharva posts a 1960 performance rating, and is now rated 1799 – one point short of A class.

Congratulations, Michael and Atharva!

Here are the complete results:

Final Results after Round Six

SwissSys Standings. Annex Chess Club Championship: Championship Section

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Total
1 Michael Humphreys 131628 2281 W8 W10 W4 W7 D6 W3 5.5
2 David Southam 102535 2216 W5 L4 W12 W10 H— W6 4.5
3 Pavel Peev 122223 2226 L10 W17 W19 H— W15 L1 3.5
4 Zehn Nasir 148198 2059 W15 W2 L1 L6 H— W8 3.5
5 Daniel Zotkin 146857 1963 L2 L8 B— W13 W12 D9 3.5
6 Hayk Oganesyan 152587 1927 L11 B— W8 W4 D1 L2 3.5
7 Liam Henry 127769 2261 D12 W9 W14 L1 H— U— 3.0
8 Rhys Goldstein 110906 2022 L1 W5 L6 W12 W10 L4 3.0
9 Pi Nasir 148197 1914 H— L7 H— W18 H— D5 3.0
10 Bill Evans 103309 1989 W3 L1 W15 L2 L8 D12 2.5
11 Alex T. Ferreira 127516 2080 W6 H— H— U— U— U— 2.0
12 Miroslav Stefanovic 154500 2007 D7 W13 L2 L8 L5 D10 2.0
13 Pepin Manalo 112277 1859 H— L12 H— L5 U— X19 2.0
14 David Cohen 100234 1823 W16 H— L7 U— U— U— 1.5
15 Gustavo Lora unr. L4 H— L10 W19 L3 U— 1.5
16 Tyler Longo 135360 2071 L14 H— H— U— U— U— 1.0
17 Andrew Pastor 127521 1869 H— L3 H— U— U— U— 1.0
18 Alexandre Michelashvili 149568 1758 H— H— U— L9 U— U— 1.0
19 Sankar Govindarajan 155011 1702 H— H— L3 L15 U— F13 1.0

SwissSys Standings. Annex Chess Club Championship: Reserve Section

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Total
1 Atharva Washimkar 153285 1587 W20 W14 W8 W2 W11 W3 6.0
2 Arkadiy Ugodnikov 146626 1713 W19 W35 W3 L1 W12 W4 5.0
3 Ulli Diemer 153538 1645 W25 W13 L2 W14 W5 L1 4.0
4 Marcus Wilker 102713 1609 W26 W38 D11 D8 W13 L2 4.0
5 Bill Thornton 131181 1498 W32 L11 W23 W6 L3 W8 4.0
6 Milan Cvetkovic 150817 1225 L11 W27 W16 L5 W24 W12 4.0
7 Ian Prittie 153588 1166 L35 L19 W37 W23 W14 W13 4.0
8 Josep Sobrepere 152976 1670 W23 W16 L1 D4 W17 L5 3.5
9 Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy 153938 1337 L10 W20 W35 L12 H— W19 3.5
10 Nicholas O'Bumsawin 151261 1739 W9 H— H— U— U— W20 3.0
11 Kuhan Jeyapragasan 147906 1653 W6 W5 D4 H— L1 U— 3.0
12 Jack Maguire 144604 1543 H— H— W15 W9 L2 L6 3.0
13 George Supol 152286 1484 W27 L3 W26 W22 L4 L7 3.0
14 Abdolreza Radpey 149018 1465 W33 L1 W38 L3 L7 W24 3.0
15 Arhant Washimkar 153286 1422 D30 W29 L12 D16 U— W27 3.0
16 Shabnam Abbarin 151181 1370 W17 L8 L6 D15 H— W21 3.0
17 Stone Hu 153507 841 L16 X36 U— W32 L8 W33 3.0
18 Michael D. Sharpe 100280 1535 H— W30 W29 U— U— U— 2.5
19 Bradley Yee 125441 1303 L2 W7 L22 D20 W33 L9 2.5
20 Christopher Field 108098 1208 L1 L9 W30 D19 W23 L10 2.5
21 Ali Faramarzi 153968 1541 H— H— U— W26 U— L16 2.0
22 Hasan Almutairi 155275 1508 H— H— W19 L13 U— U— 2.0
23 Jean-Marc David 151900 1272 L8 W32 L5 L7 L20 W38 2.0
24 Jeff Pancer 107543 1230 H— H— U— W38 L6 L14 2.0
25 Eli Teram 107314 1211 L3 W33 H— H— U— U— 2.0
26 Enrique Rodriguez 154428 1210 L4 W37 L13 L21 L30 W32 2.0
27 Larissa Souchko 145490 1061 L13 L6 D32 D30 W38 L15 2.0
28 Jeremy Stefan Wichrowski 154587 1060 H— H— U— U— U— W39 2.0
29 Ben Chan 130822 969 H— L15 L18 H— W39 U— 2.0
30 Dennis Li 153129 911 D15 L18 L20 D27 W26 U— 2.0
31 Alexandre Michelashvili 149568 1646 W36 H— U— U— U— U— 1.5
32 Raymond Lin 150193 1105 L5 L23 D27 L17 W37 L26 1.5
33 Teresa Lee 154501 950 L14 L25 H— W37 L19 L17 1.5
34 Sankar Govindarajan 155011 1702 H— H— U— U— U— U— 1.0
35 Miles J. Hershberg 134614 1517 W7 L2 L9 U— U— U— 1.0
36 Nick Harding 154309 1220 L31 F17 H— H— U— U— 1.0
37 Brian Groat 153518 631 L38 L26 L7 L33 L32 B— 1.0
38 Timothy Bahry unr. W37 L4 L14 L24 L27 L23 1.0
39 Alex Geddie unr. H— H— U— U— L29 L28 1.0
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ACC Polar Bear Swiss

