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2017 ACC Club Championship

Club Championship starts February 27

It’s time for another edition of our annual Club Championship! (Check out the club championship tag for past editions!)

The format for the Club Championship is a little different than our regular Swisses: six rounds and just two sections, Championship and Reserve.

Club Championship trophies

The Championship section sees the top players at our club vie for the title of 2017 Club Champion! Michael Humphreys has held the honour for quite some time now – five years in a row! – but this could be the year he’s unseated. The minimum rating to enter the section is 1700.

Michael Humphreys, 2012-2016 Club Champion (photo by John Upper)

The Reserve section sees players rated under 1800 compete for the title of 2017 Reserve Champion. Last year it was Max England. (Note that players rated 1700 to 1799 are normally placed in the Reserve section, but they can also opt to play up in the Championship section.)

All are welcome!

All are welcome to join us for the event, but only full-year members are eligible to win the Club Champion and Reserve Champion titles. Winners’ names will be engraved on permanent trophies at the club.

Rounds are at 7:30 pm on six Monday evenings, starting February 27 and running to April 3. New players are asked to please register by 7:00 to make sure that you’re paired for the night’s round.

four square shadow

Round One – February 27

The Club Championship starts with just 15 players in the Championship section – and 28 players in the Reserve.

First-round David vs. Goliath upsets include Max England (2066) defeating Daniel Zotkin (2202) and John Fines (1903) scoring a draw against William Li (2179). In the last game to finish, Miroslav Stefanovic (2136) stubbornly defends to score a draw against top seed and five-time Club Champion Michael Humphreys (2318).

In the Reserve Sasha Chapin (1172) defeats Harry Chen (1465), Dragan Jevtic (1363) defeats Michael Sharpe (1662) and Evgeny Kalmanson (1141) defeats Shabnam Abbarin (1458).

Rd 1 Games of the Week

Here are a few select games – thanks to Keith Denning for entering them!

And finally, a game from the reserve section.

four square shadow

Round Two – March 6

A few new players join the tournament, including some brand new unrated players in the Reserve section who just finished a session of Artiom’s adult chess classes: Bill Randle, Alan McMillan, and Doug Caplan. Meanwhile the Championship section gets a bit tougher as a couple new 2200+ players join: Joseph Bellissimo (2291) and Ochuko Emuakpeje (2211 FIDE). And at the end of the night, Bill Randle, Joseph Bellissimo, and Ochuko Emuakpeje are victorious!

Early leaders with perfect scores through two rounds are Sergey Noritsyn and Dave Southam in the Championship section and five players in the Reserve section: Ulli Diemer, Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy, Salim Belcadi, Kevin Li, and Mark Gelowitz!

Rd 2 Games of the Week

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Round Three – March 13

It’s the halfway point. Through three rounds, the leader – with a perfect 3.0/3 score – is Dave Southam. Half a point behind with 2.5/3 are Ochuko Emuakpeje and Michael Humphreys.

Rd 3 Games of the Week

Reserve Section

In the Reserve section, there’s a two-way tie for first: Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy and Ulli Diemer both have perfect 3.0/3 scores through three rounds. Another five players are tied for third with 2.5/3.

Here are the games from the top two boards:

four square shadow

Round Four – March 20

Through four rounds, there is a clear leader in each section. In the Championship section, with a perfect 4.0/4 score, Dave Southam has sole possession of first place. Trailing by just half a point with 3.5/4 is defending champion, Michael Humphreys.

In the Reserve section, it’s Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy with a perfect 4.0/4 score and sole possession of first. Javier Dixon trails by half a point with 3.5/4.

There will be showdowns next week as each second-place player will have their chance to take the lead with a win over the leader.

four square shadow

Round Five – March 27

In the Reserve section, Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy is a juggernaut, as he takes out his fifth opponent in a row to post a 5-0 record through five rounds. Ulli Diemer, Kevin Li, and Eric Pei are a point behind at 4.0.

In the Championship section, things get interesting as defending champion Michael Humphreys defeats leader Dave Southam, to rise to 4.5/5, half a point ahead of Southam, who falls to 4.0/5, as Noritsyn and Emuakpeje stay within a point at 3.5.

four square shadow

Round Six – April 3

There are big dramatics in the final round as Ochuko Emuakpeje takes out Humphreys, holding him to 4.5/6 while rising to 4.5 himself. Meanwhile, Sergey Noritsyn beats Malakhovets to join them at 4.5. At this point, Dave Southam, coming into the round with 4.0, can take a clear lead and the 2017 Championship title with a win over Stefanovic. Here’s the game – with commentary by Stefanovic (Southam is black):

So the tournament ends with four players at 4.5, and it comes down to tiebreaks. With four players tied, nobody can win head-to-head. Number of wins and number of blacks eliminate Humphreys and Noritsyn, and finally Southam has a better Buchholz Cut 1 score than Emuakpeje. So Dave Southam wins it in the end on the fourth tiebreak, and ACC has a new Club Champion. Congratulations, Dave!

Dave Southam

An interesting twist arises in the Reserves when leader Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy, ahead by a full point, decides to coast to the finish with a zero-point bye in the last round, counting on better tie breaks against Diemer (head-to-head), Li (more blacks), and Pei (more wins) if any of them should get a full point in the final round.

In probably the worst case scenario for Vigneswaramoorthy, Ulli Diemer defeats Eric Pei and Kevin Li pulls off a 150-rating-point upset win over Salim Belcadi – with black! Vigneswaramoorthy had the head-to-head tiebreak secured over just Diemer, but it doesn’t help in a three-way tie with Diemer and Li. And all three now have 5 wins and 3 blacks, so it comes down to the fourth tiebreak, Buchholz Cut 1 scores – and Vigneswaramoorthy has 20.5, half a point ahead of Diemer’s 20. So Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy gets his name on the trophy and goes down in ACC history with the most impressive finish of all time in the Club Championship Reserve, winning the section with a round to spare. Congratulations, Vinorth!

