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KiSS 92.5 “Greatest Chess Player” takes on 13-year-old

Damnit Maurie (with Roz & Mocha) KiSS 92.5
Damnit Maurie (with Roz & Mocha) KiSS 92.5

While Toronto’s KiSS 92.5 morning show team were discussing the games room in the Titanic II replica, producer Damnit Maurie made the claim that he is the “Greatest Chess Player” and has never lost a game of chess. To prove himself, he will take a challenge from a 13-year-old this March break. Hope he’s wearing his headcam!

Check out how the challenge came about with these audio files from KiSS 92.5.

[UPDATE: And here’s the live play-by-play of Thursday’s game, 13-year-old Sohum versus Damnit Maurie.]