The Polar Bear Swiss

Named in honour of the iconic inhabitant of Canada’s north, this is our first club tournament of the new year. All our club tournaments are rated by the Chess Federation of Canada, so participants are members of CFC as well as of our club.

To ensure competitive play, we group players by CFC rating. Accordingly, we have Crown, U1900, and U1500 sections. The Crown section is also rated by the World Chess Federation, FIDE.

Tournament games are played on successive Monday nights at 7:30 pm. Each player has 90 minutes for all her or his moves, with a time increment: an extra 30 seconds is added before each move.

Complete final results are posted below the round-by-round reports.

Round 1 – January 7

After a brief AGM, the tournament got started at around 8:00 pm. Welcome to all the new members in our organizational team!

Thirty-four players joined in Round 1, a somewhat lower number compared to previous tournaments – perhaps some of our regulars were “chessed out” after the Hart House Winter Open last weekend. The casual section, however, featured quite a few new faces – getting into chess shape seems to have been on a few folks’ lists of new year’s resolutions!

Round 1 is really too early to announce leaders, but NM Geordie Derraugh (one of our club’s arbiters and the winner of our last club tournament) currently stands atop the leader group. In the U1900 section, Ulli Diemer, who declined the promotion to the top section, lost his Round-1 game to George Supol (our new club treasurer). In the U1500 section, Shabnam Abbarin (who has been tirelessly keeping our books in order for the past several months) lost her Round-1 game in an upset win by Eli Teram. Complete standings are on the cross-tables below.

Round 2 – January 14

Arbiter Alex Ferreira got the tournament started pretty much on time, shortly after 7:30 pm. There were a few latecomers, but everyone showed up. A few new players joined in, but some Round-1 players took byes, so our tournament numbers were pretty steady. Meanwhile, our casual section was jam-packed – and extra-strong. Pretty soon, the casual section’s going to take up the length of the hall!

With a few byes among the leading group in the top section, David Southam has emerged in clear first with 2.0/2. In the middle section, Atharva Washimkar and Miroslav Stefanovic are tied for the lead with 2.0/2. And the bottom section, Arhant Washimkar and Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy (our new marketing director) are tied for the lead with 2.0/2. It’s a good tournament so far for the brothers Washimkar!

Games from Round 2

Here are some of our most recent games. In the U1500 section, Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy scores a win against Milan Cvetkovic; in the U1900, Atharva Wishimkar beats George Supol; and in the Crown section, Michael Sutton defeats a younger, higher-rated Hayk Oganesyan – score one for us old guys! (For some practical tactics, check out Atharva’s finish – or try to find a shot Vinorth missed on move 20.)