Ranking cross-tables after Round 5

ACC Club Championship

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Humphreys Michael 2318 CAN 6w½ 10b1 -1 5w1 2b1 4.5
2 Southam David 2233 CAN 5b1 14w1 3b1 4w1 1w0 4
3 Noritsyn Sergey 2265 CAN 19w1 8b1 2w0 9b1 3.5
4 Emuakpeje Ochuko 2211 NGR 18b1 6w1 2b0 7w1 3.5
5 Malakhovets Sergey 2067 CAN 2w0 19b1 12w1 1b0 13w1 3
6 Stefanovic Miroslav 2136 CAN 1b½ 15w1 4b0 8w½ 11b1 3
7 Bellissimo Joseph 2291 CAN 11b1 10w1 4b0 3
8 Liu Zhanhe (lambert) 2185 CAN 12b1 3w0 6b½ 10w1 3
9 Zotkin Daniel 2202 CAN 10w0 17w1 11b0 15b1 3w0 2
10 England Max 2066 CAN 9b1 1w0 14b+ 7b0 8b0 2
11 Fines John 1903 CAN 17b½ 7w0 9w1 12b½ 6w0 2
12 Mcsherry Peter 2041 CAN 8w0 -1 5b0 11w½ 14b½ 2
13 Talsma Shawn 1925 CAN 0 -1 5b0 2
14 Akophyan Nika 1810 CAN -1 2b0 10w- 16w½ 12w½ 2
15 Ugodnikov Arkadiy 1777 CAN 6b0 9w0 -1 2
16 Guo Josh 2232 CAN 0 14b½ 0 1.5
17 Li William 2179 CAN 11w½ 9b0 0 1.5
18 Qiao Cindy 1885 CAN 4w0 19b½ 0 1.5
19 Ab-Barin Hooshang 1722 CAN 3b0 5w0 18w½ 0 0 0.5
20 Calvelo Jelvis 2155 PHI 0 0 0 0 0 0

Check updated results on chess-results.

ACC Club Championship – Reserve Section

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Vigneswaramoorthy Vinorth 1635 CAN 35b1 10w1 13b1 2w1 7b1 5
2 Diemer Ulli 1648 CAN 18w1 22b1 5w1 1b0 8w1 4
3 Li Kevin Yunhong 1448 CAN 39w1 20b1 14w0 15b1 12w1 4
4 Pei Eric 1562 CAN 29b1 23w1 9b1 4
5 Belcadi Salim 1617 CAN 19w1 31b1 2b0 17w1 3.5
6 Abbarin Shabnam 1458 CAN 22w0 19b1 36w1 10b1 3.5
7 Dixon Javier 1195 CAN 28b1 24w1 14b1 1w0 3.5
8 Kingsbury Brett 1406 CAN 12b0 35w1 27b1 13w1 2b0 3
9 Zhang Henry Xianrui 1424 CAN 20w0 37b1 31w1 11b1 4w0 3
10 Jevtic Dragan 1363 CAN 33w1 1b0 25w1 17b1 6w0 3
11 Chapin Sasha 1172 CAN 16w1 13b- 34b1 9w0 25b1 3
12 Hanratty Brian 1686 CAN 8w1 17b½ 20w1 3b0 3
13 Gelowitz Mark A. 1450 CAN 21b1 11w+ 1w0 8b0 23w1 3
14 Sutton Michael 1716 CAN 32w1 3b1 7w0 3
15 Denning Keith 1298 CAN 38b1 3w0 21w1 3
16 Chen Harry (siqi) 1465 CAN 11b0 30w0 19b½ 32w1 31b1 2.5
17 David Jean-Marc 1438 CAN 40b1 12w½ 30b1 10w0 5b0 2.5
18 Patton Mark A. 1319 CAN 2b0 21w0 37b1 29w1 22b½ 2.5
19 Chodoriwsky David 1212 CAN 5b0 6w0 16w½ 34b1 29b1 2.5
20 Armstrong Robert J. 1715 CAN 9b1 3w0 12b0 28w1 2.5
21 Geddie Alex 1121 CAN 13w0 18b1 30w1 15b0 2.5
22 Kalmanson Evgeny 1141 CAN 6b1 2w0 23b½ 18w½ 2.5
23 Ai Amy 1049 CAN 34w1 4b0 22w½ 13b0 2
24 Ramesh Bharath 1660 CAN 27w1 7b0 0 2
25 Ellis Cody 0 CAN 10b0 27w1 11w0 2
26 Ali Shafkat 1668 CAN 0 0 30b1 2
27 Souchko Larissa 1006 CAN 37w1 24b0 8w0 25b0 32b½ 1.5
28 Caplan Doug 0 CAN 7w0 0 20b0 39b1 1.5
29 McMillan Alan 0 CAN 4w0 32b1 18b0 19w0 1.5
30 Randle Bill 0 CAN 16b1 17w0 21b0 26w0 1.5
31 Teram Eli 1005 CAN -1 5w0 9b0 16w0 1.5
32 Anghaie Reza 712 CAN 14b0 29w0 16b0 27w½ 1
33 Sharpe Michael D. 1662 CAN 10b0 0 0 1
34 Supol George 1398 CAN 23b0 11w0 19w0 1
35 Finkelstein Michael 1301 CAN 1w0 8b0 0 1
36 Vaz Jake 1175 CAN 6b0 0 0 1
37 Noritsyn Ivan 933 CAN 27b0 9w0 18w0 1
38 Noftle Madisin 0 CAN 15w0 0 0 1
39 Pancer Jeff 1016 CAN 3b0 0 0 0 28w0 0
40 Stahlbrand Kevin 983 CAN 17w0 0 0 0 0 0

Check updated results on chess-results.

