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Are you Canada’s smartest person?

canadas smartest person

CBC is recruiting chess players

We are currently casting for CBC’s hit TV show, ‘Canada’s Smartest Person’ – a groundbreaking interactive competition series that challenges preconceived notions about intelligence and inspires a nation-wide conversation about what it means to be ‘smart’.

The focus of this CBC series will be to show the country that there is a lot more to intelligence than simply being a trivia buff, excelling at math or having a high IQ score. Our Casting Team is on the hunt for Canadians who are ready to put their smarts to the ultimate test!

We are scouring the country for ‘Canada’s Smartest People’, and we thought some of those very people might be avid chess players and active minds such as yourselves, and and/or colleagues of yours. We are approaching clubs like yours, in the hopes that you will nominate their best and brightest for this nation-wide challenge.


‘Canada’s Smartest Person’ is guided by the theory of Multiple Intelligence and the idea that smarts come in many forms – linguistic, physical, musical, visual, interpersonal and logical. Participants will be challenged in all areas for a more comprehensive measure of brainpower and overall intellect. The Theory of Multiple Intelligences redefines what it means to ‘be smart’ and only a rare few excel in all of the different categories.


‘We have attached our casting notice and would really appreciate if you would distribute it amidst your circles and share it with anyone you feel might be interested. Selected candidates from the application phase will be contacted for an interview and further testing over the months of May and June 2014.

‘Canada’s Smartest Person’ is not only an educational program with a powerful message that we can all be smart it’s also super, SUPER fun!


We can’t wait to hear from you.

Start flexing those neurons, Canada!

Harmony’s Story on CBC

Harmony’s on TV this weekend!

CBC’s Our Toronto features our own eight-year-old phenom, Harmony Zhu!

Harmony Zhu CYCC 2013

The segment aired on CBC TV Sunday February 9 at 5:00 pm, but is now posted online.

Harmony gave a chess interview, filmed on location at Annex Chess Club – just before her game against Jonathan Yu – and a piano performance, filmed at the Royal Conservatory of Music. (Jonathan Yu and Ted Winick also appear in the video.)

“We’re going to introduce you to a young girl from Richmond Hill … who has the world at her fingertips. Her name is Harmony Zhu. Debbie Lightle-Quan discovered – she’s full of potential and surprise.”

our toronto