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Play the Grandmaster at Chessfest


Pictured in the iconic photograph “Grandmaster at work” (2010) by David Farrant, GM Bator Sambuev is a Russian-Canadian Grandmaster.

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Play the Grandmaster

On June 15 at the first annual Harbourfront Centre Chessfest presented by Scotiabank, GM Sambuev will be playing 16 games simultaneously. Sixteen players will have the privilege of playing a game against this illustrious Canadian Grandmaster.

Tickets are now on sale for $25 for the initial sitting of 16 players. If seats become available with sufficient time left to play a game, there will be buy-ins available for $20 on site.

Proceeds from the event will support this year’s Canadian Olympiad Team at the 2014 Chess Olympiad in Norway.


GM Sambuev won the Canadian Championship in 2011 and again in 2012, qualifying for the 2013 World Cup. At the World Cup, he defeated Russian Grandmaster Alexander Morozevich, who is currently ranked 30th in the world.

GM Sambuev is an active player in Canadian events. He played in the 2014 Toronto Open at Annex Chess Club just this April. He is also the top-rated Canadian by CFC rating. He has been selected again for the 2014 Canadian Olympiad team.

2014 Toronto Blitz Chess Championship – June 15

One of the strongest such events in recent memory, the 2014 Toronto Blitz Championship at Chessfest saw fifty players register, including twenty-five with master ratings. After seven double rounds, top prize was split three ways as GM Bator Sambuev, IM Bindi Cheng, and FM Roman Sapozhnikov tied for first with 11.0/14.


Rk. Name Rtg Pts.
1 Sambuev Bator 2727 11
2 Cheng Bindi 2399 11
3 Sapozhnikov Roman 2385 11
4 Samsonkin Artiom 2543 10.5
5 Vavrak Peter 2506 10
6 Plotkin Mark 2247 10
7 Gerzhoy Leonid 2583 9
8 Preotu Razvan 2494 9
9 Thavandiran Shiyam 2460 9
10 Ivanov Mike 2265 9
11 Milicevic Goran 2390 8.5
12 Derraugh Geordie 2368 8.5
13 Kleinman Michael 2358 8.5
14 Zeromskis Egidijus 2222 8.5
15 Siddeley Hugh 2076 8.5
16 Krnan Tomas 2542 8
17 Plotkin Victor 2406 8
18 Urquhart Eddie 2282 8
19 Upper John 2218 8
20 Starr Sasha 2128 8
21 Barron Michael 2216 7.5
22 Oliveira Rodrigo 2077 7.5
23 Sotile Claudio 0 7.5
24 Aronov Yuri 2309 7
25 Fiedler Brian 2172 7
26 Tonakanian Stephan 2025 7
27 Krasnosheky Valery 1802 7
28 Khoudgarian Natalia 2294 6.5
29 Peev Pavel 2221 6.5
30 Campbell Brett 2216 6.5
31 Starr Nava 2142 6.5
32 Sirkovich Daniel 1788 6.5
33 Dela Cerna Jay Jefie 0 6.5
34 Puri Vinny 2320 6
35 Murray Peter 2289 6
36 Manalo Pepin 1919 6
37 Balcita Goddfredo 1774 6
38 Pahila Ezekeil 0 6
39 England Max 1029 5.5
40 Miranda-Radbord Cameron 743 5.5
41 Dhaliwal Jatinder 1412 5
42 Morrison Richard 1305 5
43 Sethi Kabeer 1731 4.5
44 Liu Harry 759 4.5
45 Ran Charles 0 4.5
46 Mirabelli Aidan 887 4
47 Xu Derrick 789 4
48 Copland Cody 0 3.5
49 Hotz Joey 790 2.5
50 Bregman Jack 0 0

Check full details at Chess-Results.com.


2014 Toronto Blitz

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Zonals in Montréal this Summer

The Canadian Closed/Zonal and the Goddesschess Canadian Women’s Closed are happening together, August 4 to 11 in Montréal. Canada’s elite players will be competing for the title of Canadian Champion and Canadian Women’s Champion.

As zonal events, the tournaments will not only qualify one player for the 2013 World Cup and one player for the Women’s Chess Championship, but will also be able to award six new FIDE titles: two FMs, one IM, two WFMs, and one WIM.

2011 Canadian Champion,
Bator Sambuev
2011 Canadian Women's Champion,
Natalia Khoudgarian

Tournament Information

Full details, including a list of registered players, are available on the official tournament website.

Tournament Flyers

Grab flyers for the events:

Current Champions

The 2011 Canadian Closed took place in Guelph, and the winner was GM Bator Sambuev. The 2011 Women’s Championship took place in Toronto, and the winner was WIM Natalia Khoudgarian. Both current champions are registered to defend their titles this summer!

It’s Here!

2011 Hart House Holidays Open – December 16 to 18

Chess in the Great Hall at Hart House

From the neo-Gothic architecture of the building to the huge ceilings of the Great Hall, chess tournaments don’t get any more beautiful than this. It’s chess as you see it in the movies!

Organized by U of T’s Hart House Chess Club, this top-notch event has 128 players pre-registered – among them, some of the best players in the nation. In the Open Section, Slovakia’s IM Peter Vavrak and Spain’s IM Renier Castellanos join Canada’s elite: GM Bator Sambuev, IM Nikolai Noritsyn, IM Lawrence Day, and six other players with international titles. In the class sections, club players young and old – including five brand new, unrated players – are battling it out for rating points and prizes.

If you’ve never played in a real, CFC-rated tournament before, don’t miss this opportunity: Hart House is offering free tournament entry if you join CFC for the first time!

  • Format: 5-Round Swiss in 4 sections: Open, U2200, U1900, U1600
  • Rounds: 6 pm on Friday; 10 am and 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday
  • Location: Hart House, U of T
  • Take TTC: 10-min walk SE from St. George or 5-min walk SW from Museum
  • Entry Fee: $70 if you’ve registered in advance; $90 cash only on site. Extra $20 to play up each section. No cheques on-site.
  • Discounts: $10 less for Juniors (born after December 17th, 1993), Seniors (60+), Women, FIDE Masters, and University of Toronto students (show ID card). Only one discount per player. Free for IMs before December 9th, $60 afterwards, $70 on-site.
  • full details | flyer | pre-registered | map | email: hhchess@utoronto.ca

Note: If you plan to play Round One, make sure you get to the site for 5:30 pm at the latest. And don’t forget to bring your own chess clocks and chess pieces. Only boards are provided.

2011 Hart House Holidays Open

Canadian Chess Player of the Year

Mark Bluvshtein

David Cohen, chess historian and author of the Canadian Chess Info files (which now form much of the content of the new CFC website), has announced the Canadian Chess Player of the Year – GM Mark Bluvshtein!

Congratulations, Mark!


Official winners (based on a poll of chess journalists)
1. Mark Bluvshtein (=1st at the Continental Championship, played Aeroflot, Capablanca, Groningen, Tata Steel, World Cup, etc.)
2. Bator Sambuev (won Canadian Closed, hit highest-ever Canadian rating of 2753)
3. Michael Song (won World U-10 bronze at WYCC, won Toronto Junior Championship)

Fan favourites (based on an online vote)
1. Melissa Giblon (won Canadian Girls’ U-12 at CYCC)
2. Nikolay Noritsyn (won Québec Open, Toronto Thanksgiving Open, =1st at Toronto Labour Day Open, etc.)
3. Mark Bluvshtein (the official winner; see above)

More information