ACC What’s My Name Swiss

What is the name of this tournament? Starting on Monday February 6, exactly 50 years after Muhammad Ali’s famous “What’s my name” fight, this Swiss – which turns out to be only two rounds – is divided in three sections, Crown, U1900, and U1500. The tournament runs just two Monday nights from February 6 to February 13. (Then we’re closed February 20, and the Club Championship starts February 27.)

Coincidentally, the logician and mathematician Raymond Smullyan who wrote What is the name of this book? (1978) died at the age of 97 on that very same Monday February 6. Smullyan may be better remembered in chess circles for his Chess Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes (1979) featuring “retrograde” chess problems in which previous moves of the game must be deduced from the current position.

four square shadow

Round One – February 6

Before the first round starts, Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy presents a half-hour lecture titled “Chess Miniatures: the first-round knockouts of chess.” (Details will be posted.)

In U1500, three brand new unrated players join the tournament and all three make a name for themselves: Sasha Chapin defeats Evgeny Kalmanson, David Chodoriwsky defeats Alex Geddie, and Brett Kingsbury defeats Eli Teram. Meanwhile, interesting Round-1 results include Harry Chen (1425) upsetting Salim Belcadi (1641) in U1900 and, in the Crown section, Max England (2042) upsetting Dave Southam (2247), who just won the previous event.

Here is the Southam/England game:

And here’s another game, this time featuring William Li and Armand Jess Mendoza:

four square shadow

Round Two – February 13

Before the round, Rhys Goldstein starts the night off with a well-received lecture titled “The Magnetic Queen,” starting at 6:50 pm. In this intriguing talk, he shows a game in which former World Champion, Anatoly Karpov, uses his queen like a magnet to move his opponent’s pieces. (See the lecture notes.)

And that’s it! We’re cutting this tournament short at two rounds to make room for the six-round Club Championship ahead of our bid to host the Toronto Closed, pending GTCL approval.

Reminder: ACC is CLOSED next Monday February 20 for Family Day

Our Club Championship is a six-round event starting February 27, in two sections: Crown (min. 1700) and Reserve (under 1800).

Final Ranking cross-tables after Round 2

ACC What’s My Name Swiss Crown

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd Pts.
1 Humphreys Michael 2314 CAN 13b1 14w1 2
2 Liu Zhanhe (lambert) 2172 CAN 14b1 8w1 2
3 Noritsyn Sergey 2241 CAN 11b1 1.5
4 Zotkin Daniel 2231 CAN 12b1 1.5
5 England Max 2042 CAN 15b1 1.5
6 Malakhovets Sergey 2035 CAN 11w½ 15b1 1.5
7 Akophyan Nika 1810 CAN -1 1.5
8 Li William 2194 CAN 9w1 2b0 1
9 Mendoza Armand Jess 1914 CAN 8b0 13w1 1
10 Stefanovic Miroslav 2152 CAN 12w½ 1
11 Calvelo Jelvis 2207 CAN 6b½ 3w0 0.5
12 Fines John 1883 CAN 10b½ 4w0 0.5
13 Mcsherry Peter 2070 CAN 1w0 9b0 0
14 Qiao Cindy 1901 CAN 2w0 1b0 0
15 Southam David 2247 CAN 5w0 6w0 0

See full results at Chess-Results.com

ACC What’s My Name Swiss U1900

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd Pts.
1 Ab-Barin Hooshang 1711 CAN 14w1 10b1 2
2 Diemer Ulli 1619 CAN 7b1 4w1 2
3 Ramesh Bharath 1669 CAN 8b1 1.5
4 Ugodnikov Arkadiy 1789 CAN 6w1 2b0 1
5 Armstrong Robert J. 1715 CAN 16b1 0 1
6 Qiao Joey 1475 CAN 4b0 13w1 1
7 Jevtic Dragan 1364 CAN 2w0 11b1 1
8 Pei Eric 1344 CAN 13b1 3w0 1
9 Vigneswaramoorthy Vinorth 1628 CAN 15w1 0 1
10 Chen Harry (siqi) 1425 CAN 12w1 1w0 1
11 Teram Eli 1077 CAN 7w0 0.5
12 Belcadi Salim 1641 CAN 10b0 0 0
13 Gelowitz Mark A. 1490 CAN 8w0 6b0 0
14 David Jean-Marc 1443 CAN 1b0 0 0
15 Zhang Henry Xianrui 1403 CAN 9b0 0 0
16 Abbarin Shabnam 1467 CAN 5w0 0 0

See full results at Chess-Results.com

ACC What’s My Name Swiss U1500

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd Pts.
1 Finkelstein Michael 1291 CAN 9w1 6b1 2
2 Chapin Sasha 0 CAN 5w1 13b1 2
3 Kingsbury Brett 0 CAN 10w1 8b1 2
4 Patton Mark A. 1316 CAN 13b1 0 1
5 Kalmanson Evgeny 1151 CAN 2b0 9w1 1
6 Chodoriwsky David 0 CAN 12b1 1w0 1
7 Goldfarb Adam 1384 CAN 11w1 0 1
8 Noritsyn Ivan 967 CAN 3w0 0.5
9 Souchko Larissa 889 CAN 1b0 5b0 0
10 Teram Eli 1077 CAN 3b0 0 0
11 Stahlbrand Kevin 1032 CAN 7b0 0 0
12 Geddie Alex 1133 CAN 6w0 0 0
13 Fitzgerald Jimmy 944 CAN 4w0 2w0 0

See full results at Chess-Results.com

four square shadow

On February 6, 1967, Muhammad Ali defeated Ernie Terrell in a 15-round decision, repeatedly asking his opponent “What’s my name?” during the fight. (Terrell had been calling Ali by his birth name, Cassius Clay, before their match.)