Round 3 – January 21

Once again, we got our games started on time, thanks to Alex. And we tried, for the first time, extending the casual section down the length of the hall. (Let us know how that worked for you in the comments section at the bottom of the page.)

Current section leaders are David Southam in the Crown section, Miroslav Stefanovic in the U1900, and Arhant Washimkar in the U1500.

Round 4 – January 28

Before the round, we had a raffle for a pair of Leafs tickets. Thanks to all who participated; we raised $260 for the club!

Tournament section leaders stayed strong, with David Southam (Crown), Miroslav Stefanovic (U1900), and Arhant Washimkar (U1500) all holding their leads going into the last round. See complete standings, below.

Games from Round 4

Everybody loves to watch Harmony’s games. Her game against me (which I was lucky enough to win) was the object of some extensive analysis at the Pump (our ACC clubhouse) after Round 4.

Round 5 – February 4

In the top section, club champion FM Michael Humphreys pulled off a come-from-behind sprint to the finish to win clear first with 4.0/5 – while Pavel Peev played a supporting “spoiler” role by holding leader David Southam to second place with 3.5/5.

In the bottom two sections, both leaders finished perfect with 5.0/5. Congratulations, Miroslav Stefanovic (U1900) and Arhant Washimkar (U1500)!

Honourable mention goes to Josep Sobrepere for a second-place finish in the U1900 with 4.0/5, and to Eli Teram for a second-place finish in the U1500 with 3.5/5. See complete standings, below.

Final Standings after Round 5

SwissSys Standings. Polar Bear Swiss: Crown

# Name ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Michael Humphreys 131628 2269 H— W4 D2 W8 W6 4.0
2 David Southam 102535 2222 W12 W8 D1 W6 L3 3.5
3 Pavel Peev 122223 2227 H— H— U— W11 W2 3.0
4 Zehn Nasir 148198 2059 W11 L1 D5 W7 U— 2.5
5 Daniel Zotkin 146857 1960 L9 H— D4 H— W12 2.5
6 Pi Nasir 148197 1852 L10 W12 W11 L2 L1 2.0
7 Hayk Oganesyan 152587 1907 L8 L11 B— L4 W13 2.0
8 Tyler Longo 135360 2095 W7 L2 H— L1 U— 1.5
9 Geordie Derraugh 132393 2248 W5 H— U— U— U— 1.5
10 Jonathan Yu 126131 2046 W6 H— U— U— U— 1.5
11 Michael Sutton 151225 1755 L4 W7 L6 L3 U— 1.0
12 Erik Malmsten 100196 1931 L2 L6 U— B— L5 1.0
13 David Cohen 100234 1833 H— H— U— U— L7 1.0

SwissSys Standings. Polar Bear Swiss: U1900

# Name ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Miroslav Stefanovic 154500 unr. W10 W9 W3 W4 W8 5.0
2 Josep Sobrepere 152976 1511 W11 D7 W5 H— W3 4.0
3 Atharva Washimkar 153285 1454 W12 W14 L1 W9 L2 3.0
4 Alexandre Michelashvili 149568 1565 H— D5 W11 L1 W15 3.0
5 Marcus Wilker 102713 1628 H— D4 L2 W10 W13 3.0
6 Kuhan Jeyapragasan 147906 1616 H— D8 W16 W14 U— 3.0
7 Greg Beal 101490 1719 W17 D2 D8 H— U— 2.5
8 Arkadiy Ugodnikov 146626 1734 H— D6 D7 D13 L1 2.0
9 Daniel Sirkovich 145096 1612 W13 L1 W12 L3 U— 2.0
10 Harmony Zhu 151635 1538 L1 L11 W15 L5 W17 2.0
11 Hooshang Ab-barin 152910 1651 L2 W10 L4 W12 U— 2.0
12 Jack Maguire 144604 1557 L3 W17 L9 L11 W14 2.0
13 Bill Thornton 131181 1481 L9 D15 W17 D8 L5 2.0
14 George Supol 152286 1514 W15 L3 H— L6 L12 1.5
15 Ulli Diemer 153538 1715 L14 D13 L10 W17 L4 1.5
16 Jamie Murphy 153736 1555 H— H— L6 U— U— 1.0
17 Abdolreza Radpey 149018 1526 L7 L12 L13 L15 L10 0.0

