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Steve Fairbairn wins the Fall Swiss!

ACC Fall Swiss – Round 5

With another draw, this time against Joseph Bellissimo, Steve Fairbairn finished the Fall Swiss in a three-way tie for first place. On the tie break, Steve took first, Alex Ferreira took second, and Hugh Siddeley took third. Congratulations, Steve Fairbairn!

Lawrence Garcia, with a last-round win over Joey Comeau, was the top under-1700 player.

See the cross-table for full results.

Here are the games of the week – also available as a text file.

White: Daniel Wiebe (1869)
Black: Hugh Siddeley (2044)

B32 Sicillian: Kalashnikov

White: Lawrence Garcia (1478)
Black: Joey Comeau (UNR)

D05 Colle-Zukertort

ACC Fall Swiss – Round 4

Five new players joined the tournament this week:  welcome to Zhanna Sametova, Qiyu Zhou, Arkadiy Ugodnikov, Joey Comeau, and Jan-Lukas Wolf!

The children’s class moved downstairs, and the hall was much quieter.  Thanks to all the players for your cooperation.

With a draw against Expert Alex Ferreira, Steve Fairbairn is holding onto clear first going into the last round.  Steve has already faced the two highest-rated players in the tournament, and he’ll have white last round.  If Steve fails to win (probably against Joseph Bellissimo), it’ll come down to a tie-break to decide the winner!

Here is the game of the week:

White: Joey Comeau (UNR)
Black: Hugh Siddeley (2044)

A34 English: Asymmetrical

ACC Fall Swiss – Round 3

Welcome to Joseph Bellissimo and Michael Vermont, who joined the ACC Fall Swiss this week! Steve Fairbairn, after miniaturing Expert Hugh Siddeley with the Pirc, has now taken clear first – 2.5/3.

With new casual players joining, and a growing group of children being coached by Liza Orlova and Ian Mahoney, it was a lively Monday night of chess. (Next week, the rated games will be played in a separate room to ensure a silent playing hall for the tournament.)

Here are the games from round three – also available as a text file.

White: Hugh Siddeley (2044)
Black: Steve Fairbairn (1995)

B09 Pirc: Austrian Attack

White: Erik Malmsten (1865)
Black: Michael Vermont (UNR)

A01 Nimzovich-Larsen Attack

White: Shabnam Abbarin (1581)
Black: Marcus Wilker (1875)

B01 Scandinavian Defence

ACC Fall Swiss – Round 2

The ACC is pleased to welcome three new players to the Fall Swiss: Daniel Zotkin, Erik Malmsten, and Steve Fairbairn. Steve Fairbairn has now joined the four-way tie for the lead with 1.5/2. Upset of the week goes to Yakos Spiliotopoulos for his win over Marcus Wilker with the Benko Gambit.

Here are the games from round two – also available as a text file.

White: Marcus Wilker (1875)
Black: Yakos Spiliotopoulos (1429)

A26 Benko Gambit

White: Daniel Zotkin (1708)
Black: Erik Malmsten (1865)

B06 Modern

White: Alex Ferreira (2066)
Black: Shabnam Abbarin (1581)

C68 Ruy Lopez

ACC Fall Swiss – Round 1

The 2010 ACC Fall Swiss saw two big upsets in round-one play.  Ian Mahoney defeated Expert, Alex Ferreira; and Lawrence Garcia knocked off A-class player, Marcus Wilker.

Here are the games from round one – also available as a text file.

White: Ian Mahoney (1710)
Black: Alex Ferreira (2066)

C65 Ruy Lopez

White: Hugh Siddeley (2044)
Black: Shabnam Abbarin (1581)

C70 Ruy Lopez

White: Lawrence Garcia (1478)
Black: Marcus Wilker (1875)

A47 Queen’s Indian

White: Yakos Spiliotopoulos (1429)
Black: Daniel Wiebe (1869)

B90 Sicillian Najdorf

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Canadians on the World Stage

Mark Bluvshtein update

Canadian GM Mark Bluvshtein finished the Corsica Masters event in Bastia with 5/7. This qualified him for the knock-out, where he lost to GM Gawain Jones’s Benko Gambit. He is now in Israel, training with GM Huzman. When he comes back to Toronto, he’ll be preparing for the tournament in Groningen, the Netherlands, at the end of December.

Mark helped open the Annex Chess Club this October, and his many fans at the club are following his professional chess career closely.

For photos, analysis, and updates, check out his blog.

Here is his Round 6 victory over Russian GM Mikhail M. Ivanov in Corsica:

White: Mark Bluvshtein (2583)
Black: Mikhail M. Ivanov (2438)

A00 King’s Indian

Jason Cao wins World Under-10

Jason Cao
Canadian, Jason Cao, wins World Under-10 in Greece

Nine-year-old Jason Cao won a gold medal for Canada in the World Youth Chess Championship in Greece. A grade 5 student from Victoria, Jason is now a FIDE master. He is the first Canadian World Under-10 Champion since 1986.

For more details, see the CFC press release, “Canadian Jason Cao – New U 10 World Chess Champion.”