Muhammad Ali died on June 3 last summer.

ACC New Year Swiss

The last tournament of the year is also the first tournament of the new year. It runs on December 12, January 9, 16, 23, and 30. This 5-round Swiss is divided in three sections, Crown, U1900, and U1500. Rounds start at 7:30 each Monday night. New players are welcome any round, but please complete registration by 7:00 pm to ensure you’re paired. Please email us to request a bye if you’re not able to attend a round.

four square shadow

Round One – December 12

In the first round, there are a string of David over Goliath upsets in the Crown section as current club champion Michael Humphreys (2331) is upset by Lambert Liu (1972), Jelvis Calvelo (2206) by Sergey Malakhovets (2054), and Daniel Zotkin (2226) by Max England (2056). The topsy-turvy results continue in U1900 as top seed Hooshang Ab-Barrin (1716) falls to Maksym Gryn (1543).

Next week is the ACC December Rapid, a 6-round tournament in one big section, played at a time control of 9′ + 3″.
Visitors are welcome! $15. CFC Active-Rated.

four square shadow

Round Two – January 9

After two rounds, there’s a three-way tie for the lead among David Southam, William Li, and Sergey Noritsyn. All three have perfect 2.0/2 records.

In U1900, it’s Toronto Dragons manager Glenn Giffen tied at 2.0 with Maksym Gryn and Eric Pei.

In U1500, pairing problems leave Kevin Li with a full-point bye and the lead at 2.0/2 while Larissa Souchko and Ivan Noritsyn win to rise to 1.0/2.

four square shadow

Round Three – January 16

Before the round starts, veteran Toronto player Erik Malmsten discusses the role of knights in chess and some tips for thinking about knight moves in a lecture called Beware the Cavalry!” 6:50 to 7:20 pm.

In the Crown section, David Southam takes his third win in a row, this time against Sergey Noritsyn, taking clear first with 3.0/3, while William Li and Lambert Liu are just half a point out at 2.5/3.

In U1900 play, Maksym Gryn and Eric Pei draw, while Glenn Giffen takes a bye, and the three stay tied for the lead with 2.5/3.

Finally, in U1500, Dragan Jevtic wins to take first with 2.5/3, while Ivan Noritsyn, Kevin Li, and Evgeny Kalmanson are just half a point out at 2.0/3.

four square shadow

Round Four – January 23

In the Crown section, Dave Southam wins again, this time against William Li, for a perfect 4.0/4, while the closest challenger, Sergey Noritsyn trails by a full point at 3.0/4. Can Southam win the event with a perfect 5.0/5?

In U1900 action, Ulli Diemer defeats Kevin Li while Maksym Gryn, Eric Pei, and Glenn Giffen all take byes, leaving the section with a four-way tie for the lead at 3.0/4.

In U1500, Jevtic Dragan holds his lead at 3.5/4 with a win over Ivan Noritsyn, while Evgeny Kalmanosn stays just half a point out with a win over newcomer, Andrew Kirou.

Rd 4 Game of the Week

Here is John Fines’ fine submission: in which he draws against the young phenom, Max England.

four square shadow

Round Five – January 30

In the Crown section, Dave Southam faces club champion Michael Humphreys in the last round. And he comes up with a draw to win the section with 4.5/5 a point ahead of his closest rival, William Li, who takes clear second with 3.5/5.

In U1900, the four-way tie becomes a two-way tie as Ulli Diemer and Eric Pei both win their games to finish with 4.0/5. But it’s Eric Pei who wins the section on head-to-head tiebreak. Congratulations, Eric!

In U1500, Dragan Jevtic needs just half a point against Evgeny Kalmanson to take the section. And in the end, he gets the full point to take the section with 4.5/5, ahead by a margin of 1.5 points!

Congratulations, once again, Dragan Jevtic, Eric Pei, and Dave Southam!

Dave Southam wins the New Year Swiss with 4.5/5 in the Crown section

Next week is Round One of the “What’s My Name” Swiss. Register by email or on site before 7:00 pm.

Ranking cross-tables after Round 5

ACC New Year Swiss Crown

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd Pts. 5.Rd
1 Southam David 2176 CAN 18w1 4b1 5w1 2b1 3w½ 4.5
2 Li William 2173 CAN 11b1 10w1 6b½ 1w0 5w1 3.5
3 Humphreys Michael 2331 CAN 8b0 18w1 7b½ 10w1 1b½ 3
4 England Max 2056 CAN 13b1 1w0 16b1 12w½ 9b½ 3
5 Noritsyn Sergey 2158 CAN 16w1 -1 1b0 6w1 2b0 3
6 Stefanovic Miroslav 2150 CAN 12b1 2w½ 5b0 11w1 3
7 Shebetah Wajdy 2022 CAN 19b1 3w½ 0 12b1 3
8 Liu Zhanhe (lambert) 1972 CAN 3w1 9b1 0 0 2.5
9 Mcsherry Peter 2081 CAN 14b1 8w0 4w½ 2.5
10 Malakhovets Sergey 2054 CAN 15w1 2b0 13w0 3b0 19w1 2
11 Mendoza Armand Jess 1905 CAN 2w0 15b½ 17b½ 14w1 6b0 2
12 Fines John 1864 CAN 6w0 19b1 4b½ 7w0 2
13 Zotkin Daniel 2226 CAN 4w0 10b1 0 2
14 Ugodnikov Arkadiy 1814 CAN 9w0 11b0 -1 2
15 Calvelo Jelvis 2206 CAN 10b0 11w½ 0 1.5
16 Qiao Cindy 1882 CAN 5b0 -1 4w0 0 1.5
17 Malmsten Erik 1923 CAN 11w½ 0 0 1.5
18 Washimkar Arhant 1983 CAN 1b0 3b0 19w½ 0 1
19 Akophyan Nika 1799 CAN 7w0 12w0 18b½ 10b0 1

