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Harmony on Ellen

Harmony Zhu on Ellen
Harmony Zhu appeared on Ellen.

piano performance
She performed on piano …
impersonating chess players
… and impersonated chess players thinking about their next move.

Harmony Zhu has played regularly at Annex Chess Club and at Scarborough Chess Club. Current World Youth Under-8 Girls’ Chess Champion, she has also won national piano competitions. Watch the segment on EllenTV.

four square shadow

Harmony is as charming as she is talented, and her media interviews are already legend in the chess community. When it comes to coaches taking credit for their students’ success, here’s an excerpt from Harmony’s interview at the World Youth Chess Championship (where she won gold) when asked about her chess coach, Canadian IM Nikolay Noritsyn.

– Do you have a personal coach at the moment? Chess coach?
– If it is not secret, can you tell us about your coach?
HARMONY: He’s a very good coach. He taught me very … nice things. Lots of things.
– Is he a grandmaster? Or he is not?
HARMONY: I don’t know.
– What is your coach’s name? Because I think your coach … probably deserves some credit here for … the excellent coaching he has –
HARMONY: Oh, oh by the way, you know I have a pet guinea pig?
– A guinnea pig –
HARMONY: And his name is Scrumptious.
– Scrumptious?
HARMONY: He’s a white guinea pig.
– White guinea pig!
HARMONY: Yeah, right now he’s back at my home.
– Does he know how to play chess?
– Are you going to teach him to play chess?
HARMONY: I’ll try but I’m not sure if he can learn it.
– Maybe he will become Guinea Pig Chess World Champion one day.

Apart from Nikolay earning a new nickname, the following image was poking out from behind a photograph in the latest issue of Canadian Chess News on a page showing a chess coach accepting a CYCC medal on behalf of his student who had left early.


John Upper’s caption was: “Some coaches have to take all the credit.”