SwissSys Standings. Polar Bear Swiss: U1500

# Name ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Arhant Washimkar 153286 1250 W15 W2 W4 W3 W5 5.0
2 Eli Teram 107314 1198 W17 L1 W16 W8 D3 3.5
3 Christopher Field 108098 1220 W10 D9 W6 L1 D2 3.0
4 Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy 153938 1321 W14 W7 L1 W11 U— 3.0
5 Ian Prittie 153588 1163 H— W18 D9 W13 L1 3.0
6 Bradley Yee 125441 1321 H— H— L3 W16 W7 3.0
7 Milan Cvetkovic 150817 1222 W13 L4 W8 H— L6 2.5
8 Larissa Souchko 145490 1089 L9 W15 L7 L2 W13 2.0
9 Jean-Marc David 151900 1273 W8 D3 D5 U— U— 2.0
10 Stone Hu 153507 842 L3 B— L11 L14 W18 2.0
11 Michael Vermont 151783 1194 H— H— W10 L4 U— 2.0
12 Miles J. Hershberg 134614 unr. H— H— U— U— W14 2.0
13 Dennis Li 153129 917 L7 D14 W18 L5 L8 1.5
14 Raymond Lin 150193 1117 L4 D13 U— W10 L12 1.5
15 Teresa Lee 154501 974 L1 L8 H— W18 U— 1.5
16 Ben Chan 130822 1012 H— H— L2 L6 U— 1.0
17 Shabnam Abbarin 151181 1395 L2 H— H— U— U— 1.0
18 Brian Groat 153518 648 H— L5 L13 L15 L10 0.5

The Polar Bear Dip

It’s a New Year’s tradition for Canadian “polar bears” to wade into freezing waters on the first day of the year. Check the CBC article for more pictures and details.

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ACC Roasted Chestnuts Swiss

ACC Roasted Chestnuts Swiss Tournament – starting November 19

As another Santa Claus parade comes to town, Torontonians may remember the downtown street vendors who used to sell hot, freshly roasted chestnuts – as well as popcorn and cotton candy – in winters past. With their chestnut fires burning, the vendors’ familiar red carts were a welcome sight when the weather was cold.

While chestnut vendors have been harder to find on the city’s sidewalks for the past few years, Annex Chess Club is carrying on the tradition by bringing Toronto “chess nuts” in from the cold every Monday night!

Our last club tournament of 2012 remembers the warm winter treat of yesteryear. The ACC Roasted Chestnuts Swiss is divided into three sections, by playing strength – Premier (over 1900), Reserve A (under 1900), and Reserve B (under 1500). It’s a five-rounder, and it runs to December 17. The top section is FIDE-rated.

The tournament winner is Geordie Derraugh, with Ulli Diemer and Jim Mourgelas taking the U1900 and U1500 prizes.

Round reports follow. Check final standings, below.

Round One – November 19

A strong top section saw five masters, two experts, and three A-class players vying for the crown. After one round there’s a four-way tie for first, including Dave Southam, who has won the last two club tournaments at ACC, and Michael Humphreys, who is the reigning club champion. Liam Henry and Geordie Derraugh round out the leading group.

The topsy-turvy middle section saw an amazing number of upsets. Kuhan Jeyapragasan (1592) beat Greg Beal (1771), Yanfeng Zhao (1425) beat Jack Maguire (1627), and Abdolreza Radpey (1434) beat Daniel Sirkovich (1617). Bill Thornton (1493) also did well to draw Arkadiy Ugodnikov (1754). In fact, Ulli Diemer was the only pairing-favourite in the section who managed to get his full point.

In the bottom section, there’s a five-way tie for first place: Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy, Jim Mourgelas, Jean-Marc David, and Milan Cvetkovic were pairing favourites, while Stone Hu (738) upset Eli Teram (1254) to join the leaders.