See full results at Chess-Results.com

ACC New Year Swiss U1900

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Pei Eric 1271 CAN -1 2b1 3w½ 9b1 4
2 Diemer Ulli 1600 CAN 14b1 1w0 17b1 11w1 3b1 4
3 Gryn Maksym 1543 CAN 4b1 8w1 1b½ 2w0 3
4 Ab-Barin Hooshang 1716 CAN 3w0 14b1 8w1 3
5 Vigneswaramoorthy Vinorth 1611 CAN 18b1 0 11w1 3
6 Giffen Glenn 1552 CAN 7w1 10b1 0 3
7 David Jean-Marc 1442 CAN 6b0 13w1 9b0 15w1 2.5
8 Armstrong Robert J. 1619 CAN 13w½ 3b0 18w+ 10w1 4b0 2.5
9 Ramesh Bharath 1707 CAN 16b½ 7w1 1w0 2.5
10 Belcadi Salim 1666 CAN -1 6w0 8b0 13w1 2.5
11 Li Yun Hong (kevin) 1375 CAN 16w1 2b0 5b0 2
12 Wilker Marcus 1592 CAN 13b1 0 0 2
13 Zhang Henry Xianrui 1453 CAN 8b½ 12w0 7b0 15w1 10b0 1.5
14 Qiao Joey 1450 CAN 2w0 4w0 -1 0 1.5
15 Stahlbrand Kevin 0 CAN 0 13b0 7b0 1
16 Gelowitz Mark A. 1500 CAN 9w½ 11b0 0 0 1
17 Abbarin Shabnam 1478 CAN 2w0 0 0 1
18 Allen Joshua 1408 CAN 5w0 8b- 0 0 0.5

See full results at Chess-Results.com

ACC New Year Swiss U1500

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Jevtic Dragan 1333 CAN 13w1 3b1 5w1 2b1 4.5
2 Kalmanson Evgeny 1076 CAN 7w0 -1 8b1 12w1 1w0 3
3 Finkelstein Michael 1173 CAN 9w0 13b1 1w0 5b1 2.5
4 Teram Eli 1088 CAN 11b0 5w0 13b1 6w1 2.5
5 Noritsyn Ivan 943 CAN 10w0 4b1 6w1 1b0 3w0 2
6 Qiu James 893 CAN 5b0 13w1 4b0 2
7 Li Yun Hong (kevin) 1375 CAN 2b1 -1 0 0 0 2
8 Geddie Alex 1143 CAN 2w0 0 13b1 2
9 Razmgir Rahim 0 CAN 3b1 0 0 0 1.5
10 Pei Eric 1271 CAN 5b1 0 0 0 0 1
11 Supol George 1394 CAN 4w1 0 0 0 0 1
12 Kirou Andrew 0 CAN 0 2b0 0 1
13 Souchko Larissa 958 CAN 1b0 3w0 4w0 6b0 8w0 0

See full results at Chess-Results.com

ACC August Swiss

Muggy weather, heat alerts, local peaches and corn in the supermarket, the Perseid meteor shower: it must be August!

Named in honour of Caesar Augustus in 8 BCE, August was formerly called Sextilis (the sixth month of a year that started in March). In Toronto, aka “the 6ix,” August is the month when many of us celebrate an end-of-summer ritual called the CNE, the largest annual fair in Canada and a Toronto tradition since 1879.

Celebrating August

Celebrating all things August, our current club tournament is the ACC August Swiss. It runs on five Monday nights – August 8 to September 12 – in three sections: Crown, U1900, U1400. (Check the club page for more on how our regular tournaments work.)

Rounds in the club tournament start at 7:30 pm each Monday, and new players are welcome to join in any round – or even to drop in for just one round – but please register by 7:00 pm to make sure you’re paired.

four square shadow

Round One – August 8

In the Crown section, William Li (2117) manages a draw against top-seed Michael Humphreys (2336). Armand Mendoza and Miroslav Stefanovic enter Round 2 with a full point.

In U1900 the favourites take 6/8, underdogs 2/8, as Ramesh Bharath (1399) defeats Harry Chen (1507) and Salim Belcadi (1423) defeats Glenn Giffen (1557). With no draws, an 8-player leader group goes into Round 2 with 1.0/1.

In U1400, unrated newcomer Josh Calderon from the Philippines defeats Eli Teram (1119) – but it shouldn’t be considered an upset; apparently, Calderon is in the wrong section. Five players enter Round 2 tied for first.

Game of the Week

Miroslav Stefanovic wins an exciting game against Sergey Malakhovets in the Crown section from the black side of a Sicilian Reversed.

four square shadow

Round Two – August 15

Miroslav Stefanovic-Armand Mendoza is a draw on Board 1, while Dave Southam and William Li win their games to catch the leaders at 1.5/2, so it’s a four-way tie going into Round 3.

In U1900, Hooshang Ab-Barin, Salim Belcadi, and Bharath Ramesh win their games, so they’re in a three-way tie at 2.0/2.

In U1400, Eric Pei wins again to take sole possession of first place at 2.0/2.

four square shadow

Round Three – August 22

In the Crown section, Dave Southam defeats Miroslav Stefanovic while Armand Mendoza defeats William Li, and the leader group is down to a two-way tie for first at 2.5/3.

