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Winter Driving as a Chess Game

Are chess players safer drivers?

Angelo DiCicco, Young Drivers of Canada General Manager, describes awareness of space around your car and possible moves of other cars using a chess analogy (speaking to Gill Deacon on CBC’s Here and Now).


ANGELO DICICCO: What it is is space. Everyone knows that they should slow down but they don’t always understand why, and the idea is judicious use of space. You have to have space within which for you to manoeuvre, to slow down and stop, but also for the guy behind and the guy behind behind the guy behind. You want to make allowances for other drivers’ actions and failure to take actions.

GILL DEACON: So giving yourself a bit of a safety zone around the cars in front and behind you would be your number one recommendation?

ANGELO DICICCO: Exactly. It’s like playing chess. If you’re the king, you want to keep space around you. You want to look for the bishops that are sliding from one lane to another. Or the rooks that are going to be making a lane change or turning left in front of you at an intersection without enough room.

You have to make allowances for the other drivers because you make mistakes, too. So do I. We all do. And you have to be your brother’s keeper.

Angelo DiCicco
Angelo DiCicco