Round Two – November 26

Chess Lecture by Rhys Goldstein “All in One Endgame”

Before the round, we were treated to a lecture by Rhys Goldstein, who used to be an active player at the club, but is currently busy at home with a new baby. The lecture featured a single, highly rich endgame position from one of his own games.

As Rhys put it, “Analyzing this position, we will encounter a blockade, a pawn race, a skewer, a fork, and a perpetual check. We will see common endgame tactics, like hanging pieces on the sixth rank with a pawn on the seventh. We will see common endgame principles, like placing one’s pawns on the opposite color as one’s bishop. We will witness how saving time can be all-important in some cases, while in other cases one must lose a move to win the game. All of this in one endgame!”

If you didn’t pick up his lecture notes, they’re available here.

The round began more or less on time at 7:30 pm; we are continuing a renewed attempt to have games start on time.

After beginning the round with a lecture about a minor-piece endgame, it was interesting that the final game of the night, on Board 1, featured a minor-piece endgame. In the end, Michael Humphreys lost to Liam Henry. Liam is joined at the top with a perfect 2.0/2 by Geordie Derraugh, who beat fellow arbiter, Alex Ferreira (Luckily there was no dispute in Geordie and Alex’s game!).

In the middle section, Kuhan Jeyapragasan is alone in first with 2.0/2. And in the bottom section, it’s Jim Mourgelas who is alone in first with 2.0/2. Can these leaders keep their lead through three more rounds? Only time will tell…

Round Three – December 3

After taking out Club Champion Michael Humphreys in Round Two, Liam Henry went down to Geordie Derraugh in Round Three. So it’s Geordie now leading the section, perfect with 3.0/3. There is close competition among our top players!

In the middle section, Kuhan Jeyapragasan lost to Arkadiy Ugodnikov, and Ulli Diemer also won; Arkadiy and Ulli are now co-leaders with 2.5/3.

Finally, in the bottom section, Jim Mourgelas is holding his lead, still perfect at 3.0/3.

Round Four – December 10

Chess Lecture by Omar Shaw “Modes of Thinking – Part One”

omar shawBefore the round, we were treated to a lecture by Omar Shaw: “Modes of Thinking – Part One.” The lecture was well received, with Omar praised as “an engaging speaker,” and his lecture as “very informative.”

The lecture focussed on the thinking process that leads to the solutions in several chess problems. Omar showed concretely and from personal experience how in-depth study of one position can allow a player to solve other problems more quickly: he concluded that whenever hard work is put into chess study, the time is never wasted. The most effective thinking process, he taught, is to look at a position and see “the idea,” rather than starting automatically to calculate variations – or, as he put it, “going nuts on moves.”

If you didn’t pick up his lecture notes, they’re available here.

In the bottom section, Jim Mourgelas took a bye, allowing Chris Field to catch him. The two are now tied for first with 3.5/4.

In the middle section, Arkadiy took a bye, and Ulli Diemer won again! He’s now in sole possession of first place at 3.5/4.

And in the top section, Geordie Derraugh beat Tyler Longo. At 4.0/4, Geordie stands a point and a half ahead of the pack going into the last round!

Round Five – December 17

In the top section, with a draw against David Southam, Geordie Derraugh not only wins the tournament with 4.5/5, but earns his National Master title. Congratulations, Geordie!

In the middle section, Ulli Diemer beat Abdolreza Radpey to take first place with 4.5/5, and qualifies to play in the top section of the upcoming Polar Bear Swiss. Congratulations, Ulli! Tied for second place in the middle section are two youngsters, Atharva Washimkar and 7-year-old Wunderkind, Harmony Zhu, with 3.5/5.

Finally, in the bottom section, Jim Mourgelas beat Chris Field in the final round to take first place wit 4.5/5. Congratulations, Jim!