In U1900, Salim Belcadi defeats Hooshang Ab-Barin while Bharath Ramesh wins his game against Kamran Amirirad, and it’s also down to a two-way tie for first at 3.0/3.

In U1400, Eric Pei wins yet again, this time against Yue Ran Ma, to hold clear first at 3.0/3.

Game of the Week

Here’s Eric Pei’s miniature on the top board of the U1400 section. Pei plays 3.c3 against Yue Ren Ma’s Sicilian and nine moves later sacs a B on h7 to launch a mating attack!

four square shadow

Round Four – August 29

Draws on the top boards leave ties for the lead. In the Crown section, Armand Mendoza – Dave Southam is a draw, leaving Mendoza and Southam tied for the lead at 3.0/4.

And in U1900, Bharath Ramesh – Salim Belcadi is a draw, leaving Belcadi and Ramesh tied for the lead at 3.5/4.

In U1400, Yun Hong Li defeats Eric Pei and overtakes him for the lead at 3.5/4 as Pei falls to 3.0/4.

Next week, we’re off for Labour Day, and then the final round is September 12.

four square shadow

Off week – September 5

ACC is CLOSED on September 5, Labour Day.

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Round Five – September 12

Last round. A topsy-turvy tournament in a small Crown section still ends with the top two seeds battling on Board 1 in the last round. Dave Southam plays a Colle, allowing Michael Humphreys to get an edge in the opening. Claiming he didn’t find the right plan and sacked the wrong piece, Humphreys still gets the full point in the end.

Armand Mendoza might have blundered, but one way or another Daniel Zotkin wins quickly to tie Humphreys at 3.5/4.

Tied on points, tied on head-to-head (a draw in Rd 2), tied on number of wins (two each), Michael Humphreys finally takes the tournament over Daniel Zotkin on the third tie break: greater number of games with black. Congratulations, Michael!

In U1900, leaders Bharath Ramesh and Salim Belcadi both win their final-round games to finish with 4.5/5 – a perfect result except for a draw against each other!

Again it comes down to the third tie break, but Bharath Ramesh takes the section. Rated 1399 coming into the tournament, Ramesh would have qualified for U1400 but instead wins U1900. Congratulations, Bharath!

In U1400 Eric Pei comes from behind to take the section as a win over Larissa Souchko gives him 4.0/5, while Roger Guo plays spoiler, holding leader Yun Hong Li at 3.5. Congratulations, Eric!

See full final results on the standings tables below.

The tournament has now been rated – check the CFC site.

A new tournament starts next week. New players are always welcome! Games start at 7:30 pm, but please register by 7:00 to make sure you’re paired.

Final ranking cross-tables after Round 5

ACC August Swiss Crown

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Humphreys Michael 2336 CAN 6w½ 2b½ 9w1 7b½ 4b1 3.5
2 Zotkin Daniel 2154 CAN 1w½ 10b1 6b½ 3w1 3.5
3 Mendoza Armand Jess 1863 CAN 10b1 7b½ 6w1 4w½ 2b0 3
4 Southam David 2215 CAN 12b1 7w1 3b½ 1w0 3
5 Malakhovets Sergey 2045 CAN 7w0 6b0 12w1 9b1 -1 3
6 Li William 2117 CAN 1b½ 5w1 3b0 2w½ 9b½ 2.5
7 Stefanovic Miroslav 2184 CAN 5b1 3w½ 4b0 1w½ 0 2
8 Yu Jonathan 2222 CAN 0 12b1 0 2
9 England Max 1982 CAN 1b0 5w0 6w½ 1.5
10 Cliff Scott 1885 CAN 3w0 2w0 -1 0 1.5
11 Calvelo Jelvis 2156 CAN 0 0 0 1
12 Calderon Andrei Joshua 1850 CAN 4w0 5b0 8w0 0 0.5

Check latest results on the chess-results server.

ACC August Swiss U1900

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Ramesh Bharath 1399 CAN 15b1 11w1 7b1 2w½ 6b1 4.5
2 Belcadi Salim 1423 CAN 16w1 13b1 3w1 1b½ 5w1 4.5
3 Ab-Barin Hooshang 1605 CAN 10b1 4w1 2b0 11w1 8b0 3
4 Nadj Pal 1690 CAN 20w1 3b0 9w1 5b0 13w1 3
5 Vigneswaramoorthy Vinorth 1631 CAN 9w1 7w½ 6b½ 4w1 2b0 3
6 Ugodnikov Arkadiy 1722 CAN 17b1 5w½ 12b1 1w0 3
7 Amirirad Kamran 1785 CAN 14w1 5b½ 1w0 16b½ 11w1 3
8 Armstrong Robert J. 1586 CAN 0 20b1 3w1 3
9 Gelowitz Mark A. 1502 CAN 5b0 17w1 4b0 18w1 2.5
10 Goldfarb Adam 1384 CAN 3w0 17b1 2.5
11 Hanratty Brian 1680 CAN 12w1 1b0 20w1 3b0 7b0 2
12 Diemer Ulli 1638 CAN 11b0 18w1 19b1 6w0 0 2
13 David Jean-Marc 1373 CAN 2w0 14b1 4b0 2
14 Abbarin Shabnam 1491 CAN 7b0 16b½ 13w0 20w1 2
15 Chen Harry (siqi) 1507 CAN 1w0 20b0 17w½ 16b1 2
16 Giffen Glenn 1557 CAN 2b0 14w½ 18b½ 7w½ 15w0 1.5
17 Patton Mark A. 1335 CAN 6w0 9b0 15b½ -1 10w0 1.5
18 Zhang Henry Xianrui 1315 CAN 12b0 16w½ 9b0 1.5
19 Allen Joshua 1421 CAN 12w0 0 1.5
20 Jevtic Dragan 1395 CAN 4b0 15w1 11b0 8w0 14b0 1

Check latest results on the chess-results server.

ACC August Swiss U1400

Rk. Name Rtg FED 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd Pts.
1 Pei Eric 1137 CAN 6w1 9b1 2w1 3b0 5w1 4
2 Ma Yue Ran 1139 CAN 8w1 3b½ 1b0 12w1 9b1 3.5
3 Li Yun Hong (kevin) 1097 CAN 5b1 2w½ 12b1 1w1 4w0 3.5
4 Guo Roger 1183 CAN 10w1 0 3b1 3
5 Souchko Larissa 1111 CAN 3w0 13b1 1b0 2
6 Supol George 1369 CAN 1b0 8w1 0 2
7 Geddie Alex 1059 CAN 0 0 12b1 2
8 Kalmanson Evgeny 1055 CAN 2b0 12w0 6b0 9w1 10b½ 1.5
9 Moiseev Alex 697 CAN -1 1w0 8b0 2w0 1.5
10 Guo Haotong Hazel 1291 CAN 4b0 0 8w½ 1.5
11 Calderon Andrei Joshua 0 CAN 12b1 0 0 0 0 1
12 Teram Eli 1119 CAN 11w0 8b1 3w0 2b0 7w0 1
13 Pancer Jeff 1087 CAN 5w0 0 0 0 0.5

Check latest results on the chess-results server.

ACC Norway Swiss

“November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.”

emily dickinson norway

“November always seemed to me the Norway of the year,” wrote Emily Dickinson (in perfect iambic heptameter). This is a Norway November for sure, as Norway’s Magnus Carlsen defends his World Champion title in Sochi, Russia, November 7 to 28. His challenger is the previous World Champion, India’s Vishwanathan Anand, whom Carlsen defeated in a title match last November. Since then, Norway has run the No Logo Norway Chess supertournament and hosted the Tromsø 2014 Chess Olympiad. The whole country seems to have caught the chess bug, as media outlets now vie for broadcast rights, chess coverage enjoys high ratings, and Carlsen was even featured in a November issue of Donald Duck.
Meanwhile in Tøronto, the ACC Norway Swiss takes place November 10 to December 8. It’s a five-round regular club Swiss tournament, divided in three sections by CFC rating: Crown (minimum 1800), Under-1900 (minimum 1400), and Under-1500. The time cøntrol is game in 90 minutes with a 30-second increment each move from move 1, which makes for a 3- or 4-hour game. Games are CFC-rated, and the Crown section is also FIDE-rated. Rounds are Monday nights at 7:30 at the ACC clubhouse, 918 Bathurst.

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Round 1 – November 10

Forty-five players came out for the start of the tournament. Round One of a Swiss-paired event sees many David-vs-Goliath matchups, with underdogs having a chance for a big upset.

The night, as it turns out, is relatively free of such upsets, but it does see Kevin Gaffney (1599) victorious over Chris Udrea (1883) in the U1900 section.

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Round 2 – November 17

After the night’s bouts, the leader group in each section is down to two or three. In the Crown section, Daniel Wiebe (with a win over Barry Nash) and Robert Bzikot (with a win over Armand Jess Mendoza) are in a two-way tie for first with 2.0/2.

In the U1900 section, there’s another two-way tie for the lead, as Heimo Haikala (with a win over Ulli Diemer) and Sergey Malakhovets (with a win over Kevin Gaffney) share the honours.

In U1500, it’s a three-way tie for first among Mark A. Gelowitz, Richard Morrison, and Raymond Lin, all with 2.0/2. Only time will tell.

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Round 3 – November 24

In the Crown section, the bout between Bzikot and Wiebe ends with victory for Robert Bzikot, now in clear first with 3.0/3.

In U1900, top board sees Sergey Malakhovets against Heimo Haikala, and the game ends in a draw. Meanwhile Kamran Amirirad, with a victory over Daniel Pirri, joins a three-way tie for first at 2.5/3

In U1500, Mark Gelowitz has top honours after defeating Richard Morrison. Gelowitz stands in clear first with 3.0/3.

Games from Round 3

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Round 4 – December 1

Round 4 sees Joseph Bellissimo take over first place in the Crown section, with a victory over leader, Rob Bzikot. Bellissimo has 3.5/4 with 3 straight victories after a Rd-1 bye.

In U1900, co-leaders, Heimo Haikala and Sergey Malakhovets remain neck and neck after Rd-4 victories. Both have 3.5/4, with 3 wins and a draw against each other.

In U1500, Jean-Marc David takes over first place by defeating leader Mark Gelowitz. David has 3.5/4, with 3 wins after a Rd-1 draw.

One more round to go!

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Round 5 – December 8

Last round sees Crown section leader Joseph Bellissimo, at 3.5/4, face club champion Michael Humphreys, at 3.0/4. With a win, Humphreys would be tied by points and have a better tiebreak on head-to-head. As it turns out, Bellissimo holds onto first place with a draw against Humphreys, so 4.0/5, and a better tiebreak than Robert Bzikot, having defeated him in Round 4. Congratulations, Joseph Bellissimo!

In U1900, Sergey Malakhovets finally pulls out of the tie with Heimo Haikala, after the latter is defeated by Chris Udrea. Malakhovets finishes in sole first with 4.5/5 after a victory over Hooshang Abbarin. Congratulations, Sergey Malkhovets!

In U1500, Jean-Marc David holds onto sole first place by defeating Richard Morrison. David finishes with 4.5/5. Congratulations, Jean-Marc David!

Next week, December 15, we’re running a one-night, one-section, six-round Year End Rapid tournament, at a time control of 10’+5″. New players are welcome! Register by 7:00. Round 1 starts at 7:30 pm!