Standings after Round Five

SwissSys Standings. Roasted Chestnuts: Crown

# Name ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Geordie Derraugh 132393 2221 W8 W13 W4 W11 D2 4.5
2 David Southam 102535 2233 W7 H— L5 W6 D1 3.0
3 Wajdy Shebetah 148432 2155 H— H— H— D9 W7 3.0
4 Liam Henry 127769 2263 W9 W10 L1 D5 U— 2.5
5 Pavel Peev 122223 2213 L10 W8 W2 D4 U— 2.5
6 Daniel Zotkin 146857 1865 H— H— H— L2 B— 2.5
7 Hayk Oganesyan 152587 1873 L2 L9 W8 W12 L3 2.0
8 Pi Nasir 148197 1825 L1 L5 L7 B— W9 2.0
9 Daniel Wiebe 132137 2097 L4 W7 H— D3 L8 2.0
10 Michael Humphreys 131628 2270 W5 L4 H— H— U— 2.0
11 Tyler Longo 135360 2065 H— H— W12 L1 U— 2.0
12 Pepin Manalo 112277 1897 H— H— L11 L7 U— 1.0
13 Alex T. Ferreira 127516 2081 H— L1 H— U— U— 1.0

SwissSys Standings. Roasted Chestnuts: U1900

# Name ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Ulli Diemer 153538 1611 W6 H— W13 W7 W4 4.5
2 Harmony Zhu 151635 1472 H— H— D3 W15 W9 3.5
3 Atharva Washimkar 153285 1356 H— H— D2 W14 W13 3.5
4 Abdolreza Radpey 149018 1434 W8 L7 W10 W13 L1 3.0
5 Arkadiy Ugodnikov 146626 1754 D14 W16 W7 H— U— 3.0
6 George Supol 152286 1418 L1 W17 D15 L11 W16 2.5
7 Kuhan Jeyapragasan 147906 1592 W15 W4 L5 L1 U— 2.0
8 Daniel Sirkovich 145096 1617 L4 L15 W17 L9 W18 2.0
9 Mohammad Zaki Uddin 152024 1647 H— H— U— W8 L2 2.0
10 Manuela Renteria 152627 1682 H— H— L4 H— H— 2.0
11 Nicholas O'Bumsawin 151261 1735 H— H— U— W6 U— 2.0
12 Yanfeng Zhao 154318 1465 W17 H— H— U— U— 2.0
13 Jamie Murphy 153736 1662 H— W14 L1 L4 L3 1.5
14 Bill Thornton 131181 1493 D5 L13 W16 L3 L17 1.5
15 Greg Beal 101490 1771 L7 W8 D6 L2 U— 1.5
16 Josep Sobrepere 152976 1538 H— L5 L14 W17 L6 1.5
17 Jack Maguire 144604 1627 L12 L6 L8 L16 W14 1.0
18 Hooshang Ab-barin 152910 1669 H— H— U— U— L8 1.0

SwissSys Standings. Roasted Chestnuts: U1500

# Name ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 James Mourgelas 108540 1318 W12 W4 W5 H— W2 4.5
2 Christopher Field 108098 1221 H— W13 W14 W7 L1 3.5
3 Raymond Lin 150193 958 L4 W12 W16 D6 W10 3.5
4 Jean-Marc David 151900 1287 W3 L1 W13 W14 L5 3.0
5 Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy 153938 1328 W10 D6 L1 H— W4 3.0
6 Milan Cvetkovic 150817 1257 W18 D5 L7 D3 W11 3.0
7 Nick Harding 154309 1195 H— W9 W6 L2 H— 3.0
8 Arhant Washimkar 153286 1146 H— H— W10 U— W12 3.0
9 Jeremy Wichrowski unr. H— L7 W18 L10 W14 2.5
10 Ian Prittie 153588 1195 L5 W18 L8 W9 L3 2.0
11 Vlad Nitu 154215 1146 H— H— U— W13 L6 2.0
12 Teresa Lee 154501 1010 L1 L3 H— W18 L8 1.5
13 Stone Hu 153507 738 W15 L2 L4 L11 D18 1.5
14 Larissa Souchko 145490 1084 H— W15 L2 L4 L9 1.5
15 Eli Teram 107314 1254 L13 L14 H— H— U— 1.0
16 Jeffrey Zhu 150847 1204 H— H— L3 U— U— 1.0
17 Shabnam Abbarin 1390 H— H— U— U— U— 1.0
18 Dennis Li 153129 952 L6 L10 L9 L12 D13 0.5

The chestnut vendors have not completely disappeared from the city. Here’s a photo essay, featuring “George,” who was selling chestnuts in High Park last November.

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