After that, we’re closed for two weeks! The club re-opens in the new year on January 5. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

Final Results after Round Five

SwissSys Standings. Norway Swiss: Crown

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Joseph Bellissimo 147544 2206 H— W10 W5 W2 D4 4.0
2 Robert Bzikot 132541 1897 W9 W12 W3 L1 W6 4.0
3 Daniel Wiebe 132137 2042 W21 W14 L2 D8 W11 3.5
4 Michael Humphreys 131628 2270 H— W7 D13 W12 D1 3.5
5 David Southam 102535 2177 W22 D11 L1 D7 W8 3.0
6 Bill Evans 103309 2024 H— D8 W14 W13 L2 3.0
7 Hugh Siddeley 120619 2085 D19 L4 W10 D5 W12 3.0
8 David Filipovich 103521 2194 D10 D6 W11 D3 L5 2.5
9 Matthew Struthers 110170 2074 L2 D16 H— H— W17 2.5
10 Daniel Zotkin 146857 2035 D8 L1 L7 B— B— 2.5
11 Ismail Ibrahim 105228 1984 W20 D5 L8 W16 L3 2.5
12 Armand Jess Mendoza 156958 2069 W18 L2 W17 L4 L7 2.0
13 Jonathan Yu 126131 2172 H— W19 D4 L6 U— 2.0
14 Barry Nash 120160 2105 W17 L3 L6 D19 D16 2.0
15 Alex T. Ferreira 127516 2048 H— H— U— W21 U— 2.0
16 Ian Mahoney 149124 1747 H— D9 H— L11 D14 2.0
17 Miroslav Stefanovic 154500 1994 L14 W18 L12 W20 L9 2.0
18 Jacob Stein 108627 1805 L12 L17 H— H— W21 2.0
19 Arkadiy Ugodnikov 146626 1924 D7 L13 D20 D14 U— 1.5
20 Rodrigo Oliveira 152923 2104 L11 H— D19 L17 U— 1.0
21 Max England 155135 1639 L3 H— H— L15 L18 1.0
22 Wajdy Shebetah 148432 2013 L5 H— H— U— U— 1.0

SwissSys Standings. Norway Swiss: U1900

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 5 Total
1 Sergey Malakhovets unr. W17 W11 D3 W7 W9 4.5
2 Chris Udrea 155000 1883 L11 W17 W14 W5 W3 4.0
3 Heimo C. Haikala 107606 1767 W10 W8 D1 W4 L2 3.5
4 Robert J. Armstrong 100034 1621 L14 W18 W10 L3 W7 3.0
5 Qi Zhou 158050 1485 H— H— W16 L2 W11 3.0
6 Tigran Ghazarian 155438 1562 L9 W15 H— W12 H— 3.0
7 Kamran Amirirad 158329 1410 B— D9 W13 L1 L4 2.5
8 Ulli Diemer 153538 1563 W12 L3 D11 W13 U— 2.5
9 Hooshang Ab-barin 152910 1642 W6 D7 H— H— L1 2.5
10 Mark A. Patton 104721 1576 L3 W12 L4 D15 W18 2.5
11 Kevin Gaffney 102701 1599 W2 L1 D8 D18 L5 2.0
12 Vinorth Vigneswaramoorthy 153938 1646 L8 L10 W18 L6 W13 2.0
13 Daniele Pirri 132983 1605 W18 D14 L7 L8 L12 1.5
14 Marc Ben-Avraham 145628 1529 W4 D13 L2 U— U— 1.5
15 Bill Thornton 131181 1698 H— L6 H— D10 U— 1.5
16 Antonios Valkanas 158189 1565 H— U— L5 H— U— 1.0
17 Jack Maguire 144604 1616 L1 L2 H— H— U— 1.0
18 Marko Stevelic 157957 unr. L13 L4 L12 D11 L10 0.5

SwissSys Standings. Norway Swiss: U1500

# Name CFC ID Rating Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Total
1 Jean-Marc David 151900 1332 D6 W15 W4 W2 W3 4.5
2 Mark A. Gelowitz 126627 1370 W13 W9 W3 L1 W4 4.0
3 Richard Morrison 135889 1367 W10 W8 L2 W6 L1 3.0
4 Raymond Lin 150193 1316 W11 W7 L1 W8 L2 3.0
5 Eli Teram 107314 1129 H— D6 H— D11 W7 3.0
6 Rahul Gangolli 156023 1107 D1 D5 W14 L3 W12 3.0
7 Larissa Souchko 145490 1039 W14 L4 W9 W13 L5 3.0
8 Milan Cvetkovic 150817 1276 W16 L3 W12 L4 U— 2.0
9 Brendan Grady 158392 1227 W12 L2 L7 H— D11 2.0
10 Dylan Xiong 152060 1124 L3 U— U— W15 W13 2.0
11 Howard Halim 153419 1077 L4 L12 W16 D5 D9 2.0
12 Derek Chen 156690 987 L9 W11 L8 B— L6 2.0
13 Teresa Lee 154501 1129 L2 H— W15 L7 L10 1.5
14 Rose Tuong 158024 619 L7 W16 L6 H— L15 1.5
15 Martin Pitt-Bradley unr. H— L1 L13 L10 W14 1.5
16 Kaizen Liu 152053 990 L8 L14 L11 H— B— 1.5

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– Um…now look…now look, mate, I’ve definitely ’ad enough of this. That parrot is definitely deceased, and when I purchased it not ’alf an hour ago, you assured me that its total lack of movement was due to it bein’ tired and shagged out following a prolonged squawk.

– Well, he’s…he’s, ah…probably pining for the fjords.